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I am a Strong Supporter of the Rogeiphone Warriors![edit]


Rogeiphone is the most deadly and stupid bacteria.


Mr. Rogers (and his immediate family)


Rogeiphone has been dated back to the late Jurassic Period. The only evidence that we have of Rogeiphone is from a fossilized specimen of Brontosaurus diharrhea.

Known Cases

Only two cases have ever been reported of Rogeiphone. Both cases were from the two workers at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services who were the ones conducting the experiments on the crap.


Mental retardation, constant voice cracking, reverse of puberty, change of gender, severe acne, ball drops (infertility in women), visions of Italy, lovehandles, paranoia and dysentery.

Ways It Can Be Spread

There are very few known ways that Rogeiphone is spread since it is so rare. The only known ways it can be spread are by direct contact and through HAM Radio signals.


There are only three known cures for Rogeiphone. One being Seppuku, a form of ritual disembowlment. Soap and water (Soak for three hours). The final cure is to build your own pyramid with absolutely no help, and the pyramid must be as tall as cumulonimbus clouds. (If it is any shorter then the spirit of the sand will take away your right pubes).

Ways To Prevent Rogeiphone

There are only two known ways to prevent Rogeiphone. One way is to stay away from HAM radios. The second way is to not touch Mr. Rogers crap, which is currently in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. It is in a vault labeled "Contraband". It can only be accessed via the V.I.P. tour.