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Polkanils a.k.a. Nils is a composition of the Swedish word "polkagris" and the name "nils" polkanils is also his e-mail/msn ( which you're free to add when ever you want to msn messenger. Polkanils has oftenly been mistaken (espescially by his cusin) for polaknils which would mean a Polish nils which is referred to bad and n00b.

Polkanils was born 24 april 1995 in Lund, Sweden. His friend Theodor 'tedde' was born the day before polkanils. They sometimes hang out at GEC and pwns n00bs but was once pwned by a n00b because he was using a AVP which really pissed him off.

Polkanils currently studies at Tunaskolan in Lund in class 6b.

His surname Avogadri is often mistaken for avokado which he has now gone used to.