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-physis ?? *** A delta fiber A-I junction Aa. bronchiales Aa. cerebri Aa. digitales dorsales Aa. digitales volares communes Aa. digitales volares propriae Aa. gastricae breves Aa. intercostales Aa. intestinales Aa. jejunales Aa. labiales posteriores Aa. metatarseae dorsales Aa. oesophageae Aa. palatinae minores Aa. palpebrales laterales Aa. palpebrales mediales Aa. phrenicae superiores Aa. pudenae externae Aa. scrotales posteriores Aa. sigmoidieae Aa. thymicae Aa. vesicales superiores Ab fiber Ab fibers Abbott artery Abdomen Abdominal aorta Abdominal aortic plexus Abdominal aortic plexuses Abdominal cavity Abdominal external oblique muscle Abdominal fascia Abdominal hair Abdominal inguinal ring Abdominal internal oblique muscle Abdominal ostium Abdominal ring Abdominal rings Abdominal wall Abdominopelvic cavity Abducens nerve Abducens nerves Abducens nuclei Abducens nucleus Abduction (anatomy) Abduction (kinesiology) Abductor digiti Abductor digiti minimi Abductor digiti minimi manus Abductor digiti minimi muscle Abductor digiti minimi muscle of foot Abductor digiti minimi muscle of hand Abductor digiti minimi muscles Abductor digiti minimi pedis Abductor digiti quinti Abductor hallucis Abductor hallucis muscle Abductor hallucis muscles Abductor minimi digiti muscle (hand) Abductor muscle Abductor pollicis Abductor pollicis brevis Abductor pollicis brevis muscle Abductor pollicis brevis muscles Abductor pollicis longus Abductor Pollicis Longus Abductor pollicis longus muscle Abductor pollicis longus muscles Abductor pollicis muscle Abductor pollicis muscles Aberrant muscle Aberrant muscles Aberrant subclavian artery Aboral Accelerans nerve Accesory muscle Accessory bile duct Accessory bone Accessory branch of middle meningeal artery Accessory breast Accessory cephalic vein Accessory cephalic veins Accessory cuneate nucleus Accessory digestive gland Accessory hemiazygos vein Accessory hemiazygos veins Accessory meningeal arteries Accessory meningeal artery Accessory muscle Accessory muscles Accessory muscles of inspiration Accessory nail of the fifth toe Accessory nasal cartilages Accessory navicular Accessory navicular bone Accessory navicular bones Accessory nerve Accessory nerves Accessory obturator nerve Accessory obturator nerves Accessory palatine canal Accessory palatine canals Accessory pancreatic duct Accessory pathway Accessory process Accessory rib Accessory soleus Accessory soleus muscle Accessory soleus muscles Accessory spleen Accessory vein Accessory veins Accessory visual structures Accompanying artery of ischiadic nerve Accompanying vein Accompanying veins Accumbens nucleus Acetabular Acetabular branch of medial circumflex femoral artery Acetabular fossa Acetabular labrum Acetabular notch Acetabuli Acetabulum Achilles tendon Acoustic radiation Acoustic tubercle Acoustic tubercles Acromial angle Acromial branch of suprascapular artery Acromioclavicular joint Acromioclavicular ligament Acromion Acromiothoracic arteries Acromiothoracic artery Activity system Adam's apple Adduction Adduction (anatomy) Adductor brevis Adductor brevis muscle Adductor canal Adductor hallucis Adductor hallucis muscle Adductor hallucis muscles Adductor hiatus Adductor longus muscle Adductor magnus muscle Adductor minimus Adductor minimus muscle Adductor minimus muscles Adductor muscle Adductor muscles of the hip Adductor muscles of the thigh Adductor muscles of thigh Adductor obliquus Adductor obliquus hallucis Adductor obliquus muscle Adductor obliquus muscles Adductor obliquus pollicis Adductor pollicis Adductor pollicis muscle Adductor pollicis muscles Adductor tubercle Adductor tubercle of femur Adductor tubercle of femur bone Adductor tubercle of the femur Adductor tubercle of the femur bone Adductor tubercles Adductor tubercles of femur Adductor tubercles of femur bones Adductor tubercles of the femur Adductor tubercles of the femur bones Adenoid Adenomere Adhaesio interthalamica Adherens junction Adhesio interthalamica Adipose capsule of kidney Aditus Aditus ad antrum mastoideum Aditus laryngis Aditus to mastoid antrum Adonis belt Adrenal Adrenal artery Adrenal gland Adrenal glands Adrenergic nerve fibre Adult teeth Adult tooth Adventitia Afferent Afferent arteriole Afferent arterioles Afferent glomerular arteriole Afferent lymph vessel Afferent lymphatic vessel Afferent nerve fibres Agger nasi Aggregated lymphoid nodules Agonist (muscle) Air sac Airpipe Airway Ala auris Ala central lobule Ala cinerea Ala major ossis sphenoidalis Ala minor ossis sphenoidalis Ala nasi Ala of ilium Ala of ilium bone Ala of nose Ala of sacrum Ala of sphenoid Ala of sphenoid bone Ala of the ilium Ala of the ilium bone Ala of the sphenoid Ala of the sphenoid bone Ala of the vomer Ala of the vomer bone Ala of vomer Ala of vomer bone Ala orbitalis Ala orbitalis ossis sphenoidalis Ala ossis ilii Ala ossis ilium Ala ossis sacri Ala ossis sphenoidalis Ala parva ossis sphenoidalis Ala sacralis Ala temporalis Ala vespertilionis Ala vomeris Alae vomeris Alar cartilage Alar cartilages Alar fascia Alar ligament Alba anterior Alba anterior medullae spinalis Albert Einstein's brain Benjamin Alcock Alcock's canal Alderman's nerve Aldermans nerve Allantois Allocortex Alpha motor neuron Alveolar Alveolar arteries Alveolar artery Alveolar canals Alveolar cell Alveolar cells Alveolar duct Alveolar epithelium Alveolar gland Alveolar glands Alveolar macrophage Alveolar margin Alveolar mucosa Alveolar nerve Alveolar nerves Alveolar part of mandible Alveolar part of the mandible Alveolar process Alveolar ridge Alveolar septum Alveolar-capillary barrier *** Alveolar-capillary membrane *** Alveoli Alveolus Alveolus dentalis Alveus of hippocampus Amacrine cell Amacrine cells Ambiguous nucleus American Anthropometric Society American Journal of Physical Anthropology Amnios (biology) Amniotic cavity Amniotic fluid Amniotic sac Amphiarthrosis Ampulla chyli Ampulla ductus deferentis Ampulla duodeni Ampulla lactifera Ampulla membranacea Ampulla of ductus deferens Ampulla of uterine tube Ampulla of Vater Ampulla ossea Ampulla recti Ampulla tubae uterinae Ampullae osseae Amygdala Anal canal Anal columns Anal fascia Anal sinus Anal sinuses Anal sphincter Anal sphincter muscle Anal sphincter muscles Anal sphincters Anal sulcus Anal valves Anal verge Anastomosis around the shoulder joint Anastomosis patellaris Anastomotic vein Anastomotic veins Anastomotica magna arteries Anastomotica magna artery Anatomic colon Anatomical compartment Anatomical landmark Anatomical landmarks Anatomical line Anatomical lines Anatomical neck of humerus Anatomical plane Anatomical position The Anatomical Record Anatomical snuff box Anatomical snuffbox Anatomical subdivisions and connections of the basal ganglia Anatomical terminology Anatomical terms Anatomical terms of bone Anatomical terms of location Anatomical terms of motion Anatomical terms of movement Anatomical terms of muscle Anatomical variation Anatomically modern Homo sapiens Anatomically modern human Anatomography Anatomy Anatomy Charts of the Arabs Anatomy murder Anatomy of human Anatomy of the cerebellum Anatomy of the human nose Ancient Egyptian anatomical studies Anconeous epitrochlearis Anconeous epitrochlearis muscle Anconeous epitrochlearis muscles Anconeus Anconeus muscle Anconeus sextus Anconeus sextus muscle Anconeus sextus muscles Anconeus-epitrochlearis Anconeus-epitrochlearis muscle Anconeus-epitrochlearis muscles Androgenic hair Androgenic hairs Anencefal Angioblast Angle (rib) Angle of His Angle of scapula Angle of the mandible Angle of the scapula Angles of scapula Angles of the scapula Angular artery Angular gyrus Angular incisure Angular notch Angular vein Angular veins Angularis nigra Angulus acromialis Angulus costae Angulus frontalis ossis parietalis Angulus inferior scapulae Angulus infrasternalis Angulus lateralis scapulae Angulus mandibulae Angulus mastoideus ossis parietalis Angulus scapulae Angulus sterni Angulus subpubicus Angulus superior scapulae Angulus venosus Animal tooth development Anisocoria Ankle Ankle joint Ankle retinaculum Anklebone Annals of Anatomy Annular ligament Annular ligament of radius Annular ligament of stapes Annular ligaments Annular ligaments of fingers Annular ligaments of toes Annular ligaments of trachea Annular pancreas Annulus abdominalis Annulus ciliaris Annulus femoralis Annulus fibrosus Annulus fibrosus disci intervertebralis Annulus inguinalis Annulus inguinalis profundus Annulus inguinalis superficialis Annulus of Zinn Annulus umbilicalis Anococcygeal Anococcygeal body Anococcygeal ligament Anococcygeal nerve Anococcygeal nerves Anococcygeal raphe Anomalous tubercle Ansa cervicalis Ansa hypoglossi Ansa lenticularis Ansa nephroni Anserine bursa Anserine bursae Antagonist (muscle) Antebrachial fascia Antecubital fossa Antecubital vein Antecubital veins Anterior Anterior accessory saphenous vein Anterior accessory saphenous veins Anterior annular ligament Anterior arch of atlas Anterior atlantoaxial ligament Anterior atlantooccipital membrane Anterior atlantoˆccipital membrane Anterior auricular branch Anterior auricular branches Anterior auricular branches of superficial temporal artery Anterior auricular branches of the superficial temporal artery Anterior auricular glands Anterior auricular ligament Anterior auricular muscle Anterior auricular vein Anterior auricular veins Anterior axillary fold Anterior axillary line Anterior border of lung Anterior branch of obturator nerve Anterior branch of the obturator artery Anterior caecal artery Anterior calcaneo-astragaloid ligament Anterior cardiac vein Anterior cardiac veins Anterior cardinal vein Anterior cardinal veins Anterior cecal arteries Anterior cecal artery Anterior cerebral artery Anterior cerebrospinal fasciculus Anterior cervical lymph node Anterior cervical lymph nodes Anterior chamber of eye Anterior chamber of eyeball Anterior choroidal artery Anterior ciliary arteries Anterior circumflex artery Anterior circumflex humeral artery Anterior clinoid process Anterior colliculus Anterior commissure Anterior commissure of labia majora Anterior communicating artery Anterior compartment Anterior compartment of leg Anterior compartment of the arm Anterior compartment of the forearm Anterior compartment of thigh Anterior cornu Anterior cornu of the lateral ventricle Anterior coronal vein Anterior coronal veins Anterior cranial fossa Anterior cruciate ligament Anterior cutaneous branch Anterior cutaneous branch of iliohypogastric nerve Anterior cutaneous branch of the iliohypogastric nerve Anterior cutaneous branches Anterior cutaneous branches of the femoral nerve Anterior descending branch of the profunda brachii artery Anterior elastic lamina Anterior ethmoid artery Anterior ethmoidal Anterior ethmoidal artery Anterior ethmoidal foramen Anterior ethmoidal nerve Anterior ethmoidal nerves Anterior external arcuate fibers Anterior facial vein Anterior facial veins Anterior fontanelle Anterior gastric branches Anterior gastric branches of anterior vagal trunk Anterior gastric branches of the anterior vagal trunk Anterior gluteal line Anterior gluteal lines Anterior grey column Anterior gyrus Anterior horn Anterior horn of lateral ventricle Anterior horn of spinal cord Anterior humeral circumflex artery Anterior hypothalamic nucleus Anterior iliac spine Anterior iliac spines Anterior inferior Anterior inferior cerebellar artery Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Anterior inferior iliac spine Anterior inferior ligament Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery Anterior intercondylar area Anterior intercondylar areas Anterior intercostal arteries Anterior intercostal branches of internal thoracic artery Anterior intercostal vein Anterior intercostal veins Anterior intermuscular septum of leg Anterior interosseous Anterior interosseous artery Anterior interosseous ligament Anterior interventricular Anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery Anterior interventricular sulci Anterior interventricular sulcus Anterior jugular vein Anterior jugular veins Anterior labial nerve Anterior labial nerves Anterior lacrimal crest Anterior lateral malleolar artery Anterior ligament Anterior ligament of elbow Anterior ligament of head of fibula Anterior ligament of malleus Anterior ligament of the head of the fibula Anterior ligament of the lateral malleolus Anterior ligament of the malleus Anterior limb of internal capsule Anterior limiting lamina Anterior lobe of cerebellum Anterior longitudinal Anterior longitudinal ligament Anterior longitudinal sulcus Anterior margin of pancreas Anterior medial malleolar artery Anterior median Anterior median fissure Anterior median line Anterior median spinal vein Anterior median spinal veins Anterior mediastinum Anterior meningeal artery Anterior meniscofemoral ligament Anterior meniscofemoral ligaments Anterior nares Anterior nasal Anterior nasal aperture Anterior nasal spine Anterior nuclei Anterior nuclei of thalamus Anterior nuclei of the thalamus Anterior nucleus Anterior olfactory nucleus Anterior perforated substance Anterior perforated substances Anterior pillar of fauces Anterior pillar of the fauces Anterior pituitary Anterior radioulnar ligament Anterior radioulnar ligaments Anterior root of spinal nerve Anterior root of the spinal nerve Anterior roots of spinal nerves Anterior roots of the spinal nerves Anterior sacral foramina Anterior sacrococcygeal ligament Anterior sacroiliac ligament Anterior scalene muscle Anterior scrotal arteries Anterior scrotal artery Anterior scrotal nerve Anterior scrotal nerves Anterior segment Anterior segment of eyeball Anterior spinal artery Anterior spinal vein Anterior spinal veins Anterior spinocerebellar tract Anterior spinothalamic tract Anterior sternoclavicular ligament Anterior superior Anterior superior alveolar arteries Anterior superior alveolar nerve Anterior superior iliac spine Anterior superior ligament Anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal artery Anterior surface of eyelid Anterior surface of pancreas Anterior surface of the body of the maxilla Anterior surface of the heart Anterior talocalcaneal ligament Anterior talofibular ligament Anterior temporal branch of superficial temporal artery Anterior tibial Anterior tibial artery Anterior tibial recurrent artery Anterior tibial vein Anterior tibial veins Anterior tibiofibular ligament Anterior tongue Anterior tubercle of cervical vertebra Anterior tympanic artery Anterior ulnar recurrent artery Anterior vagal trunk Anterior veins of right ventricle Anterior veins of right ventricles Anterior veins of the right ventricle Anterior veins of the right ventricles Anterior wall of heart Anterior white commissure Antero-lateral Antero-lateral ganglionic branches Antero-lateral sulcus Antero-posteriorly Anterolateral Anterolateral central arteries Anterolateral ganglionic branches Anterolateral ligament Anterolateral sulcus Anterolateral sulcus of medulla Anterolateral sulcus of spinal cord Anterolateral system Anteroventral periventricular nucleus Anteversion Anthropometry Antihelix Antitragicus Antitragicus muscle Antitragicus muscles Antitragus Antlantoaxial Antrum Antrum folliculare Antrum follicularum Antrum pyloricum Anulus abdominalis Anulus ciliaris Anulus femoralis Anulus fibrosus Anulus fibrosus disci intervertebralis Anulus inguinalis profundus Anulus inguinalis superficialis Anulus lymphoideus pharyngis Anulus umbilicalis Anus Aorta Aorta abdominalis Aorta ascendens Aorta descendens Aorta thoracica Aortae Aortas Aortic aperture Aortic arch Aortic arches Aortic bifurcation Aortic body Aortic hiatus Aortic lymph node Aortic lymph nodes Aortic opening Aortic openings Aortic orifice Aortic orifices Aortic plexuses Aortic root Aortic sac Aortic septum Aortic septums Aortic sinus Aortic valve Aortic vestibule Aorticopulmonary septum Apertura lateralis ventriculi quarti Apertura mediana ventriculi quarti Apertura nasalis Apertura nasalis posterior Apertura pelvis Apertura pelvis inferior Apertura pelvis minoris Apertura pelvis superior Apertura piriformis Apertura thoracis inferior Apertura thoracis superior Aperture (anatomy) Aperture (neuroanatomy) Aperture of pelvis Aperture of the pelvis Apertures of pelvis Apertures of the pelvis Apex cartilaginis arytenoideae Apex linguae Apex of bladder Apex of lung Apex of patella Apex of the bladder Apex of the heart Apex of the urinary bladder Apex of urinary bladder Apex partis petrosae ossis temporalis Apex patellae Apex vesicae urinariae Apical foramen Apical ligament Apical ligament of dens Apical lymph node Apical lymph nodes Apical odontoid ligament Apneustic Area Apneustic center Apocrine sweat gland Apollo's belt Aponeuroses Aponeurosis Aponeurosis epicranialis Aponeurosis glutaea Aponeurosis glutaealis Aponeurosis glutea Aponeurosis glutealis Aponeurosis musculi obliqui externi abdominis Aponeurosis of the abdominal external oblique muscle Aponeurosis palmaris Aponeurosis plantaris Apparatus lacrimalis Apparatus urogenitalis Appendage Appendiceal artery Appendices epiploicae Appendices vesiculosae Appendices vesiculosae epoophori Appendicular artery Appendicular skeleton Appendicular skeletons Appendicular vein Appendicular veins Appendix (anatomy) Appendix epididymidis Appendix epiploica Appendix of testis Appendix of the epididymis Appendix of the laryngeal ventricle Appendix testis Appendix ventriculi Appendix ventriculi laryngis Appendix vermiformis Aquaeduct of vestibule Aquaeductus cerebri Aquaeductus cotunnii Aquaeductus fallopii Aquaeductus sylvii Aquaeductus Sylvii Aquaeductus vestibuli AquÊductus vestibuli Aqueduct of vestibule Aqueductus cerebri Aqueductus mesencephali Aqueductus vestibuli Aqueous humour Arachnoid granulation Arachnoid mater Arachnoid villi Arantius' duct Arantius' ducts Arc of Buhler Arcade of Frohse Arch of aorta Arch of feet Arch of foot Arch of pubis Arch of the atlas Arch of the feet Arch of the foot Arches of feet Arches of foot Arches of the feet Arches of the foot Archicortex Arcuate arteries of the kidney Arcuate artery of the foot Arcuate fasciculus Arcuate fiber Arcuate fibers Arcuate foramen Arcuate ligament Arcuate ligaments Arcuate line Arcuate line of ilium Arcuate line of rectus sheath Arcuate nucleus Arcuate popliteal ligament Arcuate uterus Arcuate vein Arcuate veins Arcuate vessels of uterus Arcus anterior atlantis Arcus aortae Arcus atlantis Arcus corneae Arcus costalis Arcus costarum Arcus dentalis Arcus dentalis mandibularis Arcus dentalis maxillaris Arcus ductus thoracici Arcus glossopalatinus Arcus iliopectineus Arcus inguinalis Arcus lumbocostalis Arcus lumbocostalis lateralis Arcus lumbocostalis medialis Arcus palatini Arcus palatoglossus Arcus palatopharyngeus Arcus palmaris Arcus palmaris profundus Arcus palmaris superficialis Arcus pedis Arcus pedis longitudinalis Arcus pedis longitudinalis pars lateralis Arcus pedis longitudinalis pars medialis Arcus pedis transversalis Arcus plantaris Arcus plantaris profundus Arcus posterior atlantis Arcus pubicus Arcus pubis Arcus tendineus fasciae pelvis Arcus unguium Arcus venosus Arcus venosus dorsalis pedis Arcus venosus jugularis Arcus venosus juguli Arcus venosus palmaris Arcus venosus palmaris profundus Arcus venosus palmaris superficialis Arcus venosus plantaris Arcus volaris Arcus volaris profundus Arcus volaris superficialis Area intercondylaris Area intercondylaris anterior Area intercondylaris anterior tibiae Area intercondylaris posterior Area intercondylaris posterior tibiae Area nuda Area nuda hepatis Area paraolfactoria Area parolfactoria Area postrema Area praeoptica Area praetectalis Area preoptica Area pretectalis Area subcallosa Areola Areolar connective tissue Areolar gland Areolar glands Arm Arm compartments Arm folding Arnold's nerve Arnolds nerve Arrector muscle of hair Arrector pili Arrector pili muscle Arrector pili muscles Arteria Arteria acetabuli Arteria alveolaris Arteria alveolaris inferior Arteria alveolaris superior anterior Arteria alveolaris superior posterior Arteria anastomotica magna Arteria angularis Arteria aorta Arteria appendicularis Arteria arcuata Arteria arcuata pedis Arteria articularis azygos Arteria auditiva interna Arteria auricularis Arteria auricularis profunda Arteria axillaris Arteria basilaris Arteria brachialis Arteria buccalis Arteria buccinatoria Arteria bulbi Arteria bulbi penis Arteria bulbi urethrae Arteria bulbi vaginae Arteria bulbi vestibuli Arteria caecalis Arteria caecalis anterior Arteria caecalis posterior Arteria canalis pterygoidei Arteria centralis longa Arteria cerebelli Arteria cerebelli inferior Arteria cerebelli inferior anterior Arteria cerebelli inferior posterior Arteria cerebelli superior Arteria cerebri Arteria cerebri anterior Arteria cerebri communicans posterior Arteria cerebri media Arteria cerebri posterior Arteria cervicalis Arteria cervicalis ascendens Arteria cervicalis profunda Arteria cervicalis superficialis Arteria chorioidea Arteria chorioidea anterior Arteria chorioides Arteria choroidea Arteria choroidea anterior Arteria choroides Arteria ciliaris Arteria ciliaris anterior Arteria ciliaris posterior brevis Arteria ciliaris posterior longa Arteria circumflexa Arteria circumflexa femoris Arteria circumflexa femoris lateralis Arteria circumflexa femoris medialis Arteria circumflexa humeri Arteria circumflexa humeri anterior Arteria circumflexa humeri posterior Arteria circumflexa iliaca Arteria circumflexa iliaca profunda Arteria circumflexa iliaca superficialis Arteria circumflexa ilium Arteria circumflexa ilium profunda Arteria circumflexa scapulae Arteria coeliaca Arteria colica Arteria colica dextra Arteria colica media Arteria colica sinistra Arteria collateralis Arteria collateralis media Arteria collateralis radialis Arteria collateralis ulnaris Arteria collateralis ulnaris inferior Arteria collateralis ulnaris superior Arteria comes nervi phrenici Arteria comitans nervi ischiadici Arteria comitans nervi mediani Arteria communicans Arteria communicans anterior Arteria communicans posterior Arteria communis Arteria coronaria Arteria coronaria dextra Arteria coronaria sinistra Arteria cremasterica Arteria cystica Arteria deferentialis Arteria descendens genus Arteria digitalis Arteria digitalis dorsalis Arteria digitalis palmaris Arteria digitalis palmaris communis Arteria digitalis palmaris propria Arteria digitalis plantaris Arteria digitalis plantaris communis Arteria digitalis plantaris propria Arteria dorsalis Arteria dorsalis clitoridis Arteria dorsalis hallucis Arteria dorsalis nasi Arteria dorsalis pedis Arteria dorsalis penis Arteria dorsalis scapulae Arteria ductus deferentis Arteria epigastrica Arteria epigastrica inferior Arteria epigastrica superficialis Arteria epigastrica superior Arteria ethmoidalis Arteria ethmoidalis anterior Arteria ethmoidalis posterior Arteria ethmoidea anterior Arteria ethmoidea posterior Arteria ethmoides Arteria ethmoides anterior Arteria ethmoides posterior Arteria ethmoidica Arteria ethmoidica anterior Arteria ethmoidica posterior Arteria femoralis Arteria fibularis Arteria frontalis Arteria gastrica Arteria gastrica dextra Arteria gastrica sinistra Arteria gastro-omentalis Arteria gastro-omentalis dextra Arteria gastro-omentalis sinistra Arteria gastroepiploica dextra Arteria gastroepiploica sinistra Arteria gastroomentalis Arteria gastroomentalis dextra Arteria gastroomentalis sinistra Arteria genus Arteria genus descendens Arteria genus inferior lateralis Arteria genus inferior medialis Arteria genus media Arteria genus superior lateralis Arteria genus superior medialis Arteria glutaea Arteria glutaea inferior Arteria glutaea superior Arteria glutaealis Arteria glutaealis inferior Arteria glutaealis superior Arteria glutea Arteria glutea inferior Arteria glutea superior Arteria glutealis Arteria glutealis inferior Arteria glutealis superior Arteria haemorrhoidalis Arteria haemorrhoidalis inferior Arteria hÊmorrhoidalis inferior Arteria haemorrhoidalis media Arteria haemorrhoidalis superior Arteria haemorrhoidica Arteria haemorrhoidica inferior Arteria haemorrhoidica media Arteria haemorrhoidica superior Arteria hemorrhoidalis Arteria hemorrhoidalis inferior Arteria hemorrhoidalis media Arteria hemorrhoidalis superior Arteria hyaloidea Arteria hypogastrica Arteria hypophyseos Arteria hypophyseos inferior Arteria hypophyseos superior Arteria hypophysialis Arteria hypophysialis inferior Arteria hypophysialis superior Arteria ileocolica Arteria iliolumbalis Arteria inferior genus Arteria inferior lateralis genus Arteria inferior medialis genus Arteria infraorbitalis Arteria intercostalis Arteria intercostalis suprema Arteria interlobulares Arteria interossea Arteria interossea anterior Arteria interossea communis Arteria interossea posterior Arteria interossea recurrens Arteria interossea volaris Arteria interventricularis Arteria ischiatica Arteria labialis Arteria labialis inferior Arteria labialis superior Arteria labyrinthi Arteria lacrimalis Arteria laryngea Arteria laryngea inferior Arteria laryngea superior Arteria laryngica Arteria laryngica inferior Arteria laryngica superior Arteria lateralis genus Arteria ligamenti teretis uteri Arteria lingualis Arteria lumbalis Arteria malleolaris Arteria malleolaris anterior lateralis Arteria malleolaris anterior medialis Arteria mammaria interna Arteria marginalis coli Arteria masseterica Arteria maxima Arteria media genus Arteria medialis genus Arteria mediana Arteria medullaris segmentalis