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Adding mottos Annuit cœptis and Novus ordo seclorum to the United States Wikipedia page. [1]

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About Me[edit]

I am a young adult from the United States of America. I grew up in California and currently live here, but I wasn't born here unfortunately.. :/ I am of mixed white and black heritage; as a biracial person I prefer for both of my races to be recognized when appropriate. I approve of the terms Black, Caucasian, Mulatto, Negro, and White when referring to my race; the only time I'm okay with being called an African American is when my nationality is somehow relevant to the conversation. I don't identify with any sexual orientation yet. I was raised a Christian, but now I'm Atheist. I love politics and am a Political Science major. I consider myself liberal and am registered with the Green Party, but I used to be a registered Democrat. I am a Bernie Sanders fan and plan on voting for him in the Democratic primary either as a Democrat or an Independent! #FellTheBern. I know a little bit of Spanish and got A's in Spanish in high school each semester. I took a semester of Spanish in college and got a "B". I also want to learn other languages as well! I am left-handed and sometimes I hate living in a world that caters to right-handed people and makes things harder for us lefties. Most of my editing on Wikipedia is same-sex marriage related. Although I am not a big fan of marriage (in fact, I might get a domestic partnership instead/until I get married) I believe that restricting people from marrying on the basis of gender or race is discrimination. I also support polygamy and I think it shouldn't be up to the government to promote monogamy and place an unnecessary restriction on how many partners someone can marry. I am currently single, I'm not that affectionate so it's hard to tell when I'll start being in a relationship with someone. I was circumcised at birth against my will and I was in the process of restoring my foreskin, but now I'm waiting for Foregen to come out with Foreskin regeneration. I am against forced circumcision regardless of the person's age or gender!