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You can't control a rodeo, but you can try to make it meet the fire code.

"I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as reliable references and the consensus of statements entered into this Journal[a] direct me, whose servant I am here." - inspired by William Lenthall.

In fairness, I also do a decent amount of copy-editing aided by my personal experience.

About my username[edit]

My last name is Power. I registered this account in 2003 under my surname. In 2015, due to Wikipedia:Unified login, my account was renamed to power~enwiki. After becoming active in 2017 and not immediately having any alternative name suggestions, I decided I liked the name, tilde and all. I consider it as a scoped UNIX/Kerberos username of sorts. I don't have any particular suggested abbreviations, both "power" and "pew" have been used by other editors. Like any good computer system, I fail to see the benefit of capital letters in usernames here, and try to avoid them.

Useful links[edit]

Categories to look for work at[edit]

Some categories with large numbers of pages that need improvements. Do note that the tags do not always reflect issues in the current version.

Rules for WP:ANI[edit]

  • First rule of ANI: Nobody has ever helped their own cause in any way by participating at ANI. Even non-controversial edits have a way of getting people into trouble.
    • Corollary 1: If you expect anything other than a non-controversial block as a result of starting a thread at ANI, prepare to be disappointed.
  • Second rule of ANI: If your defense strategy at ANI involves insulting the regulars, you are likely to lose your case.
    • Corollary 2: While ANI isn't a legal dispute, legal terminology is often useful to describing the proceedings.
    • Corollary 3: If you don't know who "the regulars" are at ANI, you should refrain from insulting anybody.
      • I don't have the link right now, but my favorite was the time someone accused me of being in the employ of a glue company during a deletion discussion. power~enwiki (π, ν) 04:09, 7 March 2019 (UTC)
  • Third rule of ANI: If you comment more than three times in a single thread, you're probably doing something wrong.
    • Note 1: In parliamentary discussion, one is generally only allowed to speak twice per day on a topic.
    • Corollary 4: If you comment more than 10 times in a single thread, you are definitely doing something wrong.
  • Fourth rule of ANI: Don't request action based on diffs that are more than a year old.
  • Fifth rule of ANI: Whatever people say about ANI now, it used to be far worse.

Rules for WP:RFA[edit]

  1. Don't make any edits on Wikipedia, the entire week, except in response to official questions.
    1. Don't make any comments on IRC, Wikipediocracy, or any other semi-official forum either. Those never go well.
  2. If you expect to get more than 5 opposes, have a nominator. The value of a nominator is that someone other than you can respond to incorrect statements in the opposes.
  3. While there are no official criteria for success, the un-official criteria are clear: be a non-controversial member of the community in good standing for 2 years.
    1. "Non-controversial" is generally an I know it when I see it term. Editors active in heated topic areas or who frequent "drama boards" are more likely to be controversial than those who do not. Editors sanctioned directly in an ARBCOM case are almost always controversial.
    2. "member of the community" normally means being a "very active editor" (>100 edits per month), who is responsive to comments on talk pages, and occasionally participates on noticeboards. Many editors expect at least 50-100 votes at WP:AFD as well.
    3. "in good standing" means no blocks or community sanctions. Blocks clearly made in error are ignored, and generally one edit-warring block (at least 6 months in the past) is acceptable as well.
    4. "2 years" generally requires participation at the English Wikipedia; being active on other Wikis may slightly decrease the requirement. If you want to push it, try 1 year.

Page creations[edit]

WP:DAB pages, redirects, spin-outs, and pre-2016 creations excluded:


These are largely merges of stub and sub-stub articles:


  1. ^ Wikipedia as a whole, consisting of over 800 million individual contributions
  • I, on occasion, as permitted by WP:LEGITSOCK, engage in IP editing. I maintain a paper journal of those edits, which, on request, I will transmit a copy of to the arbitration committee. power~enwiki (π, ν) 04:06, 24 February 2018 (UTC)
  • CSD log and PROD log
  • I will occasionally edit Google-related pages. I was at one point employed by Google but have not had any relationship with them since 2013.
  • I also use the User:PowerBOT account for automated edits.