Arteria meningea Arteria meningea media Arteria meningea posterior Arteria meningealis posterior Arteria meningica Arteria meningica posterior Arteria mentalis Arteria mesenterica Arteria mesenterica inferior Arteria mesenterica superior Arteria metacarpea dorsalis Arteria metacarpea palmaris Arteria metatarsea Arteria metatarsea dorsalis Arteria metatarsea plantaris Arteria musculophrenica Arteria nasi externa Arteria nutricia Arteria nutriens Arteria obturatoria Arteria occipitalis Arteria ophthalmica Arteria ovarica Arteria palatina Arteria palatina ascendens Arteria palatina descendens Arteria palatina major Arteria palatina minor Arteria pancreatica dorsalis Arteria pancreatica magna Arteria pancreaticoduodenalis Arteria pancreaticoduodenalis inferior Arteria pancreaticoduodenalis superior Arteria pericardiacophrenica Arteria perinealis Arteria perinei Arteria peronaea Arteria peronaealis Arteria peronea Arteria peronealis Arteria pharyngea ascendens Arteria pharyngica ascendens Arteria phrenica inferior Arteria phrenica superior Arteria plantaris Arteria plantaris lateralis Arteria plantaris medialis Arteria plantaris profunda Arteria poplitea Arteria profunda Arteria profunda brachii Arteria profunda clitoridis Arteria profunda femoris Arteria profunda linguae Arteria profunda penis Arteria propria Arteria pudenda Arteria pudenda externa profunda Arteria pudenda externa superficialis Arteria pudenda interna Arteria pulmonalis Arteria pulmonalis dextra Arteria pulmonalis sinistra Arteria radialis Arteria radialis indicis Arteria ranina Arteria rectalis Arteria rectalis inferior Arteria rectalis media Arteria rectalis superior Arteria recurrens Arteria recurrens radialis Arteria recurrens tibialis Arteria recurrens tibialis anterior Arteria recurrens tibialis posterior Arteria recurrens ulnaris anterior Arteria recurrens ulnaris posterior Arteria renalis Arteria renalis dexter Arteria renalis sinister Arteria retinae centralis Arteria sacralis Arteria sacralis lateralis Arteria sacralis mediana Arteria scapularis descendens Arteria scapularis dorsalis Arteria segmenti Arteria segmenti anterioris inferioris renis Arteria segmenti anterioris superioris renis Arteria segmenti inferioris renis Arteria segmenti posterioris renis Arteria segmenti superioris renis Arteria spermatica Arteria spermatica interna Arteria sphenopalatina Arteria spinalis Arteria spinalis anterior Arteria spinalis posterior Arteria stylomastoidea Arteria stylomastoides Arteria stylomastoidica Arteria subcostalis Arteria sublingualis Arteria submentalis Arteria subscapularis Arteria superior Arteria superior lateralis genus Arteria superior medialis genus Arteria supraduodenalis Arteria supraorbitalis Arteria suprarenales Arteria suprarenales superior Arteria suprarenalis Arteria suprarenalis inferior Arteria suprarenalis media Arteria suprarenalis superior Arteria suprascapularis Arteria supratrochlearis Arteria suralis Arteria tarsalis Arteria tarsalis lateralis Arteria tarsea Arteria tarsea lateralis Arteria tarsea medialis Arteria temporalis Arteria temporalis media Arteria temporalis profunda Arteria temporalis superficialis Arteria testicularis Arteria thalamogeniculata Arteria thoracalis suprema Arteria thoracica Arteria thoracica lateralis Arteria thoracica superior Arteria thoracica suprema Arteria thoracoacromialis Arteria thoracodorsalis Arteria thymica accessoria Arteria thyreoidea Arteria thyreoidea inferior Arteria thyreoidea superior Arteria thyroidea ima Arteria thyroidea inferior Arteria thyroidea superior Arteria tibialis Arteria transversa Arteria transversa cervicis Arteria transversa colli Arteria transversa faciei Arteria transversa scapulae Arteria tympanica Arteria tympanica anterior Arteria tympanica inferior Arteria tympanica superior Arteria ulnaris Arteria urethralis Arteria uterina Arteria vaginalis Arteria vertebralis Arteria vesicalis Arteria vesicalis inferior Arteria vesicalis medialis Arteria vesicalis superior Arteria vitellina Arteria volaris Arteria zygomatico-orbitalis Arteria zygomaticoorbitalis Arteriae Arteriae alveolares Arteriae alveolares superiores anteriores Arteriae alveolaris inferioris Arteriae arcuatae renis Arteriae arcuum pharyngeorum Arteriae atriales Arteriae bronchiales Arteriae caroticotympanicae Arteriae caroticotympanicae arteriae carotidis Arteriae centrales Arteriae centrales anterolaterales Arteriae centrales posteromediales Arteriae cerebri Arteriae cerebri posterioris Arteriae ciliares Arteriae ciliares anteriores Arteriae ciliares posteriores Arteriae ciliares posteriores breves Arteriae ciliares posteriores longae Arteriae communes Arteriae corticales radiatae Arteriae digitales Arteriae digitales communes Arteriae digitales dorsales Arteriae digitales dorsales manus Arteriae digitales dorsales pedis Arteriae digitales manus Arteriae digitales palmares Arteriae digitales palmares communes Arteriae digitales palmares propriae Arteriae digitales plantares Arteriae digitales plantares communes Arteriae digitales plantares propriae Arteriae digitales propriae Arteriae digitales volares Arteriae digitales volares communes ArteriÊ dorsales linguÊ Arteriae gastricae Arteriae gastricae breves Arteriae genu Arteriae genu inferiores Arteriae genu superiores Arteriae genus superiores Arteriae helicinae Arteriae helicinae penis Arteriae ileales Arteriae iliacae Arteriae intercostales Arteriae intercostales posteriores Arteriae intercostales posteriores I et II Arteriae intercostales posteriores III-XI Arteriae interlobares Arteriae interlobares renis Arteriae interlobulares Arteriae interlobulares renis Arteriae intestinales Arteriae jejunales Arteriae lumbales Arteriae lumbares Arteriae mediastinales anteriores Arteriae metacarpales Arteriae metacarpales dorsales Arteriae metacarpales palmares Arteriae metacarpeae volares Arteriae metatarsales Arteriae metatarsales dorsales Arteriae metatarsales plantares Arteriae musculares Arteriae nasales posteriores laterales Arteriae oesophageae Arteriae palatinae Arteriae palatinae minores Arteriae palmares Arteriae palpebrales Arteriae palpebrales laterales Arteriae palpebrales mediales Arteriae pancreaticoduodenales Arteriae pancreaticoduodenales inferiores Arteriae perforantes Arteriae phrenicae Arteriae phrenicae superiores Arteriae pontis Arteriae propriae Arteriae pudendae Arteriae pudendae externae Arteriae pulmonales Arteriae rectae Arteriae recurrentis ulnaris Arteriae renis Arteriae sacrales Arteriae sacrales laterales Arteriae sigmoideae Arteriae suprarenales Arteriae suprarenales inferior Arteriae suprarenales media Arteriae suprarenales superiores Arteriae surales Arteriae tarsales Arteriae tarsales mediales Arteriae thalamostriatae anterolaterales Arteriae thymicae Arteriae vesicales Arteriae vesicales superiores Arteriae volares Arterial arcades Arterial ligament Arterial tree of subclavian artery Arteries of neck Arteries of necks Arteries of pterygoid canals Arteries of the neck Arteries of the necks Arteries of the pterygoid canals Arteriola Arteriola afferens Arteriola glomerularis Arteriola glomerularis afferens Arteriola glomerularis efferens Arteriola glomerularis efferens capsulae renalis Arteriolae rectae Arteriole Artery Artery of Adamkiewicz Artery of bulb Artery of bulb of penis Artery of bulb of vestibule Artery of neck Artery of Percheron Artery of pterygoid canal Artery of round ligament of uterus Artery of the neck Artery of the pterygoid canal Artery of the urethral bulb Artery of the vestibule bulb Artery to the ductus deferens Arthrodial articulation Arthrodial articulations Arthrodial joint Arthrodial joints Articular arteries Articular artery Articular branches of descending genicular artery Articular branches of the descending genicular artery Articular capsule of the humerus Articular capsule of the knee joint Articular disc Articular disk Articular disk of sternoclavicular articulation Articular disk of the temporomandibular joint Articular facet Articular processes Articular tubercle Articular tubercles Articular Vascular Network of Knee Articularis cubiti muscle Articularis genus Articularis genus muscle Articularis genus muscles Articulatio Articulatio acromioclavicularis Articulatio atlanto Articulatio atlanto-occipitalis Articulatio atlantoaxialis lateralis Articulatio atlantoaxialis mediana Articulatio atlantooccipitalis Articulatio atlas Articulatio calcaneocuboidea Articulatio capitis costae Articulatio carpometacarpea Articulatio carpometacarpea pollicis Articulatio cartilaginis Articulatio condylaris Articulatio costochondralis Articulatio costotransversaria Articulatio cotylica Articulatio cricoarytaenoidea Articulatio cricoarytaenoides Articulatio cricoarytenoidea Articulatio cricoarytenoides Articulatio cricothyreodes Articulatio cricothyreoidea Articulatio cricothyreoides Articulatio cricothyrodes Articulatio cricothyroidea Articulatio cricothyroides Articulatio cuneonavicularis Articulatio dentoalveolaris Articulatio ellipsoidea Articulatio fibrosa Articulatio genu Articulatio genus Articulatio humeri Articulatio humeroradialis Articulatio humeroulnaris Articulatio incudomallearis Articulatio incudostapedia Articulatio interphalangea Articulatio interphalangea manus Articulatio lumbosacralis Articulatio mandibularis Articulatio manus Articulatio mediocarpalis Articulatio mediocarpea Articulatio ossis pisiformis Articulatio ovoidalis Articulatio pedis Articulatio plana Articulatio radioulnaris Articulatio radioulnaris distalis Articulatio radioulnaris proximalis Articulatio sacrococcygea Articulatio sellaris Articulatio simplex Articulatio spheroidea Articulatio sternoclavicularis Articulatio subtalaris Articulatio synovialis Articulatio talocalcanea Articulatio talocalcaneonavicularis Articulatio talocruralis Articulatio tarsi transversa Articulatio temporomandibularis Articulatio tibiofibularis Articulatio trochoidea Articulation of head of rib Articulation of pisiform bone Articulation of pisiform bones Articulation of the pisiform bone Articulation of the pisiform bones Articulationes carpometacarpeae Articulationes cinguli membri Articulationes cinguli membri inferioris Articulationes cinguli membri superioris Articulationes costochondrales Articulationes costovertebrales Articulationes digitorum manus Articulationes intercarpales Articulationes intercarpeae Articulationes interchondrales Articulationes intercuneiformes Articulationes intermetacarpales Articulationes intermetacarpeae Articulationes intermetatarsales Articulationes intermetatarseae Articulationes interphalangeae manus Articulationes interphalangeae pedis Articulationes intertarsales Articulationes intertarseae Articulationes manus Articulationes membri inferioris liberi Articulationes membri liberi Articulationes membri superioris liberi Articulationes metacarpophalangeae Articulationes metatarsophalangeae Articulationes pedis Articulationes sternocostales Articulationes tarsometatarsales Articulationes tarsometatarseae Articulationes zygapophyseales Articulationes zygapophysiales Articulations of foot Articulations of hand Articulus Articulus cricoarytaenoides Articulus cricoarytaenoideus Articulus cricoarytenoides Articulus cricoarytenoideus Articulus cricothyreodes Articulus cricothyreoides Articulus cricothyreoideus Articulus cricothyrodes Articulus cricothyroides Articulus cricothyroideus Artificial cranial deformation Ary-epiglottic fold Aryepiglottic Aryepiglottic fold Aryepiglottic folds Aryepiglottic muscle Aryepiglottic muscles Aryepiglotticus Arytenoid cartilage Arytenoid muscle Arytenoid muscles Arytenoideus muscle Ascending aorta Ascending artery Ascending branch Ascending branch of circumflex femoral artery Ascending branch of lateral circumflex femoral artery Ascending branch of medial circumflex femoral artery Ascending branches Ascending cervical artery Ascending colon Ascending limb Ascending limb of loop of Henle Ascending limb of the loop of Henle Ascending lumbar vein Ascending lumbar veins Ascending palatine artery Ascending part Ascending pharyngeal artery Ass crack Ass cracks Ass fiber Afl fiber Association fiber Association fibres of telencephalon Asterion (anatomy) Astrocyte Atacama skeleton Athlete's girdle Atlanto joint Atlanto-axial articulation Atlanto-axial joint Atlanto-occipital joint Atlantoaxial Atlantoaxial articular capsule Atlantoaxial articulation Atlantoaxial ligament Atlantoaxial ligaments Atlantoccipital Atlantooccipital articulation Atlantooccipital joint Atlantooccipital membrane Atlantooccipital membranes Atlas (anatomy) Atlas joint Atretic corpus luteum Atrial Atrial appendage Atrial appendages Atrial arteries Atrial branches of coronary arteries Atrial canal Atrial enlargement Atrioventricular Atrioventricular canal Atrioventricular cushions Atrioventricular nodal branch Atrioventricular node Atrioventricular nodes Atrioventricular opening Atrioventricular openings Atrioventricular orifice Atrioventricular orifices Atrioventricular septum Atrium (heart) Atrium cordis Atrium dextrum Auditory bulla Auditory meatus Auditory nerve Auditory ossicle Auditory ossicle muscles Auditory ossicles Auditory system Auditory vestibular nerve Auditory vestibular nerves Auricle (anatomy) Auricle of atrium Auricula atrialis Auricula dextra Auricula sinistra Auricular appendix Auricular arteries Auricular artery Auricular branch Auricular branch of occipital artery Auricular branch of posterior auricular artery Auricular branch of posterior auricular nerve Auricular branch of the posterior auricular nerve Auricular branch of vagus nerve Auricular branches Auricular gland Auricular glands Auricular hypertrichosis Auricular ligament Auricular ligaments Auricular muscle Auricular muscles Auricular nerve Auricular nerves Auricular tubercle Auricular tubercle of Darwin Auricular tubercles Auricular vein Auricular veins Auriculare superius Auriculares Auricularis anterior Auricularis superior Auriculo-orbital plane Auriculotemporal nerve Auris externa Auris interna Auris media Autogenic inhibition reflex Autonomic nerve Autonomic nervous system AV node AV nodes AVPV Axial skeleton Axial skeletons Axilla Axillary Axillary arch Axillary artery Axillary border Axillary fascia Axillary fold Axillary folds Axillary hair Axillary hairs Axillary line Axillary lines Axillary lymph node Axillary lymph nodes Axillary nerve Axillary process Axillary sheath Axillary space Axillary spaces Axillary tail Axillary vein Axillary veins Axioappendicular muscles Axis (anatomy) Axon Axon hillock Axon terminal Azygos Azygos arteries of the vagina Azygos arteries of vagina Azygos artery of vagina Azygos lobe Azygos vein Azygos veins Ab fiber *** Ab fibers *** Baby teeth Baby tooth Bachmann's bundle Back Back dimples Back muscles Ball (foot) Ball and socket joint Bare area Bare area of liver Bare area of the liver Bartholin's duct Bartholin's ducts Bartholin's gland Basal forebrain Basal ganglia Basal plate (neural tube) Basal plate (placenta) Basal vein Basal veins Base of lung Base of metacarpal bone Base of skull Base of the heart Base of the sacrum Base of the skull Basicranium Basilar Basilar (disambiguation) Basilar artery Basilar crest Basilar membrane Basilar part Basilar part of occipital bone Basilar part of pons Basilar parts Basilar plexus Basilar plexuses Basilar sinus Basilar sinuses Basilar sulcus Basilar sulcus of the pons Basilic vein Basilic veins Basion Basis cartilaginis arytenoideae Basis cordis Basis cranii Basis ossis metacarpalis Basis ossis sacri Basis patellae Basis pontis Basivertebral vein Basivertebral veins Batson vein Batson veins Batson venous plexus Batson's vein Batson's veins Bauhin's valve Charles Bell John Bell (surgeon) Belly button Birger Bergersen Birger Martin Bergersen Carl Bergmann (anatomist) Berry's ligament Berry's ligaments Berrys ligament Berrys ligaments Bertin column Bertin columns Beta motor neuron Biceps Biceps brachii Biceps brachii muscle Biceps brachii muscles Biceps brachii tendon Biceps brachii tendons Biceps femoris muscle Biceps muscle Biceps muscles Biceps tendon Biceps tendons Bicipital aponeurosis Bicipital groove Bicipital grooves Bicipitoradial bursa Bicornuate uterus Bicuspid aortic valve Bifid rib Bifurcate ligament Bifurcated ligament Bifurcated rib Bifurcatio Bifurcatio aortae Bifurcatio tracheae Bifurcation of trachea Bifurcatus BigBrain Bilaminar blastocyst Bile Bile canaliculi Bile canaliculus Bile capillaries Bile capillary Bile duct Biliary tract BioDigital Biological anthropology Bipennate Bipennate muscle Bipennate muscles Birth cord Biventer lobule Biventral lobule Black reaction Blastocystis trilaminaris Blastopore Blausen Medical Blood Blood barrier Blood island Blood islands Blood serum Blood supply of heart Blood supply of the heart Blood vessel Blood vessels Blood-air barrier *** Blood-brain barrier *** Blood-ocular barrier *** Blood-retinal barrier *** Blood-testis barrier *** Blood-thymus barrier *** Blue place Bodies of femur bones Bodies of lateral ventricles Bodies of the femur bones Bodies of the lateral ventricles Bodily waste Body Body cavities Body cavity Body fluid Body hair Body hairs Body of clitoris Body of femur Body of femur bone Body of fibula Body of gallbladder Body of humerus Body of hyoid bone Body of ilium Body of incus Body of ischium Body of lateral ventricle Body of mandible Body of maxilla Body of pancreas Body of penis Body of radius Body of sphenoid bone Body of sternum Body of stomach Body of talus Body of the femur Body of the femur bone Body of the lateral ventricle Body of the uterus Body of ulna Body of uterus Body of vertebra Body orifice Body proportions Body systems Body water Body-stalk Boettcher cell Bone Bone canaliculus Bone growth plate Bone marrow Bone terminology Bone tissue Bones of the thumb Bony labyrinth Bony part Bony part of pharyngotympanic tube Bony parts Border of heart Border of lung Border of lungs Border of scapula Border of the scapula Borders of heart Borders of hearts Borders of scapula Borders of the heart Borders of the hearts Borders of the lung Borders of the scapula Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery Bowel Bowman's layer Bowman's membrane Bowmans layer Bowmans membrane Brachial Brachial artery Brachial cutaneous branch Brachial cutaneous branches Brachial cutaneous nerve Brachial cutaneous nerves Brachial fascia Brachial lymph node Brachial lymph nodes Brachial plexus Brachial veins Brachialis Brachialis anticus Brachialis anticus muscle Brachialis anticus muscles Brachialis muscle Brachialis muscles Brachiocephalic Brachiocephalic artery Brachiocephalic vein Brachiocephalic veins Brachioradialis Brachioradialis muscle Brachioradialis muscles Brachium colliculi Brachium colliculi inferioris Brachium colliculi superioris Brachium of inferior colliculus Brachium of superior colliculus Brachium quadrigeminum inferius Brachium quadrigeminum superius Brain Brain asymmetry Brain covering Brain coverings Brain lobe Brain lobes Brain size Brain size/Archive 1 BrainMaps Brainstem Brainstem olive Brainstem olives Branch of coccygeal nerve Branch of coccygeal nerves Branch of glossopharyngeal nerve to carotid sinus Branch of lateral circumflex femoral artery Branch of lingual artery Branch of lumbar nerve Branch of medial circumflex femoral artery Branch of obturator artery Branch of obturator nerve Branch of oculomotor nerve Branch of sacral nerve Branch of saphenous nerve Branch of the cervical nerve Branch of the facial artery Branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery Branch of the lingual artery Branch of the lumbar nerve Branch of the medial circumflex femoral artery Branch of the obturator artery Branch of the obturator nerve Branch of the oculomotor nerve Branch of the sacral nerve Branch of the saphenous nerve Branch of the thoracic nerve Branch of thoracic nerve Branches of cervical nerves Branches of coccygeal nerves Branches of facial arteries Branches of lateral circumflex femoral arteries Branches of lingual arteries Branches of lingual artery Branches of lumbar nerves Branches of medial circumflex femoral arteries Branches of obturator arteries Branches of obturator nerves Branches of oculomotor nerve Branches of oculomotor nerves Branches of sacral nerves Branches of saphenous nerve Branches of saphenous nerves Branches of the cervical nerves Branches of the coccygeal nerves Branches of the facial arteries Branches of the lateral circumflex femoral arteries Branches of the lingual arteries Branches of the lingual artery Branches of the lumbar nerves Branches of the medial circumflex femoral arteries Branches of the obturator arteries Branches of the obturator nerves Branches of the oculomotor nerve Branches of the oculomotor nerves Branches of the sacral nerves Branches of the saphenous nerve Branches of the saphenous nerves Branches of the thoracic nerves Branches of thoracic nerves Branchial Branchial apparatus Branchial arch Branchial grooves Branchiomeric musculature Breast Breast anatomy Breast development Breast imaging Bregma Brevis muscle Brevis muscles Broad ligament of the uterus Broca's area Brodmann area Brodmann area 4 Brodmann area 5 Brodmann area 6 Brodmann area 7 Brodmann area 8 Brodmann area 9 Brodmann area 10 Brodmann area 11 Brodmann area 12 Brodmann area 13 Brodmann area 14 Brodmann area 15 Brodmann area 16 Brodmann area 18 Brodmann area 19 Brodmann area 28 Brodmann area 37 Brodmann area 40 Brodmann area 41 & 42 Brodmann area 43 Brodmann area 44 Brodmann area 45 Brodmann area 46 Brodmann area 47 Brodmann area 48 Brodmann area 49 Brodmann area 52 Brodmann areas Brodmann areas 41 and 42 Bronchi Bronchi principales Bronchial Bronchial arteries Bronchial artery Bronchial circulation Bronchial vein Bronchial veins Bronchiole Bronchioli respiratorii Bronchioli terminales Bronchioli terminalis Bronchomediastinal lymph trunk Bronchomediastinal lymph trunks Bronchopulmonary segment Bronchopulmonary segments Bronchus Bronchus principalis Bronchus principalis dexter Bronchus principalis sinister Brow ridge Brow ridges Brown adipose tissue Bruch's membrane Brunner's gland Brunner's glands Brunners gland Brunners glands Bryant's triangle Bryant's triangles Bryants triangle Bryants triangles Buccal Buccal artery Buccal fat pad Buccal mucosa Buccal nerve Buccal nerves Buccal space Buccinator Buccinator lymph node Buccinator lymph nodes Buccinator muscle Buccinator muscles Buccopharyngeal Buccopharyngeal fascia Buccopharyngeal membrane Buck's fascia B¸hler's anastomotic artery Bulb of corpus spongiosum Bulb of eye Bulb of hair Bulb of penis Bulb of the aorta Bulb of vestibule Bulbar sheath Bulbar sheaths Bulbi vestibuli Bulboid corpuscle Bulbospongiosus Bulbospongiosus muscle Bulbospongiosus muscles Bulbourethral artery Bulbus cordis Bulbus duodeni Bulbus penis Bulbus pili Bulbus urethrae Bulbus vestibuli vaginae Bundle branches Bundle of His Bundle of Kent Burdach's column Burdach's fasciculus Bursa anserina Bursa bicipitoradialis Bursa iliopectinea Bursa praepatellaris Bursa subcoracoidea Bursa subcoracoideus Butt crack Butt cracks Butt dimples Buttock Buttocks Caecal appendix Caecal appendixes Caecal arteries Caecal artery Caecum Caenogenesis Caerulean nucleus Calcaneal branch Calcaneal branches Calcaneal branches of sural nerve Calcaneal branches of sural nerves Calcaneal nerve branch Calcaneal nerve branches Calcaneal tendon Calcaneal tubercle Calcaneocuboid joint Calcaneocuboid ligament Calcaneocuboid ligaments Calcaneofibular ligament Calcaneonavicular ligaments Calcaneum Calcaneus Calcar avis Calcar calcanei Calcarine spur Calcarine sulcus Calcified tissue Calcified tissues Calf (leg) Calices majores Calices minores Calices renales Calices renales majores Calices renales minores Callosal sulci Callosal sulcus Calvaria (skull) Calyx major Calyx minor Camera anterior bulbi Camera anterior bulbi oculi Camera oculi anterior Camera oculi major Camera oculi minor Camera oculi posterior Camera posterior bulbi Camera posterior bulbi oculi Canal (anatomy) Canal of Nuck Canal of Schlemm Canal of the cervix Canales alveolares Canales alveolares maxillae Canales incisivi Canales palatini Canales palatini minores Canales semicirculares Canales semicirculares anterior Canales semicirculares lateralis Canales semicirculares posterior Canaliculi Canaliculi biliferi Canaliculus Canaliculus (parietal cell) Canaliculus innominatus Canaliculus lacrimalis Canaliculus mastoideus Canaliculus ossis Canaliculus tympanicus Canalis Canalis alimentarius Canalis analis Canalis atrioventricularis Canalis caroticus Canalis carpi Canalis centralis medullae spinalis Canalis cervicis uteri Canalis facialis Canalis femoralis Canalis gastrointestinales Canalis hyaloidea Canalis hyaloideus Canalis infraorbitalis Canalis inguinalis Canalis mandibulae Canalis nasolacrimalis Canalis nervi facialis Canalis palatinus Canalis palatinus major Canalis palatinus minor Canalis pudendalis Canalis radicis Canalis radicis dentis Canalis reuniens of Hensen Canalis sacralis Canalis semicircularis Canalis semicircularis anterior Canalis semicircularis lateralis Canalis semicircularis posterior Canalis semicircularis superior Canalis tarsi Canals of Hering Cancellous bone Canine fossa Canine space Caninus Capillary Capillary lamina of choroid Capitate bone Capitatum Capitatum bone Capitulum humeri Capitulum of the humerus Capsula adiposa Capsula adiposa renalis Capsula adiposa renis Capsula articularis Capsula articularis articularis genus Capsula articularis articularis humeri Capsula articularis articulationis temporomandibularis