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In real life I am Paul Gardner. I work at the University of Otago where I teach into Bioinformatics, Genomics, Biochemistry and Genetics courses. Occasionally I publish articles about being a Wikipedian.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

I have worked at the University of Canterbury and on the Rfam project at the Sanger Institute and spent time as a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen and Bielefeld University and was a student at Massey University. I am interested in all things ncRNA related, particularly RNA bioinformatic analysis.

I'm a member of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Project and the RNA Project.

RNA Biology


I am the Assistant Editor in Chief for the journal RNA Biology, where I run the RNA families track. The requirements for publishing in this track are a short article about a ncRNA, an alignment and consensus structure in Stockholm format and a Wikipedia article. You can read more at NatureNews, WikiNews or my blog post at Xfam.

If you're interested in writing an article for the journal then here are the guidelines and here is a rough template for the Wikipedia article:



Wikipedia outreach


Pages I've created and/or contributed to


miRNA articles


Lunchipedia 2/11/2010







Journal Club



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