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  • Hi, this’s pratheep. Happy to be around here. I’m from India. By profession I’m an engineer. But my curiosities include photography, archeology (esp old temples), history of India (the older the better), painting and of course travel.

Thought of doing some participation here in whichever little way I can...mostly by adding bits & pieces related to India and adding some photos from my ‘collections’. Being a archeology/history geek I’ve about 5000 plus photos on this topic.

Sometimes I stumble upon topics at wikipedia where i contribute related photographs to the article from my collections.

It’s a tiny site & a bit crude, but I’ve my personal page at
. The highlight is a sampler album of my photography collections.

that's about me


Image contributions by me[edit]

(The place where the photograph is taken is noted below each images)

Articles started by me[edit]

  • *major additions

So far a total of 5,893,314articles available in the english Wikipedia!!!