Capsula articularis coxae Capsula extrema Capsula fibrosa Capsula fibrosa perivascularis Capsula fibrosa renis Capsula interna Capsula lentis Capsula nodi lymphoidei Capsulae articulares Capsule of atlantooccipital articulation Capsule of hip joint Capsule of lens Capsule of lymph node Capsule of temporomandibular joint Capsule of Tenon Capsule of TÈnon Capsules of Tenon Caput costae Caput femoris Caput fibulae Caput humerus Caput pancreatis Caput radii Caput tali Caput ulnae Carabelli's tubercle Carabelli's tubercles Carabellis tubercle Carabellis tubercles Cardia Cardiac branch of the vagus nerve Cardiac branch of vagus nerve Cardiac branches of the vagus nerve Cardiac branches of the vagus nerves Cardiac branches of vagus nerve Cardiac branches of vagus nerves Cardiac glands Cardiac impression on lung Cardiac muscle Cardiac muscle cell Cardiac nerve Cardiac nerves Cardiac neural crest complex Cardiac notch of left lung Cardiac notch of stomach Cardiac pacemaker Cardiac plexus Cardiac skeleton Cardiac vein Cardiac veins Cardinal ligament Cardinal ligaments Cardinal sagittal plane Cardinal vein Cardinal veins Cardiopulmonary receptor Cardiovascular system Carina of the trachea Carina of trachea Carina tracheae Caroticotympanic arteries Caroticotympanic artery Caroticotympanic nerve Caroticotympanic nerves Carotid Carotid bodies Carotid body Carotid bulb Carotid bulbs Carotid canal Carotid canals Carotid glomus Carotid groove Carotid grooves Carotid plexus Carotid sheath Carotid sheaths Carotid sinus Carotid sinuses Carotid triangle Carotid triangles Carotid tubercle Carotid tubercles Carotid wall of the tympanic cavity Carotid wall of tympanic cavity Carotids Carpal arch Carpal arches Carpal articulation Carpal articulations Carpal articulations (disambiguation) Carpal bone Carpal bones Carpal branch of the radial artery Carpal branch of the ulnar artery Carpal collateral ligament Carpal collateral ligaments Carpal joint Carpal joints Carpal ligament Carpal ligaments Carpal tunnel Carpal tunnels Carpometacarpal articulation Carpometacarpal articulations Carpometacarpal joint Carpometacarpal joints Carpometacarpal ligament Carpometacarpal ligaments Carpus Carpus and tarsus of land vertebrates Robert Carswell (pathologist) Cartilage Cartilage of pharyngotympanic tube Cartilage of the pharyngotympanic tube Cartilage of the septum Cartilagines arytaenoideae Cartilagines arytaenoides Cartilagines arytenoidea Cartilagines arytenoideae Cartilagines arytenoides Cartilagines corniculata Cartilagines costales Cartilagines cuneiformes Cartilagines nasales accessoriae Cartilagines tracheales Cartilaginous Cartilaginous joint Cartilago Cartilago alaris Cartilago alaris major Cartilago alaris minor Cartilago arytaenoidea Cartilago arytaenoides Cartilago cricoidea Cartilago nasi Cartilago nasi lateralis Cartilago septi nasi Cartilago thyreodes Cartilago thyreoidea Cartilago thyreoides Cartilago thyrodes Cartilago thyroidea Cartilago thyroides Cartilago vomeronasalis Cartilago ypsiloformis Caruncula lacrimalis Cauda equina Cauda helicis Cauda pancreatis Caudal (anatomical term) Caudal cell mass Caudate lobe of liver Caudate lobe of the liver Caudate nucleus Caudofemoralis Caval opening Caval openings Cavea thoracis Cavernous nerve plexus Cavernous part of internal carotid artery Cavernous sinus Cavernous tissue Cavitas Cavitas abdominis Cavitas abdominis et pelvis Cavitas cranii Cavitas glenoidalis Cavitas infraglottica Cavitas oris propria Cavitas pelvis Cavitas pericardiaca Cavitas peritonealis Cavitas pleuralis Cavitas thoracis Cavitas tympani Cavitas uteri Cavo-tricuspid isthmus Cavoatrial junction Cavum Cavum douglassi Cavum epidurale Cavum Meckeli Cavum Meckelii Cavum oris Cavum oris proprium Cavum pleurae Cavum pleurale Cavum subarachnoideale Cavum subdurale Cavum thoracis Cavum trigeminale Cavum uteri Cavum vaginale Cavum veli interpositi Cavum Vergae Cecal appendix Cecal appendixes Cecal arteries Cecal artery Cecum Celiac arteries Celiac artery Celiac branches Celiac branches of vagus nerve Celiac ganglia Celiac lymph nodes Celiac plexus Celiac plexuses Celiac trunk Cell of Dogiel Cells of Dogiel Cellula haematopoietica praecursoria Cellula haematopoietica precursoria Cellula hematopoietica praecursoria Cellula hematopoietica precursoria Cellula mesenchymatica praecursoria Cellula mesenchymatica precursoria Cellula nervosa praecursoria Cellula nervosa precursoria Cellula praecursoria Cellula precursoria Cellula reticularis Cellulae ethmoidales Cellulae haematopoieticae praecursoriae Cellulae haematopoieticae precursoriae Cellulae hematopoieticae praecursoriae Cellulae hematopoieticae precursoriae Cellulae mastoideae Cellulae mesenchymaticae praecursoriae Cellulae mesenchymaticae precursoriae Cellulae nervosae praecursoriae Cellulae nervosae precursoriae Cellulae praecursoriae Cellulae precursoriae Cellulae reticulares Cementoblast Cementoenamel junction Cementoenamel junctions Cementogenesis Cementum Central arteries Central artery of retina Central canal Central lobule Central lymph node Central lymph nodes Central medial nucleus Central melanocortin system Central nervous system Central nuclei Central nucleus Central nucleus of the amygdala Central retinal artery Central retinal vein Central retinal veins Central sulcus Central tegmental tract Central tendon Central tendon of diaphragm Central vein Central vein of liver Central vein of the liver Central veins of liver Central veins of the liver Central venules of liver Central venules of the liver Centromedian nucleus Centrum semiovale Centrum tendineum perinei Cephalic flexure Cephalic vein Cephalic veins Cephalocaudal trend Cephalocaudal trends Cephalometry Cere Cerebellar arteries Cerebellar artery Cerebellar hemisphere Cerebellar peduncle Cerebellar peduncles Cerebellar tentorium Cerebellar vein Cerebellar veins Cerebellar vermis Cerebellopontine angle Cerebellothalamic tract Cerebellum Cerebral aqueduct Cerebral arteries Cerebral artery Cerebral blood flow Cerebral circulation Cerebral cortex Cerebral crus Cerebral fissure Cerebral hemisphere Cerebral hemispheres Cerebral lobe Cerebral lobes Cerebral meninges Cerebral peduncle Cerebral peduncles Cerebral portion of internal carotid artery Cerebral sinus Cerebral sinuses Cerebral vein Cerebral veins Cerebrospinal fasciculus Cerebrospinal fluid Cerebrospinal fluids Cerebrum Cerumen Ceruminous gland Cervical arteries Cervical artery Cervical branch Cervical branch of the facial nerve Cervical canal Cervical cardiac branch of the vagus nerve Cervical cardiac branch of vagus nerve Cervical cardiac branches of the vagus nerve Cervical cardiac branches of vagus nerve Cervical fascia Cervical fasciae Cervical ganglia Cervical ganglion Cervical ganglions Cervical loop Cervical loops Cervical lymph node Cervical lymph nodes Cervical lymphadenopathy Cervical nerve Cervical nerves Cervical part Cervical part of internal carotid artery Cervical pleura Cervical portion Cervical sinus Cervical spinal nerve 1 Cervical spinal nerve 2 Cervical spinal nerve 3 Cervical spinal nerve 4 Cervical spinal nerve 5 Cervical spinal nerve 6 Cervical spinal nerve 7 Cervical spinal nerve 8 Cervical stroma Cervical sympathetic ganglion Cervical sympathetic ganglions Cervical vein Cervical veins Cervical vertebra Cervical vertebra 1 Cervical vertebra 2 Cervical vertebra 3 Cervical vertebra 4 Cervical vertebra 5 Cervical vertebra 6 Cervical vertebra 7 Cervical vertebrae Cervicoaxillary canal Cervis of uterus Cervix Cervix pancreatis Cervix uteri Cervix vesicae urinariae Changes produced in the mandible by age Cheek Cheek bone Cheek bones Cheek pouch Cheekbone Cheekbones Chemoreceptor trigger zone Chest Chest cavity Chest hair Chest wall Chest walls Chewing muscles Chiasmatic Chiasmatic cistern Chiasmatic groove Chiasmatic grooves Chin Cholangiocyte Cholangiocytes Cholangiocytus Cholangiole Cholinergic neuron Chondroblast Chondrocyte Chondroglossus Chondroglossus muscle Chondroglossus muscles Chopart's articulation Chopart's articulations Chopart's joint Chopart's joints Choparts articulation Choparts articulations Choparts joint Choparts joints Chorda arteria umbilicalis Chorda arteriae Chorda obliqua Chorda obliqua membranae Chorda obliqua membranae interosseae Chorda obliqua membranae interosseae antebrachii Chorda tympani Chordae tendineae Chordae tendineae cordis Chorion Chorionic vessels Chorionic villi Choroid Choroid coat Choroid enlargement Choroid fissure Choroid plexus Choroid plexuses Choroidal artery Choroidea Chromaffin cell Chromaffin cells Chyle Chyme Ciliares Ciliaris Ciliary Ciliary arteries Ciliary artery Ciliary body Ciliary ganglia Ciliary ganglion Ciliary ligament Ciliary muscle Ciliary muscles Ciliary zonule Cingulate cortex Cingulum (brain) Cingulum pectorale Circellus venosus hypoglossi Circle of Willis Circular folds Circular sulcus of insula Circulatory anastomosis Circulatory anastomosis around the knee-joint Circulatory system Circulatory systems Circulus arteriosus Circulus arteriosus iridis major Circulus arteriosus iridis minor Circulus arteriosus major Circulus arteriosus minor Circumduction (anatomy) Circumflex arteries Circumflex artery Circumflex branch Circumflex branch of left coronary artery Circumflex branch of posterior tibial artery Circumflex branch of the posterior tibial artery Circumflex femoral arteries Circumflex femoral artery Circumflex fibular artery Circumflex fibular branch Circumflex iliac arteries Circumflex iliac artery Circumflex peroneal branch Circumflex peroneal branch of posterior tibial artery Circumflex scapular artery Circumventricular organs Cistern (neuroanatomy) Cistern of great cerebral vein Cistern of lamina terminalis Cistern of lateral cerebral fossa Cisterna ambiens Cisterna basalis Cisterna chiasmatica Cisterna chyli Cisterna fossae lateralis cerebri Cisterna interpeduncularis Cisterna magna Cisterna pontis Cisterna pontocerebellaris Cisterna superioris Cisterna venae magnae cerebri CLARITY Claudius cell Claustrum Clavicle Clavicles Clavicular Clavicular articular facet Clavicular articular facet of acromion Clavicular facet Clavicular facet of scapula Clavipectoral Clavipectoral fascia Clavipectoral triangle Clavipectoral triangles Cleavage (embryo) Cleft chin Cleidocervicalis Cleidocervicalis muscle Cleidocervicalis muscles Clinical Anatomy Clinodactyly Clinoid process Clinoid processes Clinoideus Clitoral Clitoral body Clitoral glans Clitoral hood Clitoral index Clitoris Clivus (anatomy) Cloaca (embryology) Cloacal membrane Cloquet's node Cluneal nerve Cluneal nerves Clunial nerve Clunial nerves CMC joint CN I CN II CN III CN IV CN IX CN V CN VI CN VII CN VIII CN X CN XI CN XII CN XIII Cnemial crest Cns Coccygeal Coccygeal glomus Coccygeal nerve Coccygeal nerves Coccygeal plexus Coccygeal plexuses Coccygeus Coccygeus muscle Coccygeus muscles Coccygis Coccyx Cochlea Cochlear aqueduct Cochlear cupula Cochlear duct Cochlear nerve Cochlear nuclei Cochlear nucleus Codocytes Coeliac Coeliac arteries Coeliac artery Coeliac branches of vagus nerve Coeliac plexus Coelom Coeloma intraembryonicum Coelomocyte Coelomocytes Colic arteries Colic artery Colic branch Colic branch of ileocolic artery Colic flexure Colic flexures Colic impression Colic impression on liver Colic valve Colic valves Colic vein Colic veins Collarbone Collarbones Collateral artery Collateral circulation Collateral ligament Collateral ligament of ankle joint Collateral ligament of elbow Collateral ligament of elbow articulation Collateral ligament of elbow joint Collateral ligament of interphalangeal articulations of foot Collateral ligament of interphalangeal articulations of hand Collateral ligament of metatarsophalangeal articulations Collateral ligament of the ankle joint Collateral ligament of the elbow Collateral ligament of the elbow articulation Collateral ligament of the elbow joint Collateral ligament of the thumb Collateral ligament of the wrist Collateral ligament of the wrist articulation Collateral ligament of the wrist joint Collateral ligament of thumb Collateral ligament of wrist articulation Collateral Ligaments Collateral ligaments of ankle joint Collateral ligaments of elbow articulations Collateral ligaments of elbow joints Collateral ligaments of elbows Collateral ligaments of interphalangeal joints Collateral ligaments of interphalangeal joints of foot Collateral ligaments of metacarpophalangeal joints Collateral ligaments of metatarsophalangeal joints Collateral ligaments of the ankle joint Collateral ligaments of the elbow articulations Collateral ligaments of the elbow joints Collateral ligaments of the elbows Collateral ligaments of the thumbs Collateral ligaments of the wrist articulations Collateral ligaments of the wrist joints Collateral ligaments of the wrists Collateral ligaments of thumbs Collateral ligaments of wrist articulations Collateral ligaments of wrist joints Collateral ligaments of wrists Collecting duct Collecting duct system Colles fascia Colles' fascia Colli arteries Colli artery Collicular arteries Collicular artery Colliculospinal tract Colliculospinal tracts Colliculus axonalis Colliculus axonicus Colliculus axonis Colliculus axonius Colliculus facialis Colliculus seminalis Collum anatomicum Collum anatomicum humeri Collum chirurgicum Collum chirurgicum humeri Collum costae Collum femoris Collum pancreatis Collum scapulae Collum tali Collum vesicae Collum vesicae biliaris Colon (anatomy) Colon (organ) Colon ascendens Colon descendens Colon distention Colon sigmoideum Colon transversum Colon, ascending Colon, descending Colon, sigmoid Colon, transverse Colons (anatomy) Colorectal Colour centre Columella cochleae Column of Bertin Columnae anales Columnae carneae Columnae renales Columnar Columnar epithelial cell Columns of Bertin Columns of fornix Columns of Morgagni Commissura alba Commissura alba anterior Commissura alba anterior medullae spinalis Commissura labiorum Commissura labiorum anterior Commissura labiorum posterior Commissural fiber Commissural fibres of telencephalon Commissure Commissure of fornix Commissure of Gudden Commissure of labia majora Commissure of labia minora Commissure of the labia majora Commissure of the labia minora Commissures Common arteries Common artery Common cardinal veins Common carotid artery Common carotid plexus Common digital arteries Common digital artery Common digital nerves Common digital vein Common digital veins Common extensor tendon Common facial vein Common flexor sheath of hand Common flexor sheath of the hand Common flexor tendon Common hepatic artery Common hepatic duct Common iliac artery Common iliac lymph node Common iliac lymph nodes Common iliac vein Common iliac veins Common iliac vessel Common iliac vessels Common interosseous arteries Common interosseous artery Common palmar digital arteries Common palmar digital nerves Common palmar digital nerves of median nerve Common palmar digital nerves of ulnar nerve Common peroneal nerve Common peroneal nerves Common plantar digital arteries Common plantar digital artery Common plantar digital nerve Common plantar digital nerves Common plantar digital nerves of lateral plantar nerve Common plantar digital nerves of lateral plantar nerves Common plantar digital nerves of medial plantar nerve Common synovial sheath for flexor tendons Common synovial sheath for the flexor tendons Communicating arteries Communicating artery Communicating vein Communicating veins Comparative anatomy Compartimentum Compartimentum antebrachii Compartimentum antebrachii anterius Compartimentum antebrachii posterius Compartimentum brachii anterius Compartimentum cruris Compartimentum cruris anterius Compartimentum cruris laterale Compartimentum femoris Compartimentum femoris anterius Compartimentum femoris mediale Compartimentum femoris posterius Compartimentum superficiale perinei Compartment (anatomy) Compartment of arm Compartment of arms Compartment of forearm Compartment of leg Compartment of legs Compartment of the arm Compartment of the arms Compartment of the forearm Compartment of the leg Compartment of the legs Compartment of the thigh Compartment of the thighs Compartment of thigh Compartment of thighs Compartments of arms Compartments of forearm Compartments of forearms Compartments of leg Compartments of legs Compartments of the arms Compartments of the forearm Compartments of the forearms Compartments of the legs Compartments of the thighs Compartments of thigh Compartments of thighs Complexus cristae neuralis cardiacus Complexus olivaris Complexus olivaris inferior Complexus olivaris superior Composite muscle Composite muscles Composition of the human body Computational human phantom Concha inferior Concha media Concha nasalis Concha nasalis inferior Concha nasalis media Concha nasalis superior Concha nasi Concha nasi inferior Concha nasi media Concha nasi superior Concha sphenoidalis Concha superior Conducting arteries Conducting artery Conduit arteries Conduit artery Condylar articulation Condylar canal Condylar decompression Condylar emissary vein Condylar fossa Condyle (anatomy) Condyle of femur Condyle of humerus Condyle of the femur Condyle of the humerus Condyle of the tibia Condyle of the tibias Condyle of tibia Condyle of tibias Condyles of femur Condyles of the femur Condyles of the tibia Condyles of the tibias Condyles of tibia Condyles of tibias Condyloid fossa Condyloid joint Condyloid process Condylus femoris Condylus lateralis Condylus lateralis femoris Condylus lateralis tibiae Condylus medialis Condylus medialis femoris Condylus medialis tibiae Condylus occipitalis Confluence of sinuses Confluens sinuum Conjoint tendon Conjoint tendons Conjunctiva Connecting stalk Connecting tubule Connective tissue Connective tissue in skeletal muscle Connective tissue in the peripheral nervous system Connective tissue proper Connectogram Connectome Connectomics Conoid ligament Conoid ligaments Conoid tubercle Conotruncus Constrictor pharyngis Constrictor pharyngis inferior Constrictor pharyngis medius Constrictor pharyngis superior Contrahens Conus arteries Conus artery Conus elasticus Conus medullaris Convexity of radius Cooper's ligament Cooper's ligaments Coopers ligament Coopers ligaments Copula linguae Coracoacromial ligament Coracoacromial ligaments Coracobrachialis Coracobrachialis muscle Coracobrachialis muscles Coracoclavicular Coracoclavicular ligament Coracoclavicular ligaments Coracohumeral ligament Coracohumeral ligaments Coracoid Coracoid process Cord lining Cord linings Cord of Billroth Cords of Billroth Core (anatomy) Cornea Corneal Corneal endothelium Corneal limbus Corniculata Corniculate Corniculate cartilages Corniculatum Corniculatus Cornu anterius Cornu anterius medullae spinalis Cornu coccygeum Cornu laterale medullae spinalis Cornu posterius Cornu posterius medullae spinalis Cornu superius Cornu superius cartilaginis thyroideae Cornu uteri Corona dentis Corona glandis Corona glandis penis Corona of glans penis Corona radiata Coronal suture Coronary arteries Coronary artery Coronary circulation Coronary circulations Coronary ligament Coronary ligament of the knee Coronary ligament of the liver Coronary ligaments Coronary plexus Coronary plexuses Coronary sinus Coronary sinuses Coronary sulci Coronary sulcus Coronary vein Coronoid fossa Coronoid fossa of the humerus Coronoid process Coronoid process of the mandible Coronoid process of the ulna Corpora paraaortica Corpora spongiosa penium Corpus adiposum Corpus adiposum pararenale Corpus albicans Corpus anococcygeum Corpus callosum Corpus candicans Corpus cavernosum Corpus cavernosum of clitoris Corpus cavernosum penis Corpus cavernosum urethrae Corpus ciliare Corpus clitoridis Corpus femoris Corpus fibulae Corpus geniculatum Corpus geniculatum laterale Corpus geniculatum mediale Corpus haemorrhagicum Corpus hemorrhagicum Corpus humeri Corpus juxtarestiforme Corpus luteum Corpus mamillare Corpus mandibulae Corpus maxillae Corpus ossis hyoidei Corpus ossis ilii Corpus ossis ilium Corpus ossis ischii Corpus ossis pubis Corpus ossis sphenoidalis Corpus pancreatis Corpus perineale Corpus radii Corpus spongiosum Corpus spongiosum penis Corpus sterni Corpus striatum Corpus striatum ventrale Corpus tali Corpus tibiae Corpus ulnae Corpus ultimopharyngeum Corpus uteri Corpus vertebrae Corpus vesicae biliaris Corpuscula genitalia Corpusculum Corpusculum genitale Corpusculum neurosecretorium Corpusculum renis Corpusculum tactus Corpusculus genitale Corrugator cutis ani Corrugator cutis ani muscle Corrugator cutis ani muscles Corrugator supercilii Corrugator supercilii muscle Corrugator supercilii muscles Cortex (anatomy) Cortex (hair) Cortex cerebri Cortex cingularis anterior Cortex entorhinalis Cortex entorhinicus Cortex entorhinus Cortex entorrhinalis Cortex entorrhinicus Cortex entorrhinus Cortex insularis Cortex motorius primus Cortex nodi lymphoidei Cortex of lymph node Cortex orbitofrontalis Cortex praefrontalis Cortex praefrontalis dorsolateralis Cortex praefrontalis ventromedialis Cortex prefrontalis Cortical area Cortical bone Cortical column Cortical cord Cortical cords Cortical lobule Cortical map Cortical organ Cortical remapping Cortico-basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical loop Corticobulbar tract Corticomesencephalic tract Corticonuclear tract Corticopontine fibers Corticospinal tracts Corticostriate fibers Costa I Costa II Costa IX Costa prima Costa secunda Costa x Costa XI Costa XII Costae fluctuantes Costal angle Costal cartilage Costal facet Costal facets Costal fovea Costal foveae Costal groove Costal margin Costal pleura Costal surface of lung Costal tuberosities Costal tuberosities of clavicles Costal tuberosities of the clavicles Costal tuberosity Costal tuberosity of clavicle Costal tuberosity of the clavicle Costocervical trunk Costocervical trunks Costochondral articulations Costochondral joint Costoclavicular ligament Costocoracoid Costodiaphragmatic recess Costodiaphragmatic recesses Costomediastinal recess Costophrenic angle Costotransverse joint Costotransverse ligament Costotransverse ligaments Costovertebral joints Costoxiphoid ligaments Cotyloid cavities Cotyloid cavity Coxal bone Cranial base Cranial bones Cranial capacity Cranial cavity Cranial fossa Cranial fossa, anterior Cranial fossa, middle Cranial fossa, posterior Cranial fossae Cranial nerve Cranial nerve ganglia Cranial nerve nuclei Cranial nerve nucleus Cranial nerves Cranial neural crest Cranial parasympathetic nervous system Cranial parasympathetic system Cranial root of accessory nerves Cranial sensory ganglia Cranial sensory ganglion Cranial sinuses Cranial vault Cranial vaults Craniofacial Cremaster artery Cremaster fascia Cremaster muscle Cremaster muscles Cremasteric artery Cremasteric fascia Crescents of Gianuzzi Crest of the pubis Cribriform fascia Cribriform plate Cribriform plate of ethmoid bone Cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone Crico-arytenoid ligament Crico-arytenoid ligaments Cricoarytenoid Cricoarytenoid articulation Cricoarytenoid articulations Cricoarytenoid joint Cricoarytenoid joints Cricoarytenoid ligament Cricoarytenoid ligaments Cricoarytenoid muscle Cricoarytenoid muscles Cricoarytenoideus lateralis Cricoarytenoideus posterior Cricoid cartilage Cricoid ring Cricopharyngeal ligament Cricopharyngeal ligaments Cricothyroid Cricothyroid articulation Cricothyroid branch Cricothyroid branch of superior thyroid artery Cricothyroid joint Cricothyroid ligament Cricothyroid muscle Cricothyroid muscles Cricothyroideus Cricotracheal ligament Crista ampullaris Crista basilaris Crista basilaris ductus cochlearis Crista galli Crista infratemporalis Crista interfenestralis Crista intertrochanterica Crista lacrimalis Crista lacrimalis anterior Crista lacrimalis posterior Crista mammaria Crista obturatoria Crista occipitalis Crista occipitalis externa Crista occipitalis interna Crista phallica Crista pubica Crista sacralis Crista sacralis lateralis Crista sacralis medialis Crista sacralis mediana Crista supracondylaris Crista supracondylaris lateralis Crista supracondylaris medialis Crista terminalis Crista terminalis atrii dextri Crista urethralis Crista urethralis femininae Crista urethralis masculinae Crista urethralis urethrae Crista urethralis urethrae femininae Crista urethralis urethrae masculinae Crossed extensor reflex Crossed pyramidal tract Crossed pyramidal tracts Crotaphion Crown (anatomy) Crown (tooth) Cruciate anastomosis Cruciate eminence Cruciate ligament Cruciate ligament of atlas Cruciate ligaments Cruciform eminence Crura diaphragma Crura diaphragmatis Crura of superficial inguinal ring Crural intermuscular septum Crural ligament Crural ligaments Crureus Crurotarsal Crurotarsal joint Crurotarsal joints Crus (lower leg) Crus anterius capsulae internae Crus dextrum diaphragmatis Crus fornicis Crus of clitoris Crus of diaphragm Crus of fornix Crus of helix Crus of penis Crus penis Crus posterius capsulae internae Crus sinistrum diaphragmatis Crux cordis Crypt of Lieberk¸hn Cryptae tonsillae Cryptae tonsillares Crypts of Lieberk¸hn Crypts of Morgagni Cubital fossa Cubital tunnel Cuboid bone Cuboidal epithelial cell Cuboideonavicular articulation Cuboideonavicular joint Cuboideonavicular ligament Cuboideonavicular ligaments Culmen (bird) Culmen (cerebellum) Cumulus oophorus Cuneate fasciculus Cuneate funiculus Cuneate nucleus Cuneiform (anatomy) Cuneiform bone Cuneiform bones Cuneiform cartilage Cuneiform cartilages Cuneiforme intermedium Cuneiforme laterale Cuneiforme secundum Cuneiforme tertium