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I'm Premeditated Chaos, or PMC. (PMC_x on IRC; also, User:PMC is a doppelganger of mine) I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am female, though it shouldn't make a difference one way or the other. I'm part of the evil cabal that rules Wikipedia, despite having been mostly inactive for a few years (I'm back though). I guess I'm technically part of the "old school" - I've started editing in November 23, 2003, and I was made an admin about a year later.

I don't have a particular topic of interest, but I seem to like getting rid of backlogged categories. Cleaning out old maintenance categories from the early 2000s satisfies my OCD in a way I can't explain. Lately I've been doing a lot of transferring user-created public domain images to Commons. I link orphaned useful ones into articles, vectorize .png ones (I can do this myself now with InkScape, go ahead and be proud), and (you may gasp in mock horror) speedily delete any that are garbage. Indeed, I am a rouge admin to be feared.

As an editor, I'm a mergist with a bent towards deletion. I realize that Wikipedia is not paper, but that still doesn't mean it should be full of tiny garbage stub articles mucking up search queries and sucking up time. On the whole, I prefer merging little weeny articles into one nice big article when possible, but when that isn't possible, I think deletion is a good idea. Also, PROD is magical. I was here before PROD and I can tell you it is godly and we should be grateful for it every single day.

I was trying to find a list of all new articles I've started, but that's harder than it looks, so never mind. I don't do it very often these days anyway.

My views on blocking and banning generally follow this quote of User:Coelacan's: "An indef block represents my appraisal that the net effect of [a given editor, originally User:Kirbytime] is more trolling than benefit." So, if the net effect of a user is more annoyance than benefit, just block 'em.

At some point, my two-thousandth edit was to Osama (film), which I created specifically as my 2000th edit, but due to the way that deleted contributions don't get factored into edit counts, it's actually more like the 1950th or so. Which is mildly disappointing, because I rather wanted my milestone to be interesting.

One final note - if you need me to retrieve any data from a deleted page, I will do so, providing it isn't private information, libelous, in violation of copyright, or anything else that should stay deleted.

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