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I'm Premeditated Chaos, or PMC. (User:PMC is a doppelganger of mine) I'm female, I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I'm part of the evil cabal that rules Wikipedia. Technically I'm part of the "old school" - I started editing in 2003, and I was made an admin about a year later, although I have taken several extensive breaks.

I don't have a particular topic of editing interest, but enjoy getting rid of backlogged maintenance categories and deleting things. One day the February 2009 backlog of orphaned articles will lie defeated beneath my sword. Indeed, I am a rouge admin to be feared.

Philosophically, I'm a mergist with a bent towards deletionism. I realize that Wikipedia is not paper, but that still doesn't mean it should be full of tiny garbage stub articles, especially things imported from the Cyclopaedia or any of a number of other old encyclopedia-type works. On the whole, I prefer merging little weeny articles into one nice big article when possible, but when that isn't possible, I think deletion is a good idea. I love PROD. I was here before PROD and I can tell you it is godly and we should be grateful for it every single day.

I tag a lot of random things for deletion, and I have no personal agenda or animosity towards any of them, honestly. If you de-PROD something I PRODed, please take a minute to de-orphan it, because that's probably why I came across it in the first place. I am happy to userfy any deleted content (exceptions for attack pages, private information, and copyright violations). I prefer not to restore deleted pages straight to the mainspace, because they were typically deleted for a reason and will just wind up getting tagged for deletion again if not improved. I would rather see the improvement first in User or Draft space to avoid wasting people's time with further deletion debate.

I also like to settle fiddly debates and deletion discussions, although it's a lot of work, so I don't do it much.

My views on blocking and banning generally follow this quote of User:Coelacan's: "An indef block represents my appraisal that the net effect of [a given editor, originally User:Kirbytime] is more trolling than benefit." So, if the net effect of a user is more annoyance than benefit, just block 'em and keep 'em there. In fairness though, I don't do a lot of blocking, so I'm probably not your girl if that's your concern.

Things to Know About Me
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Current Projects and Goals
♠ Expand articles listed in Reader's Digest Natural Wonders - 330/463 pages
♠ Reduce February 2009 orphaned articles starting with "C" to four pages - 147 remaining
♠ Clean up Atua I RaropukaBlelvisCenter for Feeling TherapyList of cities in ArubaList of Ethiopians
♠ Create Allan CornallDali (goddess)Gulf of Porto (fr)List of LGBT barsPierre-Saint-Martin Cavern (fr)Rhumel Gorge (fr)