Cuneocerebellar fiber Cuneocerebellar fibers Cuneocuboid ligament Cuneocuboid ligaments Cuneonavicular articulation Cuneonavicular joint Cuneonavicular ligament Cuneonavicular ligaments Cuneus Cupid's bow Cupid's bows Curvatura major Curvatura major gastris Curvatura minor Curvatura minor gastris Curvature of stomach Curvature of the stomach Curvatures of stomach Curvatures of the stomach Curve of Spee Curves of Spee Cusp of Carabelli Cusps of Carabelli Cusps of heart valves Cutaneous branch Cutaneous branch of iliohypogastric nerve Cutaneous branch of musculospiral Cutaneous branch of musculospiral nerve Cutaneous branch of the iliohypogastric nerve Cutaneous branch of the iliohypogastric nerves Cutaneous branch of the musculospiral nerve Cutaneous branch of the obturator nerve Cutaneous branches of iliohypogastric nerve Cutaneous branches of iliohypogastric nerves Cutaneous branches of musculospiral nerve Cutaneous branches of saphenous nerve Cutaneous branches of the iliohypogastric nerve Cutaneous branches of the musculospiral nerve Cutaneous branches of the saphenous nerve Cutaneous cervical nerve Cutaneous cervical nerves Cutaneous innervation Cutaneous innervation of lower limb Cutaneous innervation of lower limbs Cutaneous innervation of the lower limb Cutaneous innervation of the lower limbs Cutaneous nerve Cutaneous nerve of arm Cutaneous nerve of forearm Cutaneous nerve of the arm Cutaneous nerve of the forearm Cutaneous nerve of the thighs Cutaneous nerve of thigh Cutaneous nerve of thighs Cutaneous nerves of arms Cutaneous nerves of forearm Cutaneous nerves of forearms Cutaneous nerves of the arm Cutaneous nerves of the arms Cutaneous nerves of the forearm Cutaneous nerves of the forearms Cutaneous nerves of the thigh Cutaneous nerves of the thighs Cutaneous nerves of thigh Cutaneous nerves of thighs Cutaneous structure development Cuticle Cutis (anatomy) Cyamella (bone) Cyclovergence Cystic arteries Cystic artery Cystic duct Cystic vein Cystic veins Cystohepatic triangle Cytoarchitectonics of the cerebral cortex Cytoarchitecture Cytology Dacryon Dactyly Danger space Danger triangle of the face Dark cell Dartos Darwin's tubercle Darwin's tubercles Darwins tubercle Darwins tubercles De humani corporis fabrica Decidua Decidual cell Decidual cells Decidual reaction Decidual reactions Deciduous teeth Deciduous tooth Declive Decussatio Decussatio pyramidorum Decussatio pyramidum Decussation Decussation of pyramids Decussation of superior cerebellar peduncles Deep abdominal ring Deep anterior cervical lymph node Deep anterior cervical lymph nodes Deep arteries Deep artery Deep artery (disambiguation) Deep artery of arm Deep artery of clitoris Deep artery of the arm Deep artery of the penis Deep artery of the thigh Deep auricular artery Deep brachial artery Deep branch of lateral plantar nerve Deep branch of medial circumflex femoral artery Deep branch of radial nerve Deep branch of the perineal nerve Deep branch of the radial nerve Deep branch of ulnar nerve Deep cerebellar nuclei Deep cerebellar nucleus Deep cerebral vein Deep cerebral veins Deep cervical arteries Deep cervical artery Deep cervical fascia Deep cervical lymph node Deep cervical lymph nodes Deep cervical vein Deep cervical veins Deep circumflex artery Deep circumflex iliac artery Deep circumflex iliac vein Deep circumflex iliac veins Deep circumflex vein Deep dorsal vein Deep dorsal vein of clitoris Deep dorsal vein of the clitoris Deep dorsal veins of clitoris Deep dorsal veins of the clitoris Deep external pudendal artery Deep facial vein Deep facial veins Deep fascia Deep fascia of leg Deep fascia of penis Deep fascia of the arm Deep fascia of the penis Deep femoral arteries Deep femoral artery Deep femoral vein Deep femoral veins Deep fibular nerves Deep inguinal lymph node Deep inguinal lymph nodes Deep inguinal ring Deep inguinal rings Deep lateral cervical lymph node Deep lateral cervical lymph nodes Deep layer of superficial fascia Deep lingual arteries Deep lingual artery Deep lingual vein Deep lingual veins Deep middle cerebral vein Deep middle cerebral veins Deep palmar arch Deep palmar branch Deep palmar branch of ulnar artery Deep palmar venous arch Deep parotid lymph node Deep parotid lymph nodes Deep penile fascia Deep perineal fascia Deep perineal pouch Deep peroneal nerve Deep peroneal nerves Deep petrosal nerve Deep plantar arch Deep plantar artery Deep pouch Deep Sylvian vein Deep Sylvian veins Deep temporal arteries Deep temporal nerves Deep transverse fascia Deep transverse ligament Deep transverse metacarpal ligament Deep transverse muscle Deep transverse perineal muscle Deep vein Deep vein of the thigh Deep vein of thigh Deep veins Deep veins of the thighs Deep veins of thighs Deep venous arch Deep venous palmar arch Default mode network Defeminization Deferential artery Definitive urogenital sinus Deiter's Cell Deiter's cells Deiters cell Deiters cells Delomorphous cell Delomorphous cells Delphian lymph node Delphian lymph nodes Delphian node Delphian nodes Deltoid branch Deltoid branch of thoracoacromial artery Deltoid fascia Deltoid ligament Deltoid muscle Deltoid muscles Deltoid tubercle Deltoid tubercle of spine Deltoid tubercle of spine of scapula Deltoid tubercles Deltoid tuberosities Deltoid tuberosity Deltoid tuberosity of humerus Deltoid tuberosity of the humerus Deltoideus Deltopectoral Deltopectoral groove Deltopectoral lymph node Deltopectoral lymph nodes Deltopectoral triangle Deltopectoral triangles Delts Dendrite Dendritic cell Dens (anatomy) Dens axis Dense connective tissue Dense regular connective tissue Dental alveoli Dental alveolus Dental anatomy Dental arch Dental canaliculi Dental follicle Dental lamina Dental papilla Dental papillae Dental plexus Dental plexuses Dentate gyrus Dentate line Dentate lines Dentate nucleus Dentatothalamic tract Dentes decidui Denticulate ligaments Dentinal tubules Dentoalveolar syndesmosis Depression (kinesiology) Depressor alae nasi Depressor alae nasi muscle Depressor aloe nasi *** Depressor anguli oris Depressor anguli oris muscle Depressor anguli oris muscles Depressor labii inferioris Depressor labii inferioris muscle Depressor labii inferioris muscles Depressor muscle Depressor muscles Depressor septi Depressor septi muscle Depressor septi nasi Depressor septi nasi muscle Depressor septi nasi muscles Depressor supercilii Depressor supercilii muscle Depressor supercilii muscles Dermal bone Dermal bones Dermal papilla Dermal papillae Dermatome (anatomy) Dermatome (disambiguation) Dermatome (embryology) Dermis Descemet's membrane Descendens cervicalis Descendens hypoglossi Descending aorta Descending branch Descending branch of lateral circumflex femoral artery Descending branch of occipital artery Descending colon Descending genicular arteries Descending genicular artery Descending Limb Descending limb of loop of Henle Descending palatine artery Descending part Desmosoma Desmosomata Desmosome Detrusor Detrusor muscle Detrusor urinae Detrusor urinae muscle Detrusor urinae muscles Detrusor vesicae urinariae Development of human lung Development of the digestive system Development of the ears Development of the endocrine system Development of the gonads Development of the human brain Development of the human lung Development of the nervous system in humans Development of the reproductive organs Development of the suspensory ligament of the ovary Development of the urinary and reproductive organs Development of the urinary system Developmental venous anomaly Diagonal band of Broca Diaphanisation Diaphragm (anatomy) Diaphragma pelvis Diaphragma sellae Diaphragmatic lymph node Diaphragmatic lymph nodes Diaphragmatic part of the pelvic fascia Diaphragmatic pleura Diaphragmatic surface Diaphragmatic surface of heart Diaphragmatic surface of liver Diaphragmatic surface of lung Diaphragmatic surface of spleen Diaphysis Diarthrosis Diastema Diastemata Diastole Diencephalon Digastric branch Digastric branch of facial nerve Digastric fossa Digastric muscle Digastricus Digestive Diseases and Sciences Digestive system Digit (anatomy) Digit ratio Digital arteries Digital artery Digital autopsy Digiti Digiti manus Digiti pedis Digitorum Digitorum brevis Digitorum brevis muscle Digitorum brevis muscles Digitorum longus Digitorum longus muscle Digitorum longus muscles Digitorum manus Digitorum muscle Digitorum muscles Digitorum pedis Digitorum profundus muscle Digitus annularis manus Digitus anularis manus Digitus I Digitus I manus Digitus I pedis Digitus II Digitus II manus Digitus II pedis Digitus III Digitus III manus Digitus III pedis Digitus IV Digitus IV manus Digitus IV pedis Digitus medius Digitus medius manus Digitus medius pedis Digitus minimus Digitus minimus manus Digitus minimus pedis Digitus primus Digitus primus manus Digitus primus pedis Digitus quartus Digitus quartus manus Digitus quartus pedis Digitus quintus Digitus quintus manus Digitus quintus pedis Digitus secundus Digitus secundus manus Digitus secundus pedis Digitus tertius Digitus tertius manus Digitus tertius pedis Digitus V Digitus V manus Digitus V pedis Digynia Digyny Dilatator pupillae Dilator naris Dilator naris muscle Dimple Dimples Dimples of Venus DiploÎ Diploic vein Diploic veins Disci intervertebrales Discoid meniscus Discus articularis Discus articularis articulationis radioulnaris distalis Discus articularis articulationis sternoclavicularis Discus articularis articulationis temporomandibularis Discus intercalaris Discus intercalatus Discus intervertebralis Discus proliger Discus proligerus Dissection Distal colon Distal convoluted tubule Distal convoluted tubules Distal end of radius Distal end of the radius Distal extremity Distal extremity of femur Distal extremity of humerus Distal extremity of radius Distal extremity of the femur Distal extremity of the humerus Distal extremity of the tibia Distal extremity of the ulna Distal extremity of tibia Distal extremity of ulna Distal phalange Distal phalanges Distal radioulnar articulation Distal radioulnar joint Distal tongue bud Distal tongue buds Distally Distributing arteries Distributing artery Diverticula Diverticulum Diverticulum of Kommerel Diverticulum thyreodes Diverticulum thyreoides Diverticulum thyreoideum Diverticulum thyrodes Diverticulum thyroides Diverticulum thyroideum DL-PFC DLPFC Dogiel cell Dogiel cells Dopamine neuron Dopamine neurons Dopaminergic pathway Dopaminergic pathways Dopaminergic projection Dopaminergic projections Dorello's canal Dorello's canals Dorellos canal Dorsal antebrachial cutaneous branch Dorsal antebrachial cutaneous nerve Dorsal aorta Dorsal arteries Dorsal artery Dorsal artery of clitoris Dorsal artery of the penis Dorsal body cavity Dorsal branch Dorsal branch of ulnar nerve Dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament Dorsal carpal arch Dorsal carpal branch Dorsal carpal branch of the radial artery Dorsal carpal branch of the ulnar artery Dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments Dorsal cochlear nucleus Dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament Dorsal cuneocuboid ligament Dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments Dorsal cutaneous branches Dorsal cutaneous nerve Dorsal cutaneous nerves Dorsal digital arteries Dorsal digital arteries of foot Dorsal digital arteries of hand Dorsal digital arteries of the foot Dorsal digital arteries of the hand Dorsal digital artery Dorsal digital nerve Dorsal digital nerves Dorsal digital nerves of foot Dorsal digital nerves of radial nerve Dorsal digital nerves of the foot Dorsal digital nerves of the radial nerve Dorsal digital nerves of the ulnar nerve Dorsal digital nerves of ulnar nerve Dorsal digital veins Dorsal digital veins of feet Dorsal digital veins of foot Dorsal digital veins of the feet Dorsal digital veins of the foot Dorsal digital veins of the hand Dorsal external arcuate fibers Dorsal horn (disambiguation) Dorsal intercarpal ligament Dorsal intercuneiform ligaments Dorsal interossei muscles Dorsal interossei muscles (hand) Dorsal interossei of foot Dorsal interossei of hand Dorsal interossei of the foot Dorsal interossei of the hand Dorsal interosseous artery Dorsal lingual branches of lingual artery Dorsal lingual vein Dorsal lingual veins Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus Dorsal mesentery Dorsal metacarpal arteries Dorsal metacarpal vein Dorsal metacarpal veins Dorsal metatarsal arteries Dorsal metatarsal artery Dorsal metatarsal ligament Dorsal metatarsal ligaments Dorsal metatarsal vein Dorsal metatarsal veins Dorsal nasal arteries Dorsal nasal artery Dorsal nerve of clitoris Dorsal nerve of penis Dorsal nerve of the clitoris Dorsal nerve of the penis Dorsal nuclei Dorsal nuclei of thalamus Dorsal nuclei of the thalamus Dorsal nucleus Dorsal nucleus of thalamus Dorsal nucleus of the thalamus Dorsal nucleus of the vagus nerve Dorsal nucleus of vagus nerve Dorsal pancreatic artery Dorsal radiocarpal ligament Dorsal radioulnar ligament Dorsal radioulnar ligaments Dorsal ramus of spinal nerve Dorsal raphe nuclei Dorsal raphe nucleus Dorsal respiratory group Dorsal root of spinal nerve Dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament Dorsal sacrococcygeal ligaments Dorsal scapular Dorsal scapular artery Dorsal scapular nerve Dorsal scapular vein Dorsal scapular veins Dorsal spinal artery Dorsal spinocerebellar tract Dorsal spinocerebellar tracts Dorsal surface of sacrum Dorsal talonavicular ligament Dorsal talonavicular ligaments Dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments Dorsal trigeminal tract Dorsal tubercle Dorsal tubercle of radius Dorsal tubercle of radius bone Dorsal tubercle of the radius Dorsal tubercle of the radius bone Dorsal ulnocarpal ligament Dorsal veins of penis Dorsal veins of the penis Dorsal venous arch of foot Dorsal venous arch of the foot Dorsal venous network of hand Dorsal venous network of the hand Dorsalis pedis artery Dorsiflexion Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex Dorsomedial area Dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus Dorsomedial nuclei Dorsum (anatomy) Dorsum humanum Dorsum sella turcica Dorsum sellae Double chin Double circulatory system Dua's layer Dua's layers Duct (anatomy) Duct of bellini Duct of Bellini Duct of Luschka Duct of Rivinus Ductless gland Ductless glands Ducts of Rivinus Ductuli aberrantes Ductuli efferentes Ductuli efferentes testis Ductuli interlobulares Ductuli prostatici Ductuli transversi Ductuli transversi epoophori Ductulus bilifer Ductus alveolaris Ductus arteriosis Ductus arteriosus Ductus cysticus Ductus deferens Ductus deferentes Ductus efferentes Ductus efferentes testis Ductus ejaculatorii Ductus excretorius glandulae vesiculosae Ductus hepaticus Ductus hepaticus communis Ductus lactiferi Ductus longitudinalis epoophori Ductus lymphaticus Ductus lymphaticus dexter Ductus nasofrontalis Ductus nasolacrimalis Ductus pancreaticus Ductus pancreaticus accessorius Ductus papillaris Ductus paramesonephricus Ductus paraurethrales Ductus paraurethrales urethrae femininae Ductus parotideus Ductus perilymphaticus Ductus pronephricus Ductus prostaticus Ductus reuniens Ductus Santorini Ductus sublingualis major Ductus submaxillaris Ductus thyroglossalis Ductus venosus Ductus vitellinus Ductus Wirsungianus Dunn's pouch Dunn's pouches Dunns pouch Dunns pouches Duodenal bulb Duodenal cap Duodenal gland Duodenal glands Duodenal impression on liver Duodenal papilla Duodenal papillae Duodenojejunal flexure Duodenorenal ligament Duodenum Duplex retina Dura mater Dural sac Dural sacs Dural sinus Dural sinuses Dural venous sinus Dural venous sinuses Dust cells Dysgenesis (embryology) Ear Ear canal Ear drum Ear drums Ear hair Ear hairs Eardrum Eardrums Earlobe Earlobe type Earlobes Ears Ebner's gland Ebner's glands Ebners gland Ebners glands Eccentric hypertrophy Eccrine sweat gland Eccrine sweat glands Ectoderm Ectomesenchyma Ectomesenchyme Ectotympanic EDBM Edinger-Westphal nuclei *** Edinger-Westphal nucleus *** Edinger-Westphal nucleuses *** Efferent arteriole Efferent arterioles Efferent ducts Efferent ductules Efferent glomerular arteriole Efferent glomerular arterioles Efferent lymph vessel Efferent lymph vessels Efferent nerve fibres Eighth rib Eighth thoracic vertebra Eimer's organ Eimers organ Ejaculatory duct Ejaculatory ducts Elastic arteries Elastic artery Elastic cartilage Elbow Elbow pit Elbow-joint Elbows Electrical conduction system of heart Electrical conduction system of the heart Elevation (kinesiology) Eleventh rib Eleventh thoracic vertebra Ellis' muscle Ellis' muscles Elongated labia Embalming Emboliform nuclei Emboliform nucleus Embryo Embryo development of the first month Embryogenesis Embryology of heart Embryology of the heart Embryonic and prenatal development of the male reproductive system in humans Embryonic coelom Embryonic coeloms Eminentia Eminentia articularis Eminentia cruciformis Eminentia hypothenaris Eminentia iliopubica Eminentia intercondylaris Eminentia parietalis Eminentia thenaris Emissary vein Emissary veins End arteries End artery End-arteries End-artery End-bulbs of Krause Endocardial cushions Endocardial tube Endocardial tubes Endocardium Endochondral ossification Endocranium Endocrine Endocrine gland Endocrine pancreas Endocrine system Endocrine systems Endocrinocytus medullaris Endoderm Endolymph Endolymphatic duct Endolymphatic ducts Endolymphatic sac Endolymphatic sacs Endometrium Endomysium Endoneurial Endoneurial cell Endoneurial cells Endoneurial channel Endoneurial channels Endoneurial sheath Endoneurial sheaths Endoneurial tube Endoneurial tubes Endoneurium Endopelvic fascia Endopelvic part of the pelvic fascia Endosteum Endostyle Endothelium Endothelium of anterior chamber Endothoracic fascia Endplates Entepicondylar foramen Entepicondylar foramens Enteric nervous system Entheses Enthesis Enthesophyte Enthesophytes Entorhinal cortex Eosin Eosinophilic Eparterial bronchus Ependyma Epiblast Epiblasts Epicardial Epicardium Epicondyle Epicondyle of femur Epicondyle of humerus Epicondyle of the femur Epicondyle of the humerus Epicondyles Epicondyles of femur Epicondyles of the femur Epicondylus Epicondylus femoris Epicondylus humeri Epicondylus lateralis Epicondylus lateralis femoris Epicondylus lateralis humeri Epicondylus medialis Epicondylus medialis femoris Epicondylus medialis humeri Epicranial aponeurosis Epicranium Epicranius Epicranius muscle Epidermis Epidermis (skin) Epididymis Epidural space Epidural spaces Epidural venous plexus Epigastric arteries Epigastric artery Epigastric vein Epigastric veins Epigastric vessel Epigastric vessels Epigastrium Epiglottic vallecula Epiglottis Epineurium Epiphyseal line Epiphyseal lines Epiphyseal plate Epiphyseal plates Epiphysial line Epiphysial lines Epiphysial plate Epiphysial plates Epiphysis Epiploic appendages Epiploic appendix Epiploon Epitenon Epithalamus Epithelia Epithelial cells Epithelium Epithelium anterius corneae Epithelium enameleum externum Epithelium posterius Epithelium stratificatum cuboideum Epitrochleoanconaeus Epitrochleoanconeus Epitrochleoanconeus muscle Epitrochleoanconeus muscles Epitympanic recess Eponychium Epoophoron Erb's point (cardiology) Erb's point (neurology) Erbs point Erectile tissue Erector muscle of hair Erector muscles of hairs Erector spinae Erector spinae muscle Erector spinae muscles Erythrodontia Esophageal arteries Esophageal artery Esophageal branch Esophageal branches Esophageal branches of inferior thyroid artery Esophageal branches of left gastric artery Esophageal branches of thoracic aorta Esophageal branches of thoracic part of aorta Esophageal gland Esophageal glands Esophageal hiatus Esophageal plexus Esophageal sphincter Esophageal sphincters Esophageal vein Esophageal veins Esophagus Estrogenic fat Ethmoid bone Ethmoid bones Ethmoid sini Ethmoid sinus Ethmoidal air cell Ethmoidal air cells Ethmoidal arteries Ethmoidal artery Ethmoidal foramen Ethmoidal foramina Ethmoidal infundibulum Ethmoidal nerve Ethmoidal nerves Ethmoidal notch Ethmoidal notches Ethmoidal process Ethmoidal process of inferior nasal concha Ethmoidal process of the inferior nasal concha Ethmoidal spine Ethmoidal spines Ethmoidal vein Ethmoidal veins Ethmovomerine cartilage Eustachian tube Eustachian tubes Eustachian valve Eustachian valves Eversion (kinesiology) Evolution of mammalian auditory ossicles Excavatio rectouterina Excavatio vesicouterina Excretory duct of seminal gland Excretory ducts of seminal glands Excretory system Excretory systems Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus Exoccipital condyle Exoccipital condyles Exocrimohsinocytus caliciformis Exocrine component of pancreas Exocrine gland Exoskeleton Exoskeletons Extension (kinesiology) Extensor brevis Extensor brevis muscle Extensor brevis muscles Extensor carpi Extensor carpi muscle Extensor carpi muscles Extensor carpi radialis Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle Extensor carpi radialis longus muscles Extensor carpi radialis muscle Extensor carpi radialis muscles Extensor carpi ulnaris Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle Extensor carpi ulnaris muscles Extensor digiti medii Extensor digiti medii proprius Extensor digiti minimi Extensor digiti minimi muscle Extensor digiti minimi muscles Extensor digiti quinti Extensor digiti quinti proprius Extensor digitorum Extensor digitorum brevis Extensor digitorum brevis manus Extensor digitorum brevis manus muscle Extensor digitorum brevis manus muscles Extensor digitorum brevis muscle Extensor digitorum brevis muscles Extensor digitorum communis Extensor digitorum communis muscle Extensor digitorum longus Extensor digitorum longus muscle Extensor digitorum muscle Extensor digitorum muscle of feet Extensor digitorum muscles Extensor expansion Extensor hallucis Extensor hallucis brevis Extensor hallucis brevis muscle Extensor hallucis brevis muscles Extensor hallucis longus Extensor hallucis longus muscle Extensor hallucis longus muscles Extensor hallucis muscle Extensor hallucis muscles Extensor indicis Extensor Indicis Extensor indicis et medii communis Extensor indicis et medii communis muscle Extensor indicis muscle Extensor indicis muscles Extensor indicis proprius Extensor longus Extensor longus muscle Extensor longus muscles Extensor medii proprius Extensor medii proprius muscle Extensor medii proprius muscles Extensor muscle Extensor muscles Extensor pollicis Extensor pollicis brevis Extensor Pollicis Brevis Extensor pollicis brevis muscle Extensor pollicis brevis muscles Extensor pollicis et indicis communis muscle Extensor pollicis longus Extensor Pollicis Longus Extensor pollicis longus muscle Extensor pollicis longus muscles Extensor pollicis muscle Extensor pollicis muscles Extensor retinaculum Extensor retinaculum of ankle Extensor retinaculum of feet Extensor retinaculum of foot Extensor retinaculum of the ankle Extensor retinaculum of the feet Extensor retinaculum of the foot Extensor retinaculum of the hand Extensor tendon compartments of the wrist External anal sphincter External anal sphincter muscle External anal sphincter muscles External anal sphincters External arcuate fiber External arcuate fibers External calcaneo-astragaloid ligament External calcaneoastragaloid ligament External capsule External capsules External carotid arteries External carotid artery External cutaneous branch External cutaneous branch of musculospiral nerve External cutaneous branch of the musculospiral nerve External cutaneous branches of musculospiral nerve External cutaneous branches of the musculospiral nerve External dorsal cutaneous branch External dorsal cutaneous branches External enamel epithelium External granular layer External granular layer (cerebellar cortex) External granular layer (cerebral cortex) External iliac arteries External iliac artery External iliac lymph node External iliac lymph nodes External iliac vein External iliac veins External iliac vessel External iliac vessels External inguinal ring External inguinal rings External intercostal membrane External intercostal membranes External intercostal muscle External intercostal muscles External jugular vein External jugular veins External lateral ligament External lateral ligaments External limiting membranes External nasal branches External nasal nerve External nasal nerves External obturator External obturator muscle External obturator muscles External occipital crest External occipital protuberance External orifice of the uterus External orifice of uterus External os of the uterus External os of uterus External ostium of the uterus External ostium of uterus External plantar nerve External pterygoid External pterygoid muscle External pterygoid muscles External pudendal arteries External pudendal artery External pudendal vein External pudendal veins External pudic arteries External pudic artery External semilunar fibrocartilage External spermatic arteries External spermatic artery External spermatic fascia External spermatic nerve External spermatic nerves External sphincter External sphincter muscle External sphincter muscle of female urethra External sphincter muscle of male urethra External sphincter muscle of the female urethra External sphincter muscle of the male urethra External sphincter muscle of the urethra External sphincter muscle of urethra External sphincter muscles External sphincter muscles of female urethra External sphincter muscles of male urethra External sphincter muscles of the female urethra External sphincter muscles of the male