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There is a general eurocentric bias in all fields and subjects of study. I find it in Wikipedia as well, but it's the perfect (and one of the few available) places to minimize it. I try not to jar and not make radical changes to thinking patterns that have ossified.

Some of the pages I have tried my hand at:

  • Calculus, Madhava & related pages - highlighting the inventions of 15th centuryMadhava and 12th century Bhaskara before Newton or Leibnitz, who are, IMO incorrectly, considered it's inventors.
  • Wendy Doniger - She at the forefront of the smear-hinduism trend rampant in Hinduism studies in the US. Tried to highlight criticism of her from the Hindu community.
  • Hinduism & related pages - For sure not eurocentric, although the recent microsoft encarta version was very much so and painted a very negative portrayal of the religion. Lot of contributing Indian Hindus in Wikipedia to bring the right balance.
  • Vegetarianism - adding and highlighting Indian/Hindu perspective - they account for more than 70% of the world's vegetarians and were underrepresented.