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... Hiding from chance encounters
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'Politis' is a pseudonym [citation needed]. I chose it because it comes from 'πολίτης' (citizen) and is semantically linked to 'polis' (city) and 'politics' (in its Aristotelian sense of, the philosophy of human affairs) [dubious ].

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Double-check what you find in Wikipedia

All information found in Wikipedia needs to be double-checked.

Regarding bias, try 'The real bias in Wikipedia' [1]
From one of its founders [2], try this December 2004 article, [3]

Also try, here. Apparently, such links were once blocked...? Also, [4]. Also, [5] [6] [7]

Introduced the terms:

Greek East - Greeks in Great Britain - Macedonian cuisine

Started up articles

Arabic coffee, Christos Lambrakis, Lambrakis Press Group, Janko Konstantinov

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  • Wikipedia:Lead section: how to write an introduction
  • Wikipedia:Peer review
  • Citation needed: not fact but Citation needed|date=September 2011 - or [citation needed].
  • Image copyright tags, template messages
  • Wikipedia:assume good faith To assume good faith is a fundamental principle on Wikipedia. In allowing anyone to edit, we must assume that most people who work on the project are trying to help it, not hurt it.
  • Wikipedia:No personal attacks Do not make personal attacks anywhere in Wikipedia. Comment on content, not on the contributor.
  • wikipedia:Administrators
  • Wikipedia:Requests for adminship
  • WP:NCGN Naming conventions (geographic names)
  • Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Macedonia)
  • Naming:WikiProject Rivers
  • 3RR: [12], [13]
  • Wikipedia:What is a troll (No offending)
  • Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)
  • Wikipedia:Bot policy.Robots or bots are automatic processes that interact with Wikipedia as though they were human editors. Please read the guidelines below before designing and implementing any bot on Wikipedia. Prior to use, bots must be approved at *Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval]]. State there precisely what the bot will do, observe and participate in the discussion, and await authorization from someone in the 'approvals group'. Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage
  • Wikipedia:What is a troll WP:NOFEEDING, Trolling refers to deliberate and intentional attempts to disrupt the usability of Wikipedia for its editors, administrators, developers, and other people who work to create content for and help run Wikipedia. Trolling is deliberate violation of the implicit rules of Internet social spaces. It necessarily involves a value judgement made by one user about the value of another's contribution. (Because of this it is considered not to be any more useful than the judgement 'I don't agree with you' by many users, who prefer to focus on behaviors instead of on presumed intent.) Trolling is not necessarily the same as vandalism (although vandalism may be used to troll).
  • User:VoABot II/Help How VoABot II works. VoABot II is a bot that monitors changes and automatically reverts spam/banned user's rejected edits, and certain vandalism that occurs in streaks. It does not check talk or other certain namespaces. Note that talk page support may be added in the future.
  • User:SuggestBot I am a Wikipedia bot belonging to ForteTuba. My job in life is to match people with pages they might like to contribute to based on their past contributions. I use a variety of algorithms, including standard information retrieval and collaborative filtering techniques, to make suggestions. I also sometimes point people to the Community Portal, or their past edits, as a source of inspiration.
  • Citizendium The stated aim of the project is to create a "new compendium of knowledge" based on the contributions of "intellectuals", defined as "educated, thinking people who read about science or ideas regularly."[6] Citizendium hopes to foster an expert culture and a community that encourages subject specialists (presently named as "editors") to contribute, and "citizens" (to be called "authors") to "respect" the expert contributions (by a so-called "gentle process of guidance").
  • Wikipedia:Requested moves: Requested moves is the place to request article moves that are not straightforward, or that require the assistance of Wikipedia administrators. Normally, logged-in users can do uncontroversial moves themselves using the [move] tab found at the top of every page (see Help:Moving a page). However, sometimes this does not work because the target is already occupied (usually in the form of a redirect with a page history). In other situations a move may be controversial and will require discussion to reach a consensus.
  • Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons: guide lines
  • Wikimedia Commons. [14]. Wikimedia Commons is a media repository that is created and maintained by volunteers. Its contents are shared by different language versions and different kinds of Wikimedia projects. It provides a central repository for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, and media of all sorts that are useful for any Wikimedia project.
  • meta:Interwiki_bot: this is about bots and it looks pretty complicated.
  • Protected pages list, not accessible to non-admin, [15]
  • Wikipedia:Database reports/Most-watched pages
  • Wikipedia:Database reports


Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Macedonia 2 (including 20 June 2011 desoping)


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