urethra External sphincter muscles of the urethra External sphincter muscles of urethra External urethral orifice External urethral orifice (female) External urethral orifice (male) External urethral orifices External vertebral venous plexus External vertebral venous plexuses Externi bulbi oculi Extra-embryonic coelom Extradural space Extradural spaces Extraembryonic coelom Extrafusal muscle fiber Extrafusal muscle fibers Extraglomerular mesangial cell Extraglomerular mesangial cells Extraocular muscle Extraocular muscles Extraperitoneal fat Extraperitoneal space Extraperitoneal spaces Extrastriate body area Extrastriate cortex Extreme capsule Extremitas distalis Extremitas distalis humeri Extremitas distalis ossis femoris Extremitas distalis radii Extremitas distalis tibiae Extremitas distalis ulnae Extremitas proximalis Extremitas proximalis humeri Extremitas proximalis ossis femoris Extremitas proximalis radii Extremitas proximalis tibiae Extremitas proximalis ulnae Extremities of femur Extremities of the femur Extremity of femur Extremity of the femur Extrinsic extensor muscles of the hand Extrinsic muscles of external ear Eye Eye color Eye colors Eye colour Eye colours Eye field Eye fields Eye movement Eye muscle Eye muscles Eye socket Eye sockets Eye-hand span *** Eyebrow Eyebrows Eyelash Eyelashes Eyelid Eyelid enhancement Eyelids Eyes Fabella Face Face and neck development of the human embryo Face muscle Face muscles Faces Facet joint Facial arteries Facial artery Facial bone Facial bones Facial canal Facial canals Facial colliculus Facial danger triangle Facial hair Facial hairs Facial lymph node Facial lymph nodes Facial motor nuclei Facial motor nucleus Facial muscle Facial muscles Facial nerve Facial nerves Facial skeleton Facial skeletons Facial symmetry Facial vein Facial veins Facial width to height ratio Facialia Faciei Facies anterior Facies anterior cordis Facies anterior corporis maxillae Facies anterior corporis pancreatis Facies cordis Facies costalis pulmonis Facies diaphragmatica Facies diaphragmatica cordis Facies diaphragmatica pulmonis Facies dorsalis ossis sacri Facies inferior corporis pancreatis Facies infratemporalis corporis maxillae Facies lateralis ossis zygomatici Facies mediastinalis pulmonis Facies nasalis corporis maxillae Facies orbitalis Facies orbitalis corporis maxillae Facies orbitalis ossis zygomatici Facies patellaris femoris Facies pelvica ossis sacri Facies sternocostalis cordis Falciform ligament Falciform ligaments Fallopian Canal Fallopian Canals Fallopian tube Fallopian tubes False clubfeet False clubfoot False rib False ribs Falx (disambiguation) Falx cerebelli Falx cerebri Family tree of major arteries Farabeuf's Triangle Farabeufs Triangle Fascia Fascia abdominis Fascia adhaerens Fascia adherens Fascia antebrachii Fascia axillaris Fascia brachii Fascia buccopharyngea Fascia bulbi Fascia clavipectoralis Fascia cremasterica Fascia cribrosa Fascia cruris Fascia diaphragmatis pelvis Fascia diaphragmatis urogenitalis Fascia endopelvina Fascia inferior diaphragmatis pelvis Fascia lata Fascia lumbodorsalis Fascia masseterica Fascia obturatoria Fascia of Camper Fascia of Colles Fascia of diaphragm of pelvis Fascia of diaphragm of the pelvis Fascia of muscles Fascia of pelvic diaphragm Fascia of penis Fascia of perineum Fascia of Scarpa Fascia of the diaphragm of the pelvis Fascia of the obturator internus Fascia of the Obturator internus Fascia of the pelvic diaphragm Fascia of the urogenital diaphragm Fascia of urogenital diaphragm Fascia parotidea Fascia parotideomasseterica Fascia pelvis Fascia pelvis parietalis Fascia penis Fascia penis profunda Fascia perinei Fascia presacralis Fascia profunda Fascia retrorenalis Fascia spermatica Fascia spermatica externa Fascia spermatica interna Fascia superior diaphragmatis pelvis Fascia thoracolumbalis Fascia visceralis Fascial compartment Fascial compartments Fascial compartments of arm Fascial compartments of forearm Fascial compartments of leg Fascial compartments of the arm Fascial compartments of the forearm Fascial compartments of the leg Fascial compartments of the thigh Fascial compartments of thigh Fascial spaces of the head and neck Fasciculus cerebrospinalis Fasciculus cerebrospinalis anterior Fasciculus cerebrospinalis lateralis Fasciculus cuneatus Fasciculus cuneatus medullae spinalis Fasciculus gracilis medullae spinalis Fasciculus lateralis Fasciculus lateralis plexus brachialis Fasciculus lateralis proprius Fasciculus lenticularis Fasciculus proprius Fasciculus subthalamicus Fasciculus thalamicus Fasciculus uncinatus Fast oxidative-glycolytic fiber Fast oxidative-glycolytic fibers Fastigial nucleus Fastigium of fourth ventricle Fat Fat pad Fat pads Fat tissue Fauces (anatomy) Faucial tonsil Faucial tonsils FDI World Dental Federation notation Feet arches Female body shape Female genital system Female pelvis Female reproductive organs Female reproductive system Female reproductive systems Femir Femora Femoral arteries Femoral artery Femoral bone Femoral bones Femoral canal Femoral canals Femoral circumflex arteries Femoral circumflex artery Femoral cutaneous nerve Femoral cutaneous nerves Femoral head Femoral heads Femoral neck Femoral nerve Femoral nerves Femoral ring Femoral rings Femoral sheath Femoral sheaths Femoral triangle Femoral triangle of Scarpa Femoral triangles Femoral triangles of Scarpa Femoral vein Femoral veins Femoral-tibial angle Femoris Femu Femur Femur bone Femur bones Femur condyle Femur condyles Femur epicondyle Femur epicondyles Femur heads Femur neck Femur necks Femurs Fenestra Fenestra (anatomy) Fenestra cochleae Fenestra ovalis Fenestra rotunda Fenestra vestibuli Ferrein's pyramid Fetal circulation Fetal circulations Fetal genital development Fetal position Fetal positions Fetus Feumur Fibrae arcuatae Fibrae arcuatae externae Fibrae arcuatae externae anteriores Fibrae arcuatae externae posteriores Fibrae arcuatae internae Fibrae associationis Fibrae associationis telencephali Fibrae pontocerebellares Fibrae rubroolivares Fibroblast Fibrocartilage Fibrocollagenous septa Fibrocyte Fibrous cap Fibrous caps Fibrous capsule Fibrous capsule of liver Fibrous joint Fibrous joints Fibrous membrane of articular capsule Fibrous pericardium Fibrous ring Fibrous rings Fibrous rings of heart Fibrous trigone Fibrous trigones Fibrous tunic Fibrous tunic of eyeball Fibrous tunic of eyeballs Fibrous tunic of the bulb of the eye Fibrous tunic of the eyeball Fibrous tunic of the eyeballs Fibula Fibular Fibular arteries Fibular artery Fibular collateral ligament Fibular notch Fibular notches Fibular vein Fibular veins Fibularis brevis Fibularis brevis muscle Fibularis brevis muscles Fibularis longus Fibularis muscle Fibularis muscles Fibularis tertius Fibularis tertius muscle Fibularis tertius muscles Field of forel Fields of Forel Fifth cervical vertebra Fifth metacarpal bone Fifth metacarpal bones Fifth metatarsal bone Fifth metatarsal bones Fifth rib Fifth thoracic vertebra Fifth toe Filiform papilla Filiform papillae Giovanni Filippo Filtration slits Filum terminale Fimbria hippocampi Fimbria of hippocampus Fimbriae of uterine tube Fimbriae tubae uterinae Fimbriated fold of tongue Finger Fingerprint First dorsal metatarsal arteries First dorsal metatarsal artery First metacarpal bone First metatarsal bone First pharyngeal arch First rib First thoracic ganglion First thoracic ganglions First thoracic vertebra Fissura Fissura cerebri longitudinalis Fissura horizontalis Fissura horizontalis pulmonis dextri Fissura longitudinalis Fissura longitudinalis cerebri Fissura mediana Fissura obliqua Fissura obliqua pulmonis Fissura occipitalis Fissura orbitalis Fissura parietooccipitalis Fissura pterygomaxillaris Fissura sphenopetrosa Fixed rib Fixed ribs Flank (anatomy) Flat bone Flat bones Flechsig's fasciculus Flechsig's tract Flechsigs fasciculus Flechsigs tract Flexibility (anatomy) Flexion Flexor carpi Flexor carpi muscle Flexor carpi muscles Flexor carpi radialis Flexor carpi radialis muscle Flexor carpi radialis muscles Flexor carpi ulnaris Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle Flexor carpi ulnaris muscles Flexor digiti minimi Flexor digiti minimi brevis Flexor digiti minimi brevis manus Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle (foot) Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle (hand) Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscles Flexor digiti minimi brevis pedis Flexor digiti minimi muscle Flexor digitorum Flexor digitorum brevis Flexor digitorum brevis muscle Flexor digitorum brevis muscles Flexor digitorum longus Flexor digitorum longus muscle Flexor digitorum longus muscles Flexor digitorum muscle Flexor digitorum muscles Flexor digitorum profundus Flexor digitorum profundus muscle Flexor digitorum profundus muscles Flexor digitorum sublimis Flexor digitorum superficialis Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle Flexor hallucis Flexor hallucis brevis Flexor hallucis brevis muscle Flexor hallucis brevis muscles Flexor hallucis longus Flexor hallucis longus muscle Flexor hallucis longus muscles Flexor hallucis muscle Flexor hallucis muscles Flexor longus Flexor longus muscle Flexor longus muscles Flexor muscle Flexor pollicis Flexor pollicis brevis Flexor pollicis brevis muscle Flexor pollicis brevis muscles Flexor pollicis longus Flexor pollicis longus muscle Flexor pollicis longus muscles Flexor pollicis muscle Flexor pollicis muscles Flexor retinaculum Flexor retinaculum of foot Flexor retinaculum of the hand Flexor retinaculums Flexura coli Flexura coli dextra Flexura coli sinistra Flexura duodenojejunalis Flexura hepatica Flexura mesencephalica Flexura pontina Flexura splenica Floating rib Flocculus (cerebellar) Floor of mouth Floor of the mouth Flow waveform Vincenz Fohmann Fold of left vena cava Fold of the left vena cava Folds of left vena cava Folds of the left vena cava Foliate papilla Folium (brain) Folium vermis Follicular antrum Follicular antrums Follicular cell Follicular cells Follicular fluid Follicular lumen Follicular lumens Folliculogenesis Folliculus ovaricus Fontanel Fontanelle Fontanelles Fontanels Fonticuli Fonticuli cranii Fonticulus Fonticulus anterior Fonticulus posterior Food pipe Food pipes Foot Foot arch Foot arches Foot model Foot retinaculum Foramen Foramen apicis dentis Foramen caecum linguae Foramen caecum of medulla oblongata Foramen caecum ossis frontalis Foramen cecum Foramen cecum (frontal bone) Foramen cecum (medulla oblongata) Foramen cecum (tongue) Foramen ethmoidale anterius Foramen ethmoidale posterius Foramen incisivum Foramen infraorbitale Foramen interventriculare Foramen ischiadicum Foramen ischiadicum majus Foramen ischiadicum minus Foramen lacerum Foramen magnum Foramen mandibulae Foramen mentale Foramen obturatum Foramen of Arnold Foramen of Panizza Foramen omentale Foramen opticum ossis sphenoidalis Foramen ovale Foramen ovale (heart) Foramen ovale (skull) Foramen ovale ossis sphenoidalis Foramen palatinum Foramen parietale Foramen petrosum Foramen rotundum Foramen rotundum ossis sphenoidalis Foramen secundum Foramen singulare Foramen sphenopalatinum Foramen spinosum Foramen stylomastoideum Foramen transversarium Foramen venae Foramen venae cavae Foramen venosum Foramen zygomaticofaciale Foramen zygomaticoorbitale Foramen zygomaticotemporale Foramina Foramina intervertebralia Foramina of Scarpa Foramina of skull Foramina of Stensen Foramina of Stenson Foramina of the skull Foramina ovalia Foramina palatina Foramina sacralia Foramina sacralia anteriora Foramina sacralia posteriora Foramina Thebesii Foramina venarum Foramina venarum minimarum Foramina venarum minimarum atrii dextri Fordyce spots Forearm Forearm compartment Forearm compartments Foregut Foreguts Forehead Forehead advertising Foreheads Foreskin Foreskins Formatio hippocampi Formatio reticularis Fornices of the vagina Fornices of vagina Fornix (neuroanatomy) Fornix of brain Fornix of the vagina Fornix of vagina Fornix vaginae Fortunato of Brescia Forward head posture Fossa (anatomy) Fossa acetabuli Fossa condylaris Fossa coronoidea humeri Fossa cranii Fossa cranii anterior Fossa cranii media Fossa cranii posterior Fossa cubitalis Fossa for lacrimal gland Fossa for lacrimal sac Fossa glandulae lacrimalis Fossa glenoidalis Fossa hypophysialis Fossa iliaca Fossa incisiva Fossa infraspinata Fossa inguinalis Fossa inguinalis lateralis Fossa inguinalis medialis Fossa intercondylaris Fossa intercondylaris femoris Fossa interpeduncularis Fossa jugularis Fossa jugularis ossis temporalis Fossa jugularis sterni Fossa mandibularis Fossa navicularis Fossa navicularis urethrae Fossa navicularis vestibuli vaginae Fossa of vestibule of vagina Fossa olecrani Fossa ovalis Fossa ovalis (heart) Fossa ovalis (thigh) Fossa ovalis cordis Fossa ovalis femoris Fossa ovarica Fossa pararectalis Fossa paravesicalis Fossa pterygoidea ossis sphenoidalis Fossa pterygopalatina Fossa radialis Fossa radialis humeri Fossa spinata Fossa subarcuata ossis temporalis Fossa submandibularis Fossa subscapularis Fossa supraspinata Fossa temporalis Fossa tonsillaris Fossa trochanterica Fossa vestibuli Fossa vestibuli vaginae Foundational model of anatomy Foundational Model of Anatomy Fourchette of labia minora Fourchette of the labia minora Fourth metacarpal bone Fourth metatarsal bone Fourth ossicle Fourth rib Fourth thoracic vertebra Fovea (femur) Fovea adenohypophysialis Fovea centralis Fovea costalis Fovea costalis inferior Fovea costalis superior Fovea costalis transversalis Fovea of head of femur Fovea of the head of femur Fovea submandibularis Foveal ligament Foveal ligaments Foveola Foveolae gastricae Foveolar cell Foveolar cells Fractured testis Frank netter Frank Netter Frankfurt plane Frenular delta Frenulum Frenulum clitoridis Frenulum labii Frenulum labii inferioris Frenulum labii inferioris oris Frenulum labiorum Frenulum labiorum pudendi Frenulum linguae Frenulum of clitoris Frenulum of labia minora Frenulum of lower lip Frenulum of prepuce Frenulum of prepuce of penis Frenulum of superior medullary velum Frenulum of the clitoris Frenulum of the lower lip Frenulum of the tongue Frenulum of tongue Frenulum praeputii penis Frenulum preputii penis Frenulum veli Frenulum veli medullaris superioris Frontal angle of parietal bone Frontal angle of the parietal bone Frontal arteries Frontal artery Frontal belly Frontal belly of occipitofrontalis muscle Frontal belly of the occipitofrontalis muscle Frontal bone Frontal bones Frontal branch Frontal branch of superficial temporal artery Frontal branch of the superficial temporal artery Frontal cortex Frontal crest Frontal eminence Frontal eye fields Frontal gyri Frontal gyrus Frontal horn Frontal horn of the lateral ventricle Frontal lobe Frontal lobes Frontal nerve Frontal nerves Frontal process Frontal process of maxilla Frontal process of the maxilla Frontal sini Frontal sinus Frontal sinuses Frontal sulci Frontal sulcus Frontal suture Frontal sutures Frontal vein Frontal veins Frontalis muscle Frontalis muscles Frontoethmoidal suture Frontoethmoidal sutures Frontonasal duct Frontonasal ducts Frontonasal prominence Frontonasal prominences Frontostriatal circuit Frontozygomatic suture Frontozygomatic sutures Fuemur Fumeur Fumuer Fumur Functional specialization (brain) Fundic gland Fundiform ligament Fundiform ligament of penis Fundiform ligament of the penis Fundiform ligaments Funds gland Funds glands Fundus Fundus (eye) Fundus (stomach) Fundus (uterus) Fundus camera Fundus gastricus Fundus of gallbladder Fundus of the gallbladder Fundus of the urinary bladder Fundus of urinary bladder Fundus uteri Fundus vesicae biliaris Fungiform papilla Funiculus lateralis Funiculus lateralis medullae spinalis Funiculus spermaticus Funiculus umbilicalis Furstenberg's rosette Fusiform body area Fusiform face area Fusiform gyri Fusiform gyrus Fusiform muscle Fusiform muscles Fusiformis muscle Fusiformis muscles G-spot Susanna Phelps Gage Gait (human) Galactography Galen Galen's nerve Galens nerve Gallaudet's fascia Gallaudets fascia Gallbladder Gallbladders Gamma motor neuron Gamma motor neurons Ganglia celiaca Ganglia coeliaca Ganglia lumbalia Ganglia of glossopharyngeal nerve Ganglia of glossopharyngeal nerves Ganglia of sympathetic trunk Ganglia of the glossopharyngeal nerve Ganglia of the glossopharyngeal nerves Ganglia of the sympathetic trunk Ganglia of the vagus nerve Ganglia of the vagus nerves Ganglia of vagus nerve Ganglia of vagus nerves Ganglia sacralia Ganglia thoracica Ganglia trunci sympathici Gangliated cord Gangliated cords Ganglion Ganglion celiacum Ganglion cell Ganglion cell layer Ganglion cell layers Ganglion cells Ganglion cervicale inferius Ganglion ciliare Ganglion coeliacum Ganglion impar Ganglion inferius Ganglion inferius nervi glossopharyngei Ganglion inferius nervi vagi Ganglion mesentericum Ganglion nervi glossopharyngei Ganglion nervi vagi Ganglion nodosum Ganglion of glossopharyngeal nerve Ganglion of the glossopharyngeal nerve Ganglion of the vagus nerve Ganglion of vagus nerve Ganglion oticum Ganglion petrosum Ganglion petrosum nervi glossopharyngei Ganglion pterygopalatinum Ganglion Scarpae Ganglion semilunare Ganglion submandibulare Ganglion superius glossopharyngei Ganglion sympathicum Ganglion trigeminale Ganglion vestibulare Ganglionic arteries Ganglionic artery Ganglionic layer Ganglionic layers Gartner's duct Gartners duct Gastric arteries Gastric artery Gastric chief cell Gastric chief cells Gastric fold Gastric folds Gastric gland Gastric glands Gastric impression on liver Gastric impression on the liver Gastric lymph node Gastric lymph nodes Gastric mucosa Gastric pit Gastric pits Gastric plexus Gastric plexuses Gastric rugae Gastric vein Gastric veins Gastro-oesophageal junction Gastro-omental arteries Gastro-omental artery Gastro-omental vein Gastro-omental veins Gastrocnemius muscle Gastrocnemius muscles Gastrocolic ligament Gastrocolic ligaments Gastrocolic omentum Gastroduodenal arteries Gastroduodenal artery Gastroepiploic arteries Gastroepiploic artery Gastroepiploic vein Gastroepiploic veins Gastroesophageal junction Gastroesophageal junctions Gastrohepatic ligament Gastrohepatic omentum Gastrointestinal canal Gastrointestinal canals Gastrointestinal physiology Gastrointestinal system Gastrointestinal systems Gastrointestinal tract Gastrointestinal tracts Gastrointestinal wall Gastrointestinal walls Gastrolienal ligaments Gastroomental vein Gastroomental veins Gastrophrenic ligament Gastrophrenic ligaments Gastrosplenic ligament Gastrosplenic ligaments Gastrulation Gelasin Gemelli muscle Gemelli muscles Gemellus inferior Gemellus muscle Gemellus muscles Gemellus superior Gemma ureterica General afferent fiber General afferent fibers General efferent fiber General efferent fibers General somatic afferent General somatic afferent fiber General somatic afferent fibers General somatic efferent General somatic efferent fiber General somatic efferent fibers General somatic fiber General somatic fibers General visceral afferent General visceral afferent fiber General visceral afferent fibers General visceral efferent fiber General visceral efferent fibers General visceral fiber General visceral fibers Genicular anastomosis Genicular arteries Genicular artery Geniculate bodies Geniculate bodies of thalamus Geniculate bodies of the thalamus Geniculate body Geniculate body of thalamus Geniculate body of the thalamus Geniculate complex Geniculate ganglion Geniculate ganglions Geniculate nuclei Geniculate nuclei of thalamus Geniculate nuclei of the thalamus Geniculate nucleus Geniculate nucleus of thalamus Geniculate nucleus of the thalamus Geniculum Genioglossus Genioglossus muscle Genioglossus muscles Geniohyoid Geniohyoid muscle Geniohyoideus muscle Geniohyoideus muscles Geniospasm Genital branch Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve Genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve Genital corpuscle Genital corpuscles Genital ridge Genital ridges Genital system Genital systems Genital tubercle Genital tubercles Genitofemoral nerve Genitofemoral nerves Genitourinary nerve Genitourinary nerves Genitourinary system Genitourinary systems Genu capsulae internae Genu of internal capsule Genu of the internal capsule Pierre Nicolas Gerdy Gerdy's tubercle Gerdy's tubercles Gerdys tubercle Gerdys tubercles Germ cell Germ cells Germinal center Germinal centers Germinal centres Germinal epithelium Germinal epithelium (female) Germinal epithelium (male) Gerota's fascia Gerota's fasciae Gerotas fascia Gerotas fasciae Gestational sac Gestational sacs Giacomini vein Giacomini veins Giant retinal ganglion cell Giant retinal ganglion cells Hans Paul Bernhard Gierke Alessandra Giliani Gingival papilla Giovanni Ingrassia Glabella Glabrousness Gland Gland of Zeis Glands Glands of Zeis Glandula exocrina Glandula mammaria Glandula mucosa Glandula odorifera Glandula parathyreoidea Glandula parathyreoidea inferior Glandula parathyreoidea superior Glandula parathyreoides Glandula parathyroidea Glandula parathyroidea inferior Glandula parathyroidea superior Glandula parathyroides Glandula parotidea Glandula parotis Glandula pinealis Glandula pituitaria Glandula praeorbitalis Glandula sebacea Glandula sublingualis Glandula sudorifera apocrina Glandula suprarenalis Glandula thyreoides Glandula thyreoidica Glandula thyroides Glandula uterina Glandulae areolares Glandulae cutis Glandulae gastricae Glandulae intestinales Glandulae oesophageae Glandulae parathyreoideae Glandulae parathyreoides Glandulae parathyroideae Glandulae parathyroides Glandulae pyloricae Glandulae salivariae Glandulae tarsales Glandulae urethrales Glandulae urethrales urethrae masculinae Glandulae uterinae Glandulae vesiculosae Glandular branch Glandular branch of facial artery Glandular branch of inferior thyroid artery Glandular branch of superior thyroid artery Glandular branch of the facial artery Glandular branch of the inferior thyroid artery Glandular branch of the superior thyroid artery Glandular branches Glandular branches of facial artery Glandular branches of inferior thyroid artery Glandular branches of superior thyroid artery Glandular branches of the facial artery Glandular branches of the inferior thyroid artery Glandular branches of the superior thyroid artery Glandular branches of the thyroid arteries Glandular branches of the thyroid artery Glandular branches of thyroid arteries Glandular branches of thyroid artery Glans Glans clitoridis Glans of clitoris Glans of penis Glans of the penis Glans penis Glaserian artery Glenohumeral articulation Glenohumeral joints Glenohumeral ligament Glenohumeral ligaments Glenoid cavities Glenoid cavity Glenoid fossa Glenoid fossa of scapula Glenoid fossa of the scapula Glenoid labrum Glenoid labrums Glenoid tubercle Glenoid tubercles Glenopolar angle Glenopolar angles Glia limitans Gliding articulation Gliding articulations Gliding joint Gliding joints Glioblast Glisson's capsule Glisson's sheath Glissons capsule Glissons sheath Globe (human eye) Globus pallidus Globus pallidus externus Globus pallidus internus Globus pallidus lateral segment Globus pallidus lateral segments Globus pallidus lateralis Globus pallidus medial segment Globus pallidus medial segments Globus pallidus medialis Glomerular basement membrane Glomerular basement membranes Glomerulus (cerebellum) Glomerulus (kidney) Glomerulus (olfaction) Glomerulus renis Glomus aorticum Glomus apparatus Glomus bodies Glomus body Glomus caroticum Glossary of anatomical terminology, definitions and abbreviations Glossary of dentistry Glossary of neuroanatomy Glossoepiglottic fold Glossoepiglottic folds Glossopalatine arch Glossopalatine arches Glossopharyngeal Glossopharyngeal ganglia Glossopharyngeal ganglion Glossopharyngeal nerve Glossopharyngeal nerves Gluteal aponeurosis Gluteal arteries Gluteal artery Gluteal cleft Gluteal clefts Gluteal crease Gluteal creases Gluteal line Gluteal lines Gluteal muscle Gluteal muscles Gluteal nerve Gluteal nerves Gluteal region Gluteal regions Gluteal sulcus Gluteal tuberosities Gluteal tuberosity Gluteal vein Gluteal veins Gluteus maximus muscle Gluteus maximus muscles Gluteus medius muscle Gluteus medius muscles Gluteus minimus Gluteus minimus muscle Gluteus minimus muscles Glymphatic system Glymphatic systems Goblet cell Goblet cells Golgi tendon organ Golgi tendon organs Golgi's method Golgis method Victor Gomoiu Gomphosis Gonadal arteries Gonadal artery Gonadal cord Gonadal cords Gonadal ridge Gonadal ridges Gonadal vein Gonadal veins Gonadogenesis Gonion Goormaghtigh cell Goormaghtigh cells GPe GPi Gracile fasciculus Gracile nucleus Gracilis muscle Gracilis muscles Gr‰fenberg Spot Gr‰fenberg-spot Gr‰fenberg's locus Gr‰fenbergs locus Grandmother cell Grandmother cells Granular cell Granular cells Granular fovea Granulationes arachnoidales Granulationes arachnoideae Gray ramus communicans Gray's Anatomy Great alveolar cell Great alveolar cells Great arteries Great artery Great auricular nerve Great auricular nerves Great cardiac nerve Great cardiac nerves Great cardiac vein Great cardiac veins Great cerebral vein Great cerebral veins Great longitudinal fissure Great longitudinal fissures Great omentum Great pancreatic arteries Great pancreatic artery Great saphenous vein Great saphenous veins Great tarsal synovial membrane Great tarsal synovial membranes Great vessel Great vessels Greater alar cartilage Greater alar cartilages Greater cornu Greater cornus Greater curvature Greater curvatures Greater multangular