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"Surrealism is not a poetic form. It is a cry of the mind turning back on itself, and it is determined to break apart its fetters, even if it must be by material hammers!"Breton

Maurice Abdul "Abbie" Pantarhei, S.C., G.O.L.; AKA Pope Fauve XXIII; Fauvius, Bearer of the Word, Templar of the new electronic frontier and Speaker for the Pompatous of Love was born Caleb John Needham in Lynnwood, WA, USA, at 20:24 on February 8, 1976, the year of the Dragon. He is an Aquarian, with a moon in Taurus and Virgo ascendant. His personality type is INTP, and politically, falls on the left side of libertarian on the Nolan Chart. His hobbies (and occasionally vocations) include screenprinting, non-fiction writing, computers, Yo-yoing, and exercising cognitive liberty. Raised in the Everett area, and occasional resident of Port Townsend, he most recently lived for two years in Olympia, Washington, where he formerly formally attended The Evergreen State College.

He currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his cat, Loki. His only regret is that he didn't get to Texas in time to have buttsecks before the sodomy law was overturned.


I hereby award myself this Upside- down Barnstar for creating the Upside-down Barnstar. Good work! popefauvexxiii 12:50, 11 January 2007 (UTC)
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Most prominent among my cultural and intellectual influences are Bill Hicks, Abbie Hoffman, Andy Warhol, A.S. Neill, and Robert Anton Wilson.

I have been actively involved in communications culture since 1994, starting in local BBS scenes and eventually graduating to Internet user ca. 1995. I've created far too many websites to list here, and there is very little point in doing so as most no longer exist.

I was aware of Wikipedia's existance near its inception in 2001 but rediscovered it in its present, more comprehensive form in March of 2004. My first contribution to Wikipedia was expanding the entry Kerry Thornley on March 29, 2004. I have been an insatiable Wikipedian ever since, ceaselessly volunteering whatever services i can, wherever i find opportunity. I believe that Wikipedia will eventually prove itself one of the most important projects of our time, and I am grateful for this opportunity to contribute to it. I am primarily interested in editing and contributing content related to discordianism and cryptocracy, but as my record thus far shows, my interests are by no means so narrowly limited.

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Discordia Project[edit]


  • Greg Hill
    • get thornley book by gorightly and UNstub
  • Discordianism:
    • add first subheading, Disorganization
    • determine method of arranging new and currently featured aspects, while maintaining a chaotic aesthetic
    • Discussion of catma; cite different interpretations
  • Principia Discordia
    • Scan and upload every page of PD according to a standard (5.23"@235dpi?)
    • create galleries, perhaps by section, when rearranged? maybe ul them to wikisource and linkto?
  • All Rites Reversed
    • change name to all rights reversed
    • go into greater depth as to the pun and wordplay
    • add communism to KALLISTI as a reason for the K

JW Project[edit]

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