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Below are several galleries I took the time to compile from images on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia's Picture of the Day[edit]

Cornelis Kruseman
Cornelis Kruseman (25 September 1797 – 14 November 1857) was a Dutch painter. Born in Amsterdam, he studied art with Charles Howard Hodges and Jean Augustin Daiwaille before moving to Italy via Paris in 1821. He remained in Italy for four years, working with and learning from artists Jean-Victor Schnetz and Louis Léopold Robert, and then moved back to the Netherlands and settled in The Hague. He lived in Italy again from 1841 to 1848, leading him to be called the "Italian Kruseman", before returning once more to the Netherlands for the rest of his life. His works included portraits, biblical scenes, and depictions of Italian peasant life.

This picture is a self-portrait of Kruseman, which hangs in the Museum Van Loon in Amsterdam.Painting: Cornelis Kruseman

Gallery of the World[edit]

Gallery of Ford[edit]

Gallery of Porsche[edit]

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[1]-Porsche Shield