bone Greater multangular bones Greater occipital nerve Greater occipital nerves Greater omentum Greater omentums Greater palatine Greater palatine arteries Greater palatine artery Greater palatine canal Greater palatine canals Greater palatine foramen Greater palatine foramens Greater palatine nerve Greater palatine nerves Greater pancreatic arteries Greater pancreatic artery Greater pelvis Greater petrosal nerve Greater sac Greater sacs Greater sciatic foramen Greater sciatic foramens Greater sciatic notch Greater sigmoid cavities Greater sigmoid cavity Greater trochanter Greater tubercle Greater tubercles Greater wing of sphenoid bone Greater wing of the sphenoid bone Grey column Grey columns Grey matter Griseum pontis Groin Groins Groove for basilar artery Groove for the basilar artery Groove for the transverse sinus Groove for transverse sinus Gross anatomy Gross movement Group B nerve fiber Group B nerve fibers Group B nerve fibre Group B nerve fibres Group II afferent neurons Growth arrest line Growth arrest lines Growth plate Growth plates Wenzel Gruber Gubernaculum Gubernaculum testis Gudden's inferior commissure Guddens inferior commissure Guidepost cell Guidepost cells Gullet Gums Gustatory area Gustatory areas Gustatory cortex Gustatory gland Gustatory glands Gustatory nucleus Gustatory system Gustatory systems Gut (anatomy) Gut (anatomy)/Archive 1 Gut associated lymphoid tissue Gut tract Gut tracts Gut-associated lymphoid tissue Gut-brain axis *** Guyon's canal Guyon's canals Guyon's tunnel Guyon's tunnels Guyons canal Guyons canals Guyons tunnel Guyons tunnels Gyri Gyri breves insulae Gyri temporales Gyri temporales transversi Gyrification Gyrus Gyrus dentatus Gyrus frontalis Gyrus frontalis medius Gyrus frontalis superior Gyrus lingualis Gyrus longus Gyrus longus insulae Gyrus orbitales Gyrus paraterminalis Gyrus postcentralis Gyrus rectus Gyrus subcallosus Gyrus supramarginalis Gyrus temporalis Gyrus temporalis inferior Gyrus temporalis medius Gyrus temporalis superior H&E stain H&E stains Haab's striae Haabs striae Habenular commissure Habenular commissures Habenular trigone Habenular trigones Haemal arch Haemal arches Haemal node Haemal nodes Haematocyte Haematocytes Hair Hair cell Hair matrix Hair plexus Hair whorl Hair whorls Hairs Haller's unguis Hallers unguis Hallucis Hallucis brevis Hallucis brevis muscle Hallucis brevis muscles Hallucis muscle Hallucis muscles Hallux Hamate Hamate bone Hamate bones Hamatum bone Hamburger Hamilton stage Hamburger Hamilton stages Hamburger sign Hamburger-Hamilton stage *** Hamburger-Hamilton stages *** Hamstring Hamstrings Hamulus Hamulus hamatum Hamulus of hamate Hamulus of hamate bone Hamulus ossis hamati Hand Hand clasping Hand model Hand muscle Hand muscles Handedness Handle of malleus Hands Hard palate Hard palates Hard tissue Hard tissues Harderian gland Harderian glands Harris line Harris lines Hart's line Hart's lines Hartmann's pouch Hartmann's pouches Hartmanns pouch Hartmanns pouches Harts line Harts lines Mahdi Hasan Hassall's corpuscles Hasselbach's triangle Hasselbach's triangles Hasselbachs triangle Hasselbachs triangles Haustra Haustra coli Haustra of colon Haustrum (anatomy) Haustrum coli Haversian canal Haversian canals Head Head and neck anatomy Head hair Head hairs Head of femur Head of fibula Head of humerus Head of malleus Head of pancreas Head of radius Head of rib Head of ribs Head of scapula Head of talus Head of the femur Head of the fibula Head of the humerus Head of the malleus Head of the pancreas Head of the radius Head of the scapula Head of the talus Head of ulna Heads Heart Heart chamber Heart chambers Heart conduction system Heart development Heart tube Heart tubes Heart valve Heart valves Heel Heel bone Heel bones Heels Helicine arteries Helicine arteries of penis Helicine arterioles Helicine artery Helicine branches Helicine branches of uterus Helicis major Helicis major muscle Helicis major muscles Helicis minor Helicis minor muscle Helicis minor muscles Helix (ear) Hemiazygos Hemiazygos vein Hemiazygos veins Hemorrhoidal arteries Hemorrhoidal artery Hemorrhoidal plexus Hemorrhoidal plexuses Hemorrhoidal vein Hemorrhoidal veins Henle's layer Henle's layers Henle's loop Henle's loops Henle's sheath Henle's sheaths Henles layer Henles layers Henles loop Henles loops Henles sheath Henles sheaths Hepar Hepatic artery Hepatic artery proper Hepatic branches Hepatic branches of anterior vagal trunk Hepatic diverticulum Hepatic diverticulums Hepatic duct Hepatic ducts Hepatic flexure Hepatic flexures Hepatic ligament Hepatic ligaments Hepatic lobule Hepatic lobules Hepatic lymph node Hepatic lymph nodes Hepatic plexus Hepatic portal system Hepatic portal systems Hepatic portal veins Hepatic vein Hepatic veins Hepaticus communis Hepatobiliary system Hepatobiliary systems Hepatobiliary tree Hepatobiliary trees Hepatocolic ligament Hepatocolic ligaments Hepatocytus Hepatoduodenal ligament Hepatoduodenal ligaments Hepatogastric ligament Hepatogastric ligaments Hepatophrenic ligament Hepatophrenic ligaments Hepatorenal ligament Hepatorenal ligaments Hepatorenal recess Hepatorenal recess of subhepatic space Hepatorenal recess of the subhepatic space Hepatorenal recesses Hering's nerve Hering's nerves Herings nerve Herings nerves Herring bodies Herring body Heschl's convolution Heschl's convolutions Heschl's gyri Heschl's gyrus Heschls convolution Heschls convolutions Heschls gyri Heschls gyrus Hesselbach's fascia Hesselbach's triangle Hesselbach's triangles Hesselbachs triangle Hesselbachs triangles Heterodont Heubner's arteries Heubner's artery Heubners arteries Heubners artery Heuser's membrane Heuser's membranes Heusers membrane Heusers membranes Hiatus (anatomy) Hiatus adductorius Hiatus aorticus Hiatus canalis facialis Hiatus canalis nervi petrosi Hiatus canalis nervi petrosi majoris Hiatus canalis nervi petrosi minoris Hiatus esophageus Hiatus for greater petrosal nerve Hiatus for lesser petrosal nerve Hiatus for petrosal nerve Hiatus oesophageus Hiatus sacralis Hiatus saphenus Hiatus semilunaris High cheek bone High cheek bones High cheekbone High cheekbones High endothelial venules High pressure receptor zone High pressure receptor zones Highest intercostal arteries Highest intercostal artery Highest intercostal vein Highest intercostal veins Highest nasal concha Highest thoracic arteries Highest thoracic artery Hilton's pouch Hilton's pouches Hiltons pouch Hiltons pouches Hilum Hilum (anatomy) Hilum nodi lymphoidei Hilum of lung Hilum of lymph node Hilum of the lung Hilum of the lymph node Hilum pulmonis Hilum renale Hindgut Hindguts Hinge joint Hinge joints Hip Hip bone Hip bones Hip extensor Hip extensors Hip flexor Hip flexors Hip muscle Hip muscles Hippocampal formation Hippocampal formations Hippocampal gyri Hippocampal gyrus Hippocampal sulci Hippocampal sulcus Hippocampus Hippocampus anatomy Hippocampus proper Hips Hirci Hirsuties coronae glandis Histogenesis Histology of the vocal folds Histology of thin segment Histology of vocal folds History of anatomy History of anthropometry History of neuroimaging History of neuroscience Homo sapiens sapiens Hook of hamate Hook of hamate bone Hook of the hamate bone Horizontal eccentricity Horizontal fissure of right lung Horizontal fissure of the right lung Horizontal lamina Horizontal lamina of ethmoid bone Horizontal lamina of the ethmoid bone Horizontal plate Horizontal plate of palatine bone Horizontal semicircular canal Horn of spinal cord Horn of the spinal cord Horn of the thyroid cartilage Horn of thyroid cartilage Horns of spinal cords Horns of the spinal cords Horns of the thyroid cartilage Horns of the thyroid cartilages Horns of thyroid cartilage Horns of thyroid cartilages Hottentot apron Houston's valve Houston's valves Houstons valve Houstons valves Hudson-Stahli line Hudson-Stahli line *** Human Human abdomen Human anatomical terms Human anatomy Human anus Human back Human backs Human bodies Human body Human body cavities Human body cavity Human brain Human brain sizes Human brains Human Connectome Project Human digestive system Human digestive systems Human embryogenesis Human eye Human eyes Human face Human Face Human faces Human female reproductive system Human female reproductive systems Human fertilization Human finger Human fingers Human gastrointestinal tracts Human hair growth Human hand Human hands Human head Human heads Human heart Human height Human heights Human left lung Human leg Human legs Human liver Human livers Human lung Human lungs Human male reproductive system Human male reproductive systems Human mandible Human mandibles Human mouth Human mouths Human musculoskeletal system Human musculoskeletal systems Human nose Human noses Human pelvis Human penis Human penis size Human penis sizes Human pharynx Human physical appearance Human physical appearances Human physiology Human reproductive system Human reproductive systems Human rib cage Human rib cages Human right lung Human skeletal changes due to bipedalism Human skeleton Human skeletons Human skin Human skull Human skulls Human sternum Human teeth Human Tissue Act 2004 Human toe Human toes Human tooth Human tooth development Human trochanter Human trochanters Human vaginal size Human vaginal sizes Human variability Human vertebral column Human vertebral columns Human vestigiality Humeral articulation Humeral articulations Humeral circumflex arteries Humeral circumflex artery Humeral head Humeral joint Humeral joints Humeroradial articulation Humeroradial articulations Humeroradial joint Humeroradial joints Humeroulnar articulation Humeroulnar articulations Humeroulnar joint Humeroulnar joints Humerus Humor aquosus William Hunter (anatomist) Hyaline cartilage Hyalocyte Hyalocytes Hyaloid arteries Hyaloid artery Hyaloid canal Hyaloid canals Hyaloid fossa Hyaloid membrane Hyaloid membranes Hybrid muscle Hybrid muscles Hymen Hymen vaginae Hyoglossal membrane Hyoglossal membranes Hyoglossus Hyoglossus muscle Hyoglossus muscles Hyoid Hyoid arteries Hyoid artery Hyoid bone Hyoid bones Hyoid branch Hyoid branches Hyothyroid ligament Hyothyroid ligaments Hypercomplex cell Hypercomplex cells Hyperintensity Hyperthecosis Hypertriatum Hypertrichosis pinnae auris Hypervascularity Hypoblast Hypogastric branch Hypogastric branch of iliohypogastric nerve Hypogastric branches Hypogastric nerve Hypogastric nerves Hypogastric plexus Hypogastric plexuses Hypogastric vein Hypogastric veins Hypogastrium Hypoglossal canal Hypoglossal canals Hypoglossal nerve Hypoglossal nerves Hypoglossal nucleus Hypoglossal trigone Hypoglossus Hypoglossus nerve Hypoglossus nerves Hypopharyngeal eminence Hypopharyngeal eminences Hypopharynx Hypophyseal portal system Hypophyseal portal systems Hypophysial arteries Hypophysial artery Hypophysial fossa Hypothalamic nuclei Hypothalamic nucleus Hypothalamic sulci Hypothalamic sulcus Hypothalamus Hypothenar eminence Hypothenar eminences Hyrtl anastomosis Hystera Iecur II neurones Ileal arteries Ileal artery Ileal branch Ileal branch of ileocolic artery Ileal branches Ileal papilla Ileal vein Ileal veins Ileal vessel Ileal vessels Ileocaecal eminence Ileocaecal eminences Ileocaecal fold Ileocaecal folds Ileocecal eminence Ileocecal fold Ileocecal folds Ileocolic arteries Ileocolic artery Ileocolic lymph node Ileocolic lymph nodes Ileocolic vein Ileocolic veins Ileum Iliac arteries Iliac artery Iliac branch Iliac branch of iliolumbar artery Iliac branch of the iliolumbar artery Iliac colon Iliac colons Iliac crest Iliac crests Iliac fascia Iliac fascias Iliac fossa Iliac fossae Iliac furrow Iliac furrows Iliac lymph node Iliac lymph nodes Iliac spines Iliac tubercle Iliac tubercles Iliac tuberosities Iliac tuberosity Iliac vein Iliac veins Iliac vessel Iliac vessels Iliacus Iliacus muscle Iliacus muscles Ilii Iliococcygeal raphe Iliococcygeus muscle Iliococcygeus muscles Iliocostalis Iliocostalis muscle Iliocostalis muscles Iliofemoral ligament Iliofemoral ligaments Iliofemoral triangle Iliofemoral triangles Iliohypogastric nerve Iliohypogastric nerves Ilioinguinal nerve Ilioinguinal Nerves Iliolumbar arteries Iliolumbar artery Iliolumbar ligament Iliolumbar ligaments Iliolumbar vein Iliolumbar veins Iliopectineal arch Iliopectineal arches Iliopectineal bursa Iliopectineal fascia Iliopectineal line Iliopectineal lines Iliopsoas Iliopsoas Bursa Iliopsoas group Iliopsoas groups Iliopsoas muscle Iliopsoas muscles Iliopubic eminence Iliopubic eminences Iliopubic tract Iliopubic tracts Iliotibial tract Iliotibial tracts Ilium (bone) Immune system Immune systems Imperforate hymen Impressio cardiaca Impressio cardiaca pulmonis Impressio cardiaca pulmonis sinistri Impressio colica Impressio colica hepatis Impressio duodenalis Impressio duodenalis hepatis Impressio gastrica Impressio gastrica hepatis Impressio ligamenti costoclavicularis Impressio renalis Impressio renalis hepatis Impressio suprarenalis Impressio suprarenalis hepatis In-toe gait INAH 3 Incisive bone Incisive bones Incisive canal Incisive canals Incisive foramen Incisive foramens Incisive foramina Incisive papilla Incisivum Incisura Incisura acetabuli Incisura angularis Incisura anterior auris Incisura apicis Incisura cardialis Incisura ethmoidalis Incisura ethmoidalis ossis frontalis Incisura ischiadica Incisura ischiadica major Incisura ischiadica minor Incisura jugularis Incisura jugularis sternalis Incisura mandibulae Incisura mastoidea Incisura mastoidea ossis temporalis Incisura pancreatis Incisura praeoccipitalis Incisura semilunaris Incisura semilunaris ulnae Incisura tentorii Incisura trochlearis Incisura trochlearis ulnae Incisura ulnaris Incisura ulnaris radii Incisura vertebralis Incudomalleolar articulation Incudomalleolar articulations Incudomalleolar joint Incudomalleolar joints Incudostapedial articulation Incudostapedial articulations Incudostapedial joint Incudostapedial joints Incus Incyclotorsion Index finger Index fingers Index of anatomy articles Indicis Inferior (anatomy) Inferior alveolar artery Inferior alveolar nerve Inferior anal nerve Inferior anal nerves Inferior anastomotic vein Inferior anastomotic veins Inferior angle of scapula Inferior angle of the scapula Inferior aperture of pelvis Inferior aperture of the pelvis Inferior arteries Inferior artery Inferior border Inferior border of lung Inferior border of lungs Inferior borders Inferior brachium Inferior branch of oculomotor nerve Inferior cardiac branch of the vagus nerve Inferior cardiac branch of vagus nerve Inferior cardiac branches of the vagus nerve Inferior cardiac branches of vagus nerve Inferior cardiac nerve Inferior cardiac nerves Inferior cerebellar arteries Inferior cerebellar artery Inferior cerebellar peduncle Inferior cerebellar peduncles Inferior cerebellar vein Inferior cerebellar veins Inferior cerebral vein Inferior cerebral veins Inferior cervical cardiac branches Inferior cervical ganglion Inferior cervical ganglions Inferior cervical sympathetic ganglion Inferior cluneal nerve Inferior cluneal nerves Inferior clunial nerve Inferior clunial nerves Inferior colliculus Inferior concha Inferior costal facet Inferior curved line Inferior curved lines Inferior deep cervical lymph node Inferior deep cervical lymph nodes Inferior dental plexus Inferior dental plexuses Inferior epigastric arteries Inferior epigastric artery Inferior epigastric vein Inferior epigastric veins Inferior epigastric vessel Inferior epigastric vessels Inferior extensor retinaculum of ankle Inferior extensor retinaculum of foot Inferior extensor retinaculum of the ankle Inferior extensor retinaculum of the foot Inferior eyelid Inferior eyelids Inferior fascia of diaphragm of pelvis Inferior fascia of diaphragm of the pelvis Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm Inferior fascia of the pelvic diaphragm Inferior frontal gyrus Inferior frontal sulci Inferior frontal sulcus Inferior ganglion Inferior ganglion of glossopharyngeal nerve Inferior ganglion of the glossopharyngeal nerve Inferior ganglion of the vagus nerve Inferior ganglion of vagus nerve Inferior ganglions Inferior ganglions of glossopharyngeal nerve Inferior ganglions of glossopharyngeal nerves Inferior ganglions of the glossopharyngeal nerve Inferior ganglions of the glossopharyngeal nerves Inferior ganglions of the vagus nerve Inferior ganglions of vagus nerve Inferior gemellus Inferior gemellus muscle Inferior gemellus muscles Inferior genicular arteries Inferior genicular artery Inferior gluteal Inferior gluteal arteries Inferior gluteal artery Inferior gluteal line Inferior gluteal lines Inferior gluteal nerve Inferior gluteal nerves Inferior gluteal vein Inferior gluteal veins Inferior hemorrhoidal arteries Inferior hemorrhoidal artery Inferior hemorrhoidal vein Inferior hemorrhoidal veins Inferior horn Inferior horn of the thyroid cartilage Inferior horn of thyroid cartilage Inferior horns Inferior horns of the thyroid cartilage Inferior horns of thyroid cartilage Inferior hypogastric plexus Inferior hypogastric plexuses Inferior hypophysial arteries Inferior hypophysial artery Inferior iliac spine Inferior iliac spines Inferior labial arteries Inferior labial artery Inferior labial vein Inferior labial veins Inferior laryngeal arteries Inferior laryngeal artery Inferior laryngeal nerve Inferior laryngeal nerves Inferior laryngeal vein Inferior laryngeal veins Inferior lateral cutaneous nerve Inferior lateral cutaneous nerve of arm Inferior lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm Inferior lateral cutaneous nerves Inferior lateral cutaneous nerves of arm Inferior lateral cutaneous nerves of the arm Inferior lateral genicular arteries Inferior lateral genicular artery Inferior ligament of epididymis Inferior ligament of the epididymis Inferior ligaments of epididymis Inferior ligaments of the epididymis Inferior longitudinal fasciculus Inferior longitudinal muscle of the tongue Inferior longitudinal muscle of tongue Inferior longitudinal muscles of the tongue Inferior longitudinal muscles of tongue Inferior lumbar triangle Inferior lumbar triangles Inferior margin of pancreas Inferior margin of the pancreas Inferior margins of pancreas Inferior margins of the pancreas Inferior meatus Inferior medial genicular arteries Inferior medial genicular artery Inferior mediastinum Inferior medullary velum Inferior mesenteric arteries Inferior mesenteric artery Inferior mesenteric ganglion Inferior mesenteric lymph node Inferior mesenteric lymph nodes Inferior mesenteric plexus Inferior mesenteric plexuses Inferior mesenteric vein Inferior mesenteric veins Inferior mesenteric vessel Inferior mesenteric vessels Inferior muscular arteries Inferior muscular artery Inferior nasal concha Inferior nasal meatus Inferior nuchal line Inferior nuchal lines Inferior oblique Inferior oblique muscle Inferior oblique muscles Inferior olivary nucleus Inferior ophthalmic vein Inferior ophthalmic veins Inferior orbital fissure Inferior orbital fissures Inferior palpebral branches Inferior palpebral nerve Inferior palpebral nerves Inferior pancreaticoduodenal arteries Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery Inferior parietal lobule Inferior parietal lobules Inferior pelvic aperture Inferior pelvic apertures Inferior peroneal retinaculum Inferior peroneal retinaculums Inferior petrosal sinus Inferior petrosal sinuses Inferior petrosal sulcus Inferior pharyngeal constrictor Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle Inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles Inferior phrenic arteries Inferior phrenic vein Inferior phrenic veins Inferior posterior nasal branch of greater palatine nerve Inferior posterior nasal branch of the greater palatine nerve Inferior posterior nasal branches of greater palatine nerve Inferior posterior nasal branches of the greater palatine nerve Inferior profunda arteries Inferior profunda artery Inferior pubic ligament Inferior pubic ligaments Inferior pubic rami Inferior pubic ramus Inferior pulmonary vein Inferior pulmonary veins Inferior quadrigeminal brachia Inferior quadrigeminal brachium Inferior radioulnar articulation Inferior radioulnar articulations Inferior radioulnar joint Inferior radioulnar joints Inferior rami Inferior rami of ischium Inferior rami of the ischium Inferior ramus Inferior ramus of ischium Inferior ramus of the ischium Inferior rectal arteries Inferior rectal artery Inferior rectal vein Inferior rectal veins Inferior rectus Inferior rectus muscle Inferior rectus muscles Inferior retinaculum Inferior root of ansa cervicalis Inferior root of the ansa cervicalis Inferior roots of ansa cervicalis Inferior roots of the ansa cervicalis Inferior salivatory nuclei Inferior salivatory nucleus Inferior suprarenal arteries Inferior suprarenal artery Inferior surface of pancreas Inferior surface of the pancreas Inferior surfaces of pancreas Inferior surfaces of the pancreas Inferior temporal gyrus Inferior temporal line Inferior temporal lines Inferior temporal sulci Inferior temporal sulcus Inferior thyroid arteries Inferior thyroid artery Inferior thyroid vein Inferior thyroid veins Inferior tibiofibular articulation Inferior tibiofibular articulations Inferior tibiofibular joint Inferior tracheobronchial node Inferior tracheobronchial nodes Inferior transverse ligament Inferior transverse ligament of scapula Inferior transverse ligament of the scapula Inferior transverse ligament of the tibiofibular syndesmosis Inferior transverse ligament of tibiofibular syndesmosis Inferior transverse ligaments Inferior transverse ligaments of scapula Inferior transverse ligaments of the scapula Inferior transverse ligaments of the tibiofibular syndesmosis Inferior transverse ligaments of tibiofibular syndesmosis Inferior transverse scapular ligament Inferior transverse scapular ligaments Inferior turbinal Inferior turbinals Inferior turbinate Inferior turbinate bone Inferior turbinate bones Inferior turbinated bone Inferior turbinated bones Inferior turbinates Inferior tympanic arteries Inferior tympanic artery Inferior tympanic canaliculus Inferior ulnar collateral arteries Inferior ulnar collateral artery Inferior vena cava Inferior vesical arteries Inferior vesical artery Inferior vestibular nuclei Inferior vestibular nucleus Infra-auricular deep parotid lymph node Infra-auricular deep parotid lymph nodes Infraauricular deep parotid lymph node Infraauricular deep parotid lymph nodes Infraclavicular fossa Infracostales Infracostales muscles Infraglenoid tubercle Infraglenoid tubercles Infraglottic cavities Infraglottic cavity Infrahyoid Infrahyoid branch Infrahyoid branch of superior thyroid artery Infrahyoid branches Infrahyoid branches of superior thyroid artery Infrahyoid branches of the superior thyroid artery Infrahyoid muscle Infrahyoid muscles Infrahyoidei Infraorbital arteries Infraorbital artery Infraorbital canal Infraorbital canals Infraorbital foramen Infraorbital foramens Infraorbital groove Infraorbital grooves Infraorbital margin Infraorbital margins Infraorbital nerve Infraorbital nerves Infraorbital plexus Infrapatellar branch Infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve Infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve Infrapatellar branches Infrapatellar branches of saphenous nerve Infrapatellar branches of the saphenous nerve Infrapatellar fat pad Infrapatellar fat pads Infraspinatous fossa Infraspinatus Infraspinatus muscle Infraspinatus muscles Infraspinous fascia Infrasternal angle Infrasternal angles Infratemporal crest Infratemporal fossa Infratemporal space Infratemporal spaces Infratemporal surface Infratemporal surface of body of maxilla Infratemporal surface of the body of maxilla Infratemporal surface of the body of the maxilla Infratemporal surfaces Infratemporal surfaces of body of maxilla Infratemporal surfaces of the body of maxilla Infratemporal surfaces of the body of the maxilla Infratentorial region Infratentorial regions Infratrochlear nerve Infratrochlear nerves Infundibular nucleus Infundibular recess Infundibulopelvic ligament Infundibulopelvic ligaments Infundibulum (heart) Infundibulum ethmoidale Infundibulum of the uterine tube Infundibulum of uterine tube Infundibulum tubae uterinae Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia Inguinal aponeurotic falx Inguinal canal Inguinal canals Inguinal fossa Inguinal ligament Inguinal ligaments Inguinal lymph node Inguinal lymph nodes Inguinal ring Inguinal rings Inguinal triangle Inguinal triangles Inion Inner ear Inner ears Inner enamel epithelium Inner limiting layer Inner limiting layers Inner plexiform layer Inner plexiform layers Inner root sheath Inner root sheaths Inner table of skull Inner table of the skull Inner tunnel Inner tunnels Innermost intercostal muscle Innermost intercostal muscles Innominate bone Innominate bones Innominate vein Innominate veins Insertion (anatomy) Insula sanguinea Insula sanguinea vesiculae umbilicalis Insulae pancreaticae Insular cortex Integumentary system Integumentary systems Interalveolar connection Interalveolar connections Interarticular sternocostal ligament Interarticular sternocostal ligaments Interarytenoid fold Interarytenoid folds Interatrial foramen Interatrial foramina Interatrial groove Interatrial grooves Interatrial septum Interatrial septums Interatrial sulcus Interatrial tract Interatrial tracts Intercalated disc Intercalated discs Intercapitular vein Intercapitular veins Intercapitular veins of hand Intercapitular veins of hands Intercapitular veins of the hand Intercapitular veins of the hands Intercarpal articulation Intercarpal articulations Intercarpal joint Intercarpal joints Intercarpal ligament Intercarpal ligaments Intercavernous sinuses Interchondral articulation Interchondral articulations Interchondral joint Interchondral joints Interclavicular ligament Interclavicular ligaments Intercolumnar fascia Intercolumnar fibers of superficial inguinal ring Intercolumnar fibers of the superficial inguinal ring Intercondylar area Intercondylar areas Intercondylar eminence Intercondylar eminences Intercondylar fossa of femur Intercondylar fossa of the femur Intercondylar notch of femur Intercondylar notch of the femur Intercondylar tubercle Intercondylar tubercles Intercondyloid fossa Intercondyloid fossa of femur Intercondyloid fossa of the femur Intercostal Intercostal arteries Intercostal artery Intercostal lymph node Intercostal lymph nodes Intercostal muscle Intercostal muscles Intercostal nerve Intercostal nerves Intercostal vein Intercostal veins Intercostales Intercostales externi Intercostales interni Intercostobrachial nerve Intercostobrachial nerves Intercrural fascia Intercrural fibres of superficial inguinal ring Intercrural fibres of the superficial inguinal ring Intercuneiform and cuneocuboid articulations Intercuneiform articulation Intercuneiform joint Intercuneiform joints Intercuneiform ligament Intercuneiform ligaments Interdental papilla Interdental plate Interdigital webbing Interdigital webbings Interfoveolar ligament Interfoveolar ligaments Intergluteal cleft Intergluteal clefts Interhemispheric fissure Interhemispheric fissures Interior of the cerebral hemispheres Interlabial sulci Interlabial sulcus Interlobar arteries Interlobar artery Interlobar vein Interlobar veins Interlobular arteries Interlobular arteries of kidney Interlobular arteries of the kidney Interlobular artery Interlobular artery of kidney Interlobular artery of the kidney Interlobular bile duct Interlobular bile ducts Interlobular duct Interlobular ducts Interlobular ductule Interlobular ductules Interlobular vein Interlobular veins Intermammary cleft Intermammary clefts Intermediate cuneiform bone Intermediate cuneiform bones Intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve Intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerves Intermediate fiber Intermediate fibers Intermediate great muscle Intermediate great muscles Intermediate mesoderm Intermediate nerve Intermediate nerves Intermediate nuclei of preoptic areas Intermediate nuclei of the preoptic areas Intermediate nucleus of preoptic area Intermediate nucleus of the preoptic area Intermediate phalanges Intermediate phalanx Intermediate vastus muscle Intermediate vastus muscles Intermediofacial nerve Intermediofacial nerves Intermediolateral nuclei Intermediolateral nucleus Intermesenteric arterial anastomoses Intermesenteric plexus Intermesenteric plexuses Intermetacarpal articulation Intermetacarpal articulations Intermetacarpal joint Intermetacarpal joints Intermetatarsal articulation Intermetatarsal articulations Intermetatarsal joint Intermetatarsal joints Intermuscular septum of arm Intermuscular septum of leg Intermuscular septum of the arm Intermuscular septum of the leg Intermuscular septum of the thigh Intermuscular septum of thigh Intermuscular septums of leg Intermuscular septums of legs Intermuscular septums of the leg Intermuscular septums of the legs Internal abdominal ring Internal abdominal rings Internal anal sphincter Internal anal sphincter muscle Internal anal sphincter muscles Internal anal sphincters Internal arcuate fiber Internal arcuate fibers Internal auditory meatus Internal auditory vein Internal auditory veins Internal calcaneocuboid ligament Internal calcaneocuboid ligaments Internal capsule Internal capsules Internal carotid Internal carotid plexus Internal carotid plexuses Internal carotids Internal cerebral vein Internal cerebral veins Internal cutaneous branch of musculospiral Internal cutaneous branch of musculospiral nerve Internal cutaneous branch of the musculospiral nerve Internal cutaneous branches of musculospiral Internal cutaneous branches of musculospiral nerve Internal cutaneous branches of the musculospiral nerve Internal dorsal cutaneous branch Internal elastic lamina Internal elastic laminas Internal globus pallidus Internal granular layer (cerebral cortex) Internal iliac arteries Internal iliac artery Internal iliac lymph node Internal iliac lymph nodes Internal iliac vein Internal iliac veins Internal iliac vessel Internal iliac vessels Internal inguinal ring Internal inguinal rings Internal intercostal Internal intercostal muscle Internal intercostal muscles Internal intercostals Internal jugular Internal jugular vein Internal jugular veins Internal laryngeal arteries Internal laryngeal artery Internal laryngeal nerve Internal laryngeal nerves Internal lateral ligament Internal lateral ligaments Internal malleolar arteries Internal malleolar artery Internal mammary arteries Internal mammary artery Internal mammary vein Internal mammary veins Internal maxillary arteries Internal maxillary artery Internal maxillary vein Internal maxillary veins Internal nasal branch of infraorbital nerve Internal nasal branch of the infraorbital nerve Internal nasal branch of the infraorbital nerves Internal nasal branches of infraorbital nerve Internal nasal branches of infraorbital nerves Internal nasal branches of the infraorbital nerve Internal nasal branches of the infraorbital nerves Internal obturator Internal obturator muscle Internal obturator muscles Internal occipital crest Internal occipital protuberance Internal organs Internal orifice of cervix uteri Internal orifice of the cervix uteri Internal orifice of the uterus Internal orifice of uterus Internal os Internal palpebral arteries Internal palpebral artery Internal plantar nerve Internal plantar nerves Internal pterygoid Internal pterygoid muscle Internal pterygoid muscles Internal pudendal arteries Internal pudendal artery Internal pudendal vein Internal pudendal veins Internal pudic arteries Internal pudic artery Internal pudic vein Internal pudic veins Internal saphenous nerve Internal saphenous nerves Internal semilunar fibrocartilage Internal semilunar fibrocartilages Internal spermatic arteries Internal spermatic artery Internal spermatic fascia Internal sphincter muscle of male urethra Internal sphincter muscle of the urethra Internal sphincter muscles of the urethra Internal sphincter muscles of urethra Internal thoracic arteries Internal thoracic artery Internal thoracic vein Internal thoracic veins Internal urethral orifice Internal urethral orifices Internal vertebral venous plexus Internal vertebral venous plexuses Internasal suture Internasal sutures International Federation of Associations of Anatomists International morphological terminology Interneuron Interneurons Interorbital region Interorbital regions Interossei Interossei dorsales Interossei dorsales manus Interossei dorsalis pedis Interossei muscle Interossei muscles Interossei palmares Interossei volares Interosseous arteries Interosseous artery Interosseous cuneocuboid ligament Interosseous cuneocuboid ligaments Interosseous cuneometatarsal ligament Interosseous cuneometatarsal ligaments Interosseous intercarpal ligament Interosseous intercarpal ligaments Interosseous intercuneiform ligament Interosseous intercuneiform ligaments Interosseous ligament Interosseous ligaments Interosseous membrane Interosseous membrane of forearm Interosseous membrane of leg Interosseous membrane of the forearm Interosseous membrane of the leg Interosseous membranes Interosseous membranes of forearm Interosseous membranes of forearms Interosseous membranes of leg Interosseous membranes of legs Interosseous membranes of the forearm Interosseous membranes of the forearms Interosseous membranes of the leg Interosseous membranes of the legs Interosseous metatarsal ligament Interosseous metatarsal ligaments Interosseous muscle of hand Interosseous muscle of the hand Interosseous muscles of hand Interosseous muscles of the hand Interosseous nerve Interosseous nerves Interosseous recurrent arteries Interosseous recurrent artery Interosseous sacroiliac ligament Interosseous sacroiliac ligaments Interosseous talocalcaneal ligament Interosseous talocalcaneal ligaments Interosseus plantaris Interparietal bone Interparietal bones Interpeduncular cistern Interpeduncular fossa Interphalangeal articulations of hands Interphalangeal articulations of the foot Interphalangeal articulations of the hand Interphalangeal articulations of the hands Interphalangeal joint Interphalangeal joints Interphalangeal joints of foot Interphalangeal joints of the hand Interposed nucleus Interpupillary distance Interpupillary distances Interrod enamel Interscapular brown adipose tissue Intersectiones tendineae musculi recti abdominis Intersegmental artery Intersphincteric groove Intersphincteric grooves Interspinal ligament Interspinal ligaments Interspinales Interspinales muscle Interspinales muscles Interspinous ligament Interspinous ligaments Interspinous plane Interspinous planes Interstitial cell Interstitial cells Interstitial space (biology) Intertarsal articulation Intertarsal articulations Intertarsal joint Intertarsal joints Interthalamic adhesion Intertragic notch Intertragic notches Intertransversarii Intertransversarii muscle Intertransversarii muscles Intertransverse ligament Intertransverse ligaments Intertrochanteric crest Intertrochanteric line Intertrochanteric lines Intertubercular plane Intertubercular planes Intervenous tubercle Intervenous tubercles Interventricular arteries Interventricular artery Interventricular foramen Interventricular foramen of monro Interventricular foramina Interventricular foramina (neuroanatomy) Interventricular septum Interventricular septums Interventricular sulci Interventricular sulcus Intervertebral disc Intervertebral disc space Intervertebral discs Intervertebral foramina Intervertebral vein Intervertebral veins Intervillous space Intervillous spaces Intestinal arteries Intestinal artery Intestinal canal Intestinal crypt Intestinal crypts Intestinal epithelium Intestinal gland Intestinal glands Intestinal juice Intestinal juices Intestinal lymph trunk Intestinal lymph trunks Intestinal trunk Intestinal trunks Intestinal villi Intestinal villus Intestine Intestines Intestinum crassum Intima Intimal cushion Intoeing Intra sutural bone Intra sutural bones Intra-articular ligament of head of rib Intra-embryonic coelom Intraarticular ligament of head of rib Intraembryonic coelom Intrafusal muscle fiber Intrafusal muscle fibers Intraglandular deep parotid lymph node Intraglandular deep parotid lymph nodes Intraglomerular mesangial cell Intraglomerular mesangial cells Intrahepatic bile duct Intrahepatic bile ducts Intrahepatic bile ductules Intrajugular process Intrajugular process of occipital bone Intrajugular process of the occipital bone Intrajugular processes of occipital bones Intrajugular processes of the occipital bones Intralaminar nuclei Intralaminar nuclei of thalamus Intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus Intralaminar nucleus of thalamus Intralaminar nucleus of the thalamus Intramembranous ossification Intramembranous ossifications Intramyocellular lipid Intramyocellular lipids Intraparietal cortex Intraparietal sulci Intraparietal sulcus Intraperitoneal Intraperitoneal organ Intraperitoneal organs Intraperitoneal space Intraperitoneal spaces Intrapulmonary node Intrapulmonary nodes Intrascleral plexus Intrinsic muscles of external ear Intrinsic muscles of the external ear Introitus Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci Inversion (kinesiology) Investing layer Investing layer of deep cervical fascia Investing layer of the deep cervical fascia Investing layers Ioannis Ingrassiae Ioannis Philippi Ingrassiae IP ligament Iris (anatomy) Iris dilator Iris dilator muscle Iris dilator muscles Iris muscle Iris muscles Iris pigment epithelium Iris sphincter Iris sphincter muscle Iris sphincter muscles Irregular bone Irregular bones Ischiadic nerve Ischiadic nerves Ischial rami Ischial ramus Ischial spine Ischial spines Ischial tuberosities Ischial tuberosity Ischiatic nerve Ischiatic nerves Ischii Ischioanal fossa Ischiocavernosus Ischiocavernosus muscle Ischiocavernosus muscles Ischiofemoral ligament Ischiofemoral ligaments Ischiopubic rami Ischiopubic ramus Ischium Islet of Langerhans Islets of Langerhans ISO 3950 ISO 3950 notation Isopotential muscle Isopotential muscles Isthmus faucium Isthmus glandulae thyreoideae Isthmus glandulae thyreoidis Isthmus glandulae thyroideae Isthmus glandulae thyroidis Isthmus gyri cinguli Isthmus of aorta Isthmus of cingulate gyrus Isthmus of fauces Isthmus of the aorta Isthmus of the cingulate gyrus Isthmus of the fauces Isthmus of the uterine tube Isthmus of uterine tube Isthmus tubae uterinae Isthmus uteri Jacob Benignus Winsl¯w Jacob Winsl¯w Jacob's membrane Jacobs membrane Jacobson's cartilage Jacobson's cartilages Jacobson's organ Jacobson's organs Jacobsons cartilage Jacobsons cartilages Jacobsons organ Jacobsons organs Jakob Benignus Winslow Jaw Jean Riolan Jean-Baptiste Bourgery Jecur Jejunal arteries Jejunal artery Jejunal vein Jejunal veins Jejunum Jenkins rule JG cell JG cells Joint Joint capsule Joint capsules Joints Joints of foot Joints of hand Joints of pectoral girdle Joints of pelvic girdle Joints of the foot Joints of the hand Joints of the pectoral girdle Joints of the pelvic girdle Frederic Wood Jones Journal of Anatomy Journal of Anatomy and Physiology Jugular decompression Jugular foramen Jugular foramina Jugular fossa Jugular fossae Jugular lymph trunk Jugular lymph trunks Jugular process Jugular processes Jugular tubercle Jugular tubercles Jugular vein Jugular veins Jugular venous arch Jugular venous arches Jugular wall of the tympanic cavity Jugular wall of tympanic cavity Jugulo-omohyoid lymph node Jugulo-omohyoid lymph nodes Jugulodigastric lymph node Jugulodigastric lymph nodes Juguloomohyoid lymph node Juguloomohyoid lymph nodes Junctio occludens Junctura fibrosa Juncturae tendinum Juxtaglomerular apparatus Juxtaglomerular cell Juxtaglomerular cells Juxtarestiform bodies Juxtarestiform body Keratinosome Keratinosomes Khoikhoi apron Khoikhoi aprons Kidney Kidney development Kidney proximal tubule brush border cell Kidney proximal tubule brush border cells Kidneys Kiesselbach's plexus Kiesselbachs plexus Killian's dehiscence Killian's triangle Killian¥s dehiscence Killians dehiscence Killians triangle Kinocilium Knee Knee bursae Knee flexor Knee flexors Knee joint Knee joints Knee pit Knee pits Knees Knuckle Knuckles Kˆhler-Pellegrine-Stieda disease *** Kˆhler-Pellegrine-Stieda diseases *** Koniocellular cell Koniocellular cells Korff fiber Korff fibers Korff fibre Korff fibres Kraissl's line Kraissl's lines Kraissls line Kraissls lines Krause gland Krause's glands Krauses gland Krauses glands Kurloff cell Kurloff cells Labia Labia majora Labia minora Labial arteries Labial artery Labial branch of facial artery Labial branch of the facial artery Labial branches of facial arteries Labial branches of the facial arteries Labial commissure Labial commissure of mouth Labial commissure of the mouth Labial commissures Labial gland Labial glands Labial nerve Labial nerves Labial tubercle Labial tubercles Labial vein Labial veins Labiocrural fold Labiocrural folds Labioscrotal swelling Labioscrotal swellings Labium inferius oris Labium oris Labium superius Labium superius oris Labrum acetabuli Labrum glenoidale Labyrinth of ethmoid Labyrinth of ethmoid bone Labyrinth of ethmoid bones Labyrinth of the ethmoid bone Labyrinth of the ethmoid bones Labyrinthi ethmoidales Labyrinthine arteries Labyrinthine artery Labyrinthine wall Labyrinthine wall of the tympanic cavity Labyrinthine wall of tympanic cavity Labyrinthine walls Labyrinthus ethmoidalis Labyrinthus membranaceus Labyrinthus osseus Lacis cell Lacis cells Lacrimal apparatus Lacrimal arteries Lacrimal artery Lacrimal bone Lacrimal bones Lacrimal canaliculi Lacrimal canaliculus Lacrimal caruncle Lacrimal caruncles Lacrimal crest Lacrimal crests Lacrimal groove Lacrimal grooves Lacrimal hamulus Lacrimal lake Lacrimal lakes Lacrimal nerve Lacrimal nerves Lacrimal papilla Lacrimal papillae Lacrimal point Lacrimal points Lacrimal puncta Lacrimal punctum Lacrimal sac Lacrimal sacs Lacrimal tubercle Lacrimal tubercles Lacteal Lactiferous duct Lactiferous ducts Lacuna (histology) Lacuna musculorum Lacuna vasorum Lacunae of Morgagni Lacunae urethrales Lacunae urethralis Lacunar ligament Lacunar ligaments Lacus lacrimalis Ladd's band Ladd's bands Ladds band Ladds bands Lagena (anatomy) Laimer triangle Laimer triangles Laimer-Haeckermann area Laimer-Haeckermann areas Laimer-Killian triangle Laimer-Killian triangles Pierre Lalouette Lalouette's pyramid Lalouette's pyramids Lalouettes pyramid Lalouettes pyramids Lambdoid suture Lambdoid sutures Lamellar bodies Lamellar body Lamellar granule Lamellar granules Lamina affixa Lamina arcus vertebrae Lamina basalis Lamina basalis choroideae Lamina basilaris Lamina basilaris ductus cochlearis Lamina chorioideocapillaris Lamina chorioidocapillaris Lamina choroideocapillaris Lamina choroidocapillaris Lamina cribrosa Lamina cribrosa ossis ethmoidalis Lamina dentalis Lamina dura Lamina duras Lamina granularis Lamina granularis externa Lamina granularis externa isocorticis Lamina granularis interna Lamina lateralis processus Lamina lateralis processus pterygoidei Lamina limitans Lamina limitans anterior corneae Lamina lucida Lamina medialis Lamina medialis processus pterygoidei Lamina medullaris Lamina medullaris lateralis thalami Lamina medullaris medialis thalami Lamina molecularis Lamina multiformis Lamina muscularis mucosae Lamina of the vertebral arch Lamina orbitalis Lamina orbitalis ossis ethmoidalis Lamina perpendicularis Lamina perpendicularis ossis ethmoidalis Lamina perpendicularis ossis palatini Lamina pretrachealis Lamina pretrachealis fasciae cervicalis Lamina propria Lamina propria mucosae Lamina pyramidalis Lamina pyramidalis externa Lamina pyramidalis interna Lamina spinalis I Lamina spiralis ossea Lamina superficialis Lamina superficialis fasciae cervicalis Lamina terminalis Lamina vaginae Lamina visceralis Lamina visceralis pericardii serosi Laminae spinales III et IV Laminar organization Langerhans cell Langerhans cells Lanugo Lap Large intestine Large intestines Large muscle of helix Large muscle of the helix Largest body part Largest body parts Largest bone Largest bones Laryngeal aditus Laryngeal aperture Laryngeal arteries Laryngeal artery Laryngeal cartilage Laryngeal cartilages Laryngeal cavities Laryngeal cavity Laryngeal inlet Laryngeal inlets Laryngeal nerve Laryngeal nerves Laryngeal pouch Laryngeal pouches Laryngeal sinus Laryngeal sinuses Laryngeal vein Laryngeal veins Laryngeal ventricle Laryngeal ventricles Laryngospasm notch Laryngospasm notches Laryngotracheal groove Laryngotracheal grooves Larynx Larynx muscles Lateral (anatomy) Lateral abdominal cutaneous branch Lateral abdominal cutaneous branch of intercostal nerve Lateral abdominal cutaneous branch of the intercostal nerve Lateral abdominal cutaneous branches Lateral abdominal cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves Lateral abdominal cutaneous branches of the intercostal nerves Lateral angle Lateral angle of scapula Lateral angle of the scapula Lateral anterior thoracic nerve Lateral anterior thoracic nerves Lateral aortic lymph node Lateral aortic lymph nodes Lateral aperture Lateral aperture of fourth ventricle Lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle Lateral apertures Lateral arcuate ligament Lateral arcuate ligaments Lateral basis bundle Lateral basis bundles Lateral border of scapula Lateral border of the scapula Lateral brachial cutaneous nerve Lateral brachial cutaneous nerves Lateral calcaneal branches of sural nerve Lateral calcaneal branches of sural nerves Lateral cerebrospinal fasciculus Lateral cervical ligament Lateral cervical ligaments Lateral cervical lymph node Lateral cervical lymph nodes Lateral circumflex femoral arteries Lateral circumflex femoral artery Lateral collateral ligament Lateral collateral ligament of ankle joint Lateral collateral ligament of ankle joints Lateral collateral ligament of the ankle joint Lateral collateral ligament of the ankle joints Lateral collateral ligaments Lateral collateral ligaments of ankle joints Lateral collateral ligaments of the ankle joints Lateral compartment of leg Lateral compartment of the leg Lateral compartment of the legs Lateral compartments of leg Lateral compartments of the leg Lateral compartments of the legs Lateral condyle of femur Lateral condyle of femurs Lateral condyle of the femur Lateral condyle of the femurs Lateral condyle of the tibia Lateral condyle of the tibias Lateral condyle of tibia Lateral condyle of tibias Lateral condyles of femur Lateral condyles of the femur Lateral condyles of the femurs Lateral condyles of the tibia Lateral condyles of the tibias Lateral condyles of tibia Lateral condyles of tibias Lateral cord Lateral cords Lateral cornu Lateral cornus Lateral corticospinal tract Lateral corticospinal tracts Lateral costotransverse ligament Lateral costotransverse ligaments Lateral cricoarytenoid Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle Lateral cricoarytenoid muscles Lateral cuneiform bone Lateral cuneiform bones Lateral cutaneous branch of iliohypogastric nerve Lateral cutaneous branch of iliohypogastric nerves Lateral cutaneous branch of the iliohypogastric nerve Lateral cutaneous branch of the iliohypogastric nerves Lateral cutaneous nerve Lateral cutaneous nerve of arm Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearms Lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm Lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm Lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearms Lateral cutaneous nerve of the thighs Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh Lateral cutaneous nerve of thighs Lateral cutaneous nerves Lateral cutaneous nerves of arm Lateral cutaneous nerves of forearm Lateral cutaneous nerves of the arm Lateral cutaneous nerves of the forearm Lateral cutaneous nerves of the forearms Lateral cutaneous nerves of the thigh Lateral cutaneous nerves of the thighs Lateral cutaneous nerves of thigh Lateral cutaneous nerves of thighs Lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve Lateral dorsal cutaneous nerves Lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus Lateral dorsal nucleus of the thalamus Lateral epicondyle Lateral epicondyle of femur Lateral epicondyle of humerus Lateral epicondyle of the femur Lateral epicondyle of the humerus Lateral epicondyles Lateral fasciculus Lateral fasciculus proprius Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve Lateral funiculus Lateral genicular arteries Lateral genicular artery Lateral geniculate bodies Lateral geniculate body Lateral geniculate nuclei Lateral geniculate nucleus Lateral globus pallidus Lateral grey column Lateral grey columns Lateral horn Lateral horn of spinal cord Lateral horn of the spinal cord Lateral horns of spinal cord Lateral horns of the spinal cord Lateral hyothyroid ligament Lateral hyothyroid ligaments Lateral hypothalamic nucleus Lateral hypothalamus Lateral inferior genicular artery Lateral inguinal fossa Lateral intercondylar tubercle Lateral intercondylar tubercles Lateral intermuscular septum of arm Lateral intermuscular septum of the arm Lateral intermuscular septum of the thigh Lateral intermuscular septum of thigh Lateral intraparietal cortex Lateral ligament of malleus Lateral ligament of the malleus Lateral ligaments of malleus Lateral ligaments of the malleus Lateral lingual swelling Lateral lingual swellings Lateral longitudinal stria Lateral malleal ligament Lateral malleolus Lateral marginal vein Lateral marginal veins Lateral mass of atlas Lateral mass of the atlas Lateral mass of the atlas bone Lateral menisci Lateral meniscus Lateral mesoderm Lateral nasal branch of facial artery Lateral nasal branch of the facial artery Lateral nasal cartilage Lateral nasal cartilages Lateral nasal prominence Lateral nasal prominencee Lateral nuclear group Lateral nuclear groups Lateral occipital sulcus Lateral palpebral arteries Lateral palpebral artery Lateral palpebral raphe Lateral parabrachial nucleus Lateral part of occipital bone Lateral part of the occipital bone Lateral parts of occipital bone Lateral parts of the occipital bone Lateral pectoral nerve Lateral pectoral nerves Lateral pharyngeal space Lateral pharyngeal spaces Lateral plantar Lateral plantar arteries Lateral plantar artery Lateral plantar nerve Lateral plantar nerves Lateral plate mesoderm Lateral posterior nucleus Lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus Lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus Lateral process of the zygomatic bone Lateral process of zygomatic bone Lateral proper fasciculus Lateral pterygoid Lateral pterygoid muscle Lateral pterygoid muscles Lateral pterygoid nerve Lateral pterygoid nerves Lateral pterygoid plate Lateral pterygoid plates Lateral pubovesical ligament Lateral pubovesical ligaments Lateral raphespinal tract Lateral raphespinal tracts Lateral recess Lateral rectus Lateral rectus muscle Lateral rectus muscles Lateral reticular formation Lateral reticular nucleus Lateral retinaculum Lateral root of median nerve Lateral root of the median nerve Lateral rotator group Lateral rotator groups Lateral sacral Lateral sacral arteries Lateral sacral artery Lateral sacral crest Lateral sacral vein Lateral sacral veins Lateral sacrococcygeal ligament Lateral sacrococcygeal ligaments Lateral spinothalamic tract Lateral spinothalamic tracts Lateral sulci Lateral sulcus Lateral superior genicular artery Lateral supracondylar ridge Lateral supracondylar ridges Lateral sural cutaneous nerve Lateral sural cutaneous nerves Lateral surface of sacrum Lateral surface of the sacrum Lateral swelling Lateral swellings Lateral talocalcaneal ligament Lateral talocalcaneal ligaments Lateral tarsal arteries Lateral tarsal artery Lateral terminal branch of deep fibular nerve Lateral terminal branch of the deep fibular nerve Lateral thalamic nuclei Lateral thalamic nucleus Lateral thoracic arteries Lateral thoracic artery Lateral thoracic vein Lateral thoracic veins Lateral thyrohyoid ligament Lateral thyrohyoid ligaments Lateral triangular space Lateral triangular spaces Lateral vastus muscle Lateral vastus muscles Lateral ventricle Lateral ventricles Lateral vestibular nuclei Lateral vestibular nucleus Lateralization of brain function Laterodorsal tegmental nuclei Laterodorsal tegmental nucleus Lateroposterior tegmental nuclei Lateroposterior tegmental nucleus Latissimus dorsi Latissimus dorsi muscle Latissimus dorsi muscles Latus (anatomy) Laurer's canal Laurer's canals Laurers canal Laurers canals Layer of rods and cones Layers of calvaria Layers of the calvaria Left atrial appendage Left atrioventricular opening Left atrioventricular openings Left atrioventricular orifice Left atrioventricular orifices Left bronchus Left colic arteries Left colic artery Left colic flexure Left colic vein Left colic veins Left coronary Left coronary arteries Left coronary artery Left coronary vein Left coronary veins Left gastric arteries Left gastric artery Left gastric vein Left gastric veins Left gastro-omental vein Left gastro-omental veins Left gastroepiploic arteries Left gastroepiploic artery Left gastroepiploic vein Left gastroepiploic veins Left gastroomental vein Left gastroomental veins Left heart Left hepatic duct Left iliac fossa Left inferior pulmonary vein Left inferior pulmonary veins Left lobe of liver Left lobe of the liver Left lower quadrant Left main bronchus Left margin of heart Left margin of the heart Left marginal arteries Left marginal artery Left marginal vein Left marginal veins Left primary bronchus Left principal bronchus Left pulmonary arteries Left pulmonary artery Left pulmonary vein Left pulmonary veins Left superior pulmonary vein Left superior vena cava Left triangular ligament Left triangular ligaments Left upper quadrant Left ventricle Left ventricles Left ventricular outflow tract Left ventricular outflow tracts Leg Leg compartment Leg compartments Leg hair Leg hairs Legs (disambiguation) Lemniscus trigeminalis Lens (anatomy) Lens placode Lenticular fasciculus Lenticulostriate arteries Lenticulostriate artery Lentiform nuclei Lentiform nucleus Leonardo da Vinci Science and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci Leptomeninges Lesser alar cartilage Lesser alar cartilages Lesser auricular nerve Lesser auricular nerves Lesser cornu Lesser curvature Lesser curvature of stomach Lesser curvature of the stomach Lesser curvatures Lesser multangular bone Lesser multangular bones Lesser occipital nerve Lesser occipital nerves Lesser omentum Lesser palatine arteries Lesser palatine artery Lesser palatine canal Lesser palatine canals Lesser palatine foramina Lesser palatine nerve Lesser palatine nerves Lesser pelvis Lesser petrosal nerve Lesser petrosal nerves Lesser sac Lesser sacs Lesser sciatic foramen Lesser sciatic foramens Lesser sciatic notch Lesser sciatic notches Lesser Triangle Lesser Triangles Lesser trochanter Lesser trochanters Lesser tubercle Lesser tubercles Lesser vestibular gland Lesser vestibular glands Lesser wing of sphenoid Lesser wing of sphenoid bone Lesser wing of the sphenoid Lesser wing of the sphenoid bone Levator Levator anguli oris Levator anguli oris muscle Levator anguli oris muscles Levator ani Levator ani muscle Levator ani muscles Levator ani nerve Levator ani nerves Levator claviculae Levator claviculae muscle Levator claviculae muscles Levator labii superioris Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscles Levator labii superioris muscle Levator labii superioris muscles Levator muscle Levator muscle of the thyroid gland Levator muscle of thyroid gland Levator muscles Levator muscles of thyroid gland Levator palpebrae superioris Levator palpebrae superioris muscle Levator palpebrae superioris muscles Levator scapulae Levator scapulae muscle Levator scapulae muscles Levator veli palatini Levator veli palatini muscle Levator veli palatini muscles Levatores costarum Levatores costarum muscle Levatores costarum muscles Lienophrenic ligament Lienophrenic ligaments Lienorenal ligament Lienorenal ligaments Ligament Ligament of elbow Ligament of epididymis Ligament of head of femur Ligament of head of rib Ligament of head of ribs Ligament of head of the fibula Ligament of incus Ligament of incus bone Ligament of incus bones Ligament of left vena cava Ligament of malleus Ligament of malleus bone Ligament of the elbow Ligament of the epididymis Ligament of the head of femur Ligament of the head of fibula Ligament of the head of rib Ligament of the head of ribs Ligament of the head of the fibula Ligament of the head of the rib Ligament of the incus Ligament of the incus bone Ligament of the left vena cava Ligament of the liver Ligament of the malleus Ligament of the malleus bone Ligamenta Ligamenta alaria Ligamenta anularia Ligamenta anularia tracheae Ligamenta carpometacarpalia Ligamenta carpometacarpalia palmaria Ligamenta collateralia Ligamenta collateralia articulationum interphalangealium pedis Ligamenta collateralia articulationum metacarpophalangealium Ligamenta cuneometatarsalia Ligamenta cuneometatarsalia interossea Ligamenta flava Ligamenta glenohumeralia Ligamenta intercuneiformia Ligamenta interspinalia Ligamenta intertransversaria Ligamenta metatarsalia Ligamenta metatarsalia interossea Ligamenta palmaria Ligamenta plantaria Ligamenta sternocostalia Ligamenta suspensoria Ligamenta suspensoria mammaria Ligamenta tarsometatarsalia Ligaments of elbow Ligaments of elbows Ligaments of epididymis Ligaments of head of the fibula Ligaments of heads of fibula Ligaments of heads of the fibula Ligaments of incus Ligaments of incus bone Ligaments of incus bones Ligaments of left vena cava Ligaments of liver Ligaments of malleus Ligaments of malleus bone Ligaments of malleus bones Ligaments of the elbow Ligaments of the elbows Ligaments of the epididymis Ligaments of the heads of fibula Ligaments of the heads of ribs Ligaments of the heads of the fibula Ligaments of the heads of the ribs Ligaments of the incus Ligaments of the incus bone Ligaments of the incus bones Ligaments of the left vena cava Ligaments of the liver Ligaments of the malleus Ligaments of the malleus bone Ligaments of the malleus bones Ligamentum Ligamentum acromioclaviculare Ligamentum annulare digitorum Ligamentum anococcygeum Ligamentum anulare Ligamentum anulare radii Ligamentum anulare stapedis Ligamentum apicis Ligamentum apicis dentis Ligamentum arcuatum Ligamentum arcuatum medianum Ligamentum arteriosum Ligamentum atlantoaxialis Ligamentum atlantoaxialis anterius Ligamentum atlantoaxialis posterius Ligamentum auriculare Ligamentum auriculare anterius Ligamentum auriculare posterius Ligamentum auriculare superius Ligamentum bifurcatum Ligamentum calcaneocuboideum Ligamentum calcaneocuboideum dorsale Ligamentum calcaneocuboideum plantare Ligamentum calcaneofibulare Ligamentum calcaneonaviculare plantare Ligamentum capitis Ligamentum capitis costae Ligamentum capitis costae intraarticulare Ligamentum capitis costae radiatum Ligamentum capitis femoris Ligamentum capitis fibulae Ligamentum capitis fibulae anterius Ligamentum capitis fibulae posterius Ligamentum carpi transversum Ligamentum collaterale Ligamentum collaterale articulationis talocruralis Ligamentum collaterale carpi Ligamentum collaterale carpi radiale Ligamentum collaterale carpi ulnare Ligamentum collaterale fibulare Ligamentum collaterale laterale Ligamentum collaterale laterale articulationis talocruralis Ligamentum collaterale mediale Ligamentum collaterale mediale articulationis talocruralis Ligamentum collaterale radiale Ligamentum collaterale tibiale Ligamentum collaterale ulnare Ligamentum conoideum Ligamentum coracoacromiale Ligamentum coracoclaviculare Ligamentum coracohumerale Ligamentum coronarium Ligamentum coronarium hepatis Ligamentum costoclaviculare Ligamentum cricothyreoideum Ligamentum cricothyroideum medianum Ligamentum cricotracheale Ligamentum cruciatum Ligamentum cruciatum anterius Ligamentum cruciatum cruris Ligamentum cruciatum posterius genus Ligamentum cruciforme Ligamentum cruciforme atlantis Ligamentum cruris Ligamentum cuneocuboideum Ligamentum cuneocuboideum interosseum Ligamentum cuneocuboideum plantare Ligamentum deltoideum Ligamentum denticulatum Ligamentum fundiforme Ligamentum fundiforme penis Ligamentum gastrolienale Ligamentum gastrophrenicum Ligamentum hyothyreoideum Ligamentum hyothyreoideum laterale Ligamentum iliofemorale Ligamentum iliolumbale Ligamentum incudis Ligamentum incudis posterius Ligamentum incudis superius Ligamentum inguinale Ligamentum interclaviculare Ligamentum laciniatum Ligamentum laterale articulationis temporomandibularis Ligamentum laterale pubovesicale Ligamentum latum pulmonis Ligamentum longitudinale Ligamentum longitudinale anterius Ligamentum longitudinale posterius Ligamentum mallei anterius Ligamentum malleoli lateralis anterius Ligamentum malleoli lateralis posterius Ligamentum meniscofemorale Ligamentum meniscofemorale anterius Ligamentum meniscofemorale posterius Ligamentum metacarpale Ligamentum metacarpale transversum Ligamentum metacarpale transversum profundum Ligamentum metacarpale transversum superficiale Ligamentum metacarpeum Ligamentum metatarsale Ligamentum metatarsale transversum Ligamentum ovarii Ligamentum ovarii proprium Ligamentum palpebrale mediale Ligamentum phrenicocolicum Ligamentum phrenicolienale Ligamentum phrenicosplenicum Ligamentum pisohamatum Ligamentum pisometacarpeum Ligamentum plantare Ligamentum plantare longum Ligamentum popliteum Ligamentum popliteum arcuatum Ligamentum pubicum Ligamentum pubicum inferius Ligamentum pubicum superius Ligamentum pubofemorale Ligamentum pulmonale Ligamentum quadratum Ligamentum radiocarpale Ligamentum radiocarpale dorsale Ligamentum radiocarpale palmare Ligamentum radioulnare Ligamentum radioulnare dorsale Ligamentum radioulnare palmare Ligamentum radioulnaris dorsale Ligamentum rectouterinum Ligamentum sacrococcygeum Ligamentum sacrococcygeum anterius Ligamentum sacrococcygeum dorsale Ligamentum sacrococcygeum dorsale profundum Ligamentum sacrococcygeum dorsale superficiale Ligamentum sacrococcygeum laterale Ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius Ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius profundum Ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius superficiale Ligamentum sacroiliacum Ligamentum sacroiliacum anterius Ligamentum sacroiliacum interosseum Ligamentum sacroiliacum posterius Ligamentum sacrospinosum Ligamentum sphenomandibulare Ligamentum spirale Ligamentum spirale ductus cochlearis Ligamentum splenorenale Ligamentum sternoclaviculare Ligamentum sternoclaviculare anterius Ligamentum sternoclaviculare posterius Ligamentum sternocostale Ligamentum stylohyoideum Ligamentum stylohyoideus Ligamentum stylomandibulare Ligamentum supraspinale Ligamentum suspensorium Ligamentum suspensorium axillae Ligamentum suspensorium clitoridis Ligamentum suspensorium duodeni Ligamentum suspensorium glandulae thyroideae Ligamentum suspensorium ovarii Ligamentum suspensorium penis Ligamentum suspensorium vesicae urinariae Ligamentum suspensorius duodeni Ligamentum talocalcaneum Ligamentum talocalcaneum anterius Ligamentum talocalcaneum interosseum Ligamentum talocalcaneum laterale Ligamentum talocalcaneum mediale Ligamentum talocalcaneum posterius Ligamentum talofibulare Ligamentum talofibulare anterius Ligamentum talofibulare posterius Ligamentum talonaviculare Ligamentum temporomandibulare Ligamentum teres (disambiguation) Ligamentum teres femoris Ligamentum teres uteri Ligamentum thyreohyoideum Ligamentum thyreohyoideum medianum Ligamentum thyrohyoideum Ligamentum thyrohyoideum laterale Ligamentum thyrohyoideum medianum Ligamentum tibiofibulare Ligamentum tibiofibulare anterius Ligamentum tibiofibulare medium Ligamentum tibiofibulare posterius Ligamentum transversum Ligamentum transversum acetabuli Ligamentum transversum atlantis Ligamentum transversum carpi Ligamentum transversum cruris Ligamentum transversum genus Ligamentum transversum humeri Ligamentum transversum inferius Ligamentum transversum scapulae Ligamentum transversum scapulae inferius Ligamentum transversum scapulae superius Ligamentum trapezoideum Ligamentum triangulare Ligamentum triangulare dextrum hepatis Ligamentum triangulare sinistrum hepatis Ligamentum umbilicale Ligamentum umbilicale mediale Ligamentum umbilicale medianum Ligamentum venae cavae sinistrae Ligamentum venosum Limb (anatomy) Limb bud Limb buds Limb development Limb of internal capsule Limb of the internal capsule Limbal ring Limbal rings Limbic lobe Limbic lobes Limbic system Limbic systems Limbs of internal capsules Limbs of the internal capsules Limbus corneae Limbus fossae ovalis Limbus laminae Limbus laminae spiralis Limbus laminae spiralis ossi Limbus of fossa ovalis Limbus spiralis Limbus vertebra Limen insulae Limiting membrane Limiting membranes Linburg-Comstock syndrome *** Line of Gennari Linea alba Linea alba (abdomen) Linea anocutanea Linea arcuata Linea arcuata ossis ilii Linea arcuata ossis ilium Linea arcuata vaginae Linea arcuata vaginae musculi recti abdominis Linea aspera Linea axillaris Linea axillaris anterior Linea axillaris media Linea axillaris posterior Linea glutea Linea glutea anterior Linea glutea inferior Linea glutea posterior Linea intertrochanterica Linea mediana anterior Linea mediana posterior Linea musculi solei Linea mylohyoidea Linea mylohyoidea mandibulae Linea nigra Linea nuchae Linea obliqua Linea obliqua cartilaginis thyreodis Linea obliqua cartilaginis thyreoideae Linea obliqua cartilaginis thyreoidis Linea obliqua cartilaginis thyrodis Linea obliqua cartilaginis thyroideae Linea obliqua cartilaginis thyroidis Linea pecten ossis pubis Linea pectinata Linea pectinea Linea scapularis Linea semilunaris Linea splendens Linea supracondylaris Linea supracondylaris lateralis Linea supracondylaris medialis Linea temporalis Linea temporalis inferior Linea temporalis inferior ossis parietalis Linea temporalis ossis parietalis Linea temporalis superior Linea temporalis superior ossis parietalis Linea terminalis Linea terminalis pelvis Linea trapezoidea Lineae axillares *** Lingual arteries Lingual artery Lingual bone Lingual bones Lingual branch Lingual branches Lingual branches of glossopharyngeal nerve Lingual branches of hypoglossal nerve Lingual branches of the glossopharyngeal nerve Lingual branches of the hypoglossal nerve Lingual foramen Lingual foramina Lingual gyri Lingual gyrus Lingual nerve Lingual nerves Lingual papilla Lingual papillae Lingual septa Lingual septum Lingual swelling Lingual swellings Lingual tonsil Lingual tonsils Lingual vein Lingual veins Lingula of cerebellum Lingula of left lung Lingula of mandible Lingula of the cerebellum Lingula of the left lung Lingula of the mandible Lingula pulmonis Lingula pulmonis sinistri Lip Lips Liquor folliculi Lisfranc articulation Lisfranc articulations Lisfranc joint Lisfranc joints Lisfranc ligament Lisfranc ligaments List of abductors List of abductors in the body List of abductors in the human body List of abductors of the human body List of adductors List of adductors in the body List of adductors in the human body List of adductors of the human body List of anatomical isthmi List of anatomical landmarks List of anatomical lines List of anatomical variations List of arteries List of arteries in the body List of arteries in the human body List of arteries of the human body List of bones List of bones in the body List of bones in the human body List of bones in the skeleton List of bones of the human skeleton List of bones of the skeleton List of brain regions List of cell types in the body List of cell types in the human body List of cells in the body List of depressors List of depressors in the body List of depressors in the human body List of depressors of the human body List of distinct cell types in the adult human body List of elevators List of elevators in the body List of elevators in the human body List of elevators of the body List of elevators of the human body List of extensors List of extensors in the body List of extensors in the human body List of extensors of the human body List of external rotators List of external rotators in the body List of external rotators in the human body List of external rotators of the body List of external rotators of the human body List of flexors List of flexors in the body List of flexors in the human body List of flexors of the body List of flexors of the human body List of foramina List of foramina in the body List of foramina in the human body List of foramina of the body List of foramina of the human body List of glands List of glands in the body List of glands in the human body List of glands of the body List of glands of the human body List of human anatomical features List of human anatomical parts named after people List of human anatomical regions List of human bones List of human foramina List of human muscles List of human nerves List of human organs List of human positions List of internal rotators List of internal rotators in the body List of internal rotators in the human body List of internal rotators of the body List of internal rotators of the human body List of lumbar nerve List of lumbar nerves List of lymph nodes List of lymph nodes in the body List of lymph nodes in the human body List of lymph nodes of the body List of lymph nodes of the human body List of lymphatic nodes of the human body List of medical wikis List of movements of the human body List of muscles List of muscles in the body List of muscles in the human body List of muscles of the body List of nerves List of nerves in the body List of nerves in the human body List of nerves of the body List of nerves of the human body List of organs List of organs in the body List of organs in the human body List of organs of the body List of organs of the human body List of reflexes List of regions in the brain List of regions in the human brain List of related male and female reproductive organs List of skeletal muscles of the human body List of specialized glands within the human integumentary system List of superficial anatomical features List of systems in the body List of systems in the human body List of systems of the body List of systems of the human body List of the lumbar nerve List of the lumbar nerves List of veins List of veins in the body List of veins in the human body List of veins of the human body Lister's tubercle Lister's tubercles Listers tubercle Listers tubercles Little finger Little fingers Littre gland Littre glands Littre's gland Littre's glands Littres gland Littres glands Mondino de Liuzzi Liver Liver ligament Liver ligaments Liver lobe Liver lobes Liver lobule Liver lobules Liver sinusoid Liver sinusoids Livers Lobe (anatomy) Lobe of pituitary gland Lobe of the pituitary gland Lobes of brain Lobes of pituitary glands Lobes of the brain Lobes of the pituitary glands Lobes of the thyroid gland Lobes of thyroid gland Lobi renales Lobule Lobule (anatomy) Lobule of auricle Lobule of the auricle Lobules Lobules of liver Lobules of testis Lobules of the liver Lobules of the testis Lobuli auricularum Lobuli corticales renis Lobuli glandulae thyreoidis Lobuli glandulae thyroidis Lobuli hepatis Lobuli testis Lobulus auriculae Lobulus biventer Lobulus paracentralis Lobulus parietalis inferior Lobus anterior cerebelli Lobus anterior hypophyseos Lobus frontalis Lobus glandularis hypophyseos Lobus hepatis Lobus hepatis dexter Lobus hepatis sinister Lobus limbicus Lobus nervosa Lobus nervosa hypophyseos Lobus occipitalis Lobus parietalis Lobus posterior cerebelli Lobus posterior hypophyseos Lobus quadratus Lockwood's ligament Lockwood's ligaments Lockwoods ligament Lockwoods ligaments Locus caeruleus Locus ceruleus Locus coeruleus Loin Long bone Long bones Long buccal nerve Long buccal nerves Long ciliary nerve Long ciliary nerves Long gyrus of insula Long gyrus of the insula Long plantar ligament Long plantar ligaments Long posterior ciliary arteries Long posterior ciliary artery Long saphenous nerve Long saphenous nerves Long saphenous vein Long saphenous veins Long sphenopalatine nerve Long sphenopalatine nerves Long thoracic vein Long thoracic veins Long toe Long toes Longissimum Longissimus Longissimus capitis Longissimus muscle Longissimus muscles Longitudinal arch of foot Longitudinal arch of the foot Longitudinal callosal fascicle Longitudinal callosal fascicles Longitudinal cerebral fissure Longitudinal cerebral fissures Longitudinal fasciculi Longitudinal fasciculus Longitudinal fissure Longitudinal fissures Longitudinal ligament Longitudinal ligaments Longitudinal muscle of the tongue Longitudinal muscle of tongue Longitudinal muscles of the tongue Longitudinal muscles of the tongues Longitudinal muscles of tongue Longitudinal muscles of tongues Longitudinal stria Longitudinal striae of Lancisi Longus capitis Longus capitis muscle Longus capitis muscles Longus colli Longus colli muscle Longus colli muscles Loop of Henle Loose circumsision Loose connective tissue Low pressure receptor zone Low pressure receptor zones Low-set ears Lower abdominals Lower extremities Lower extremity Lower extremity of femur Lower extremity of humerus Lower extremity of radius Lower extremity of the femur Lower extremity of the humerus Lower extremity of the radius Lower extremity of the tibia Lower extremity of the ulna Lower extremity of tibia Lower extremity of ulna Lower gastrointestinal tract Lower gastrointestinal tracts Lower leg Lower leg fracture Lower leg fractures Lower legs Lower limb Lower limbs Lower lip Lower motor neuron Lower motor neurons Lower oesophageal sphincter Lower oesophageal sphincters Lower respiratory tract Lower respiratory tracts Lower subscapular nerve Lower subscapular nerves Lower triangular space Lumbar Lumbar arteries Lumbar artery Lumbar branch Lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery Lumbar branch of the iliolumbar artery Lumbar ganglia Lumbar lymph node Lumbar lymph nodes Lumbar lymph trunk Lumbar lymph trunks Lumbar nerve Lumbar nerves Lumbar plexus Lumbar plexuses Lumbar spinal nerve 1 Lumbar spinal nerve 2 Lumbar spinal nerve 3 Lumbar spinal nerve 4 Lumbar spinal nerve 5 Lumbar splanchnic nerve Lumbar splanchnic nerves Lumbar triangle Lumbar triangles Lumbar vein Lumbar veins Lumbar vertebra Lumbar vertebrae Lumbarization Lumbocostal arch Lumbocostal arches Lumbocostal ligament Lumbocostal ligaments Lumbocostal triangle Lumbocostal triangles Lumbodorsal fascia Lumbodorsal fasciae Lumboinguinal nerve Lumboinguinal nerves Lumbosacral articulation Lumbosacral articulations Lumbosacral joint Lumbosacral joints Lumbosacral plexus Lumbosacral plexuses Lumbosacral trunk Lumbosacral trunks Lumbricales manus Lumbricals of foot Lumbricals of hand Lumbricals of the foot Lumbricals of the hand Lumen (anatomy) Lumen of the uterus Lumen of uterus Lunate bone Lunate bones Lunate sulci Lunate sulcus Lund's node Lund's nodes Lunds node Lunds nodes Lung Lung receptor Lung receptors Lungs Lunula (anatomy) Luschka's articulation Luschka's articulations Luschka's crypt Luschka's crypts Luschka's joint Luschka's joints Luschkas articulation Luschkas articulations Luschkas crypt Luschkas crypts Luschkas joint Luschkas joints Luz (bone) Lying (position) Lymph Lymph capillaries Lymph capillary Lymph duct Lymph ducts Lymph node Lymph node stromal cell Lymph node stromal cells Lymph nodes Lymph sac Lymph sacs Lymph trunk Lymph trunks Lymph vessel Lymph vessels Lymphangion Lymphatic capillaries Lymphatic capillary Lymphatic duct Lymphatic ducts Lymphatic system Lymphatic systems Lymphatic vessel Lymphatic vessels Lymphoglandulae hepaticae Lymphoglandulae lumbales Lymphoid sheath Lymphoid sheaths M sternalis M. caninus Maceration (bone) Mackenrodt's ligament Mackenrodt's ligaments Mackenrodts ligament Mackenrodts ligaments Macronymphia Macrophage Macrophagic myofasciitis Macula adhaerens Macula adherens Macula adherentes Macula densa Macula densa cell Macula densa cells Macula lutea Macula of retina Macula of saccule Macula of the retina Macula of the saccule Maculae adhaerentes Maculae adherentes Madreporite Magnocellular cell Magnocellular cells Magnocellular red nuclei Magnocellular red nucleus Magnus raphe nucleus Main bronchi Main bronchus Major calices Major calyx Major circulus arteriosus of iris Major circulus arteriosus of the iris Major duodenal papilla Major duodenal papillae Major sublingual duct Major sublingual ducts Malar arch Malar arches Malar bone Malar bones Malar branch Malar branch of facial nerve Malar branch of facial nerves Malar branch of the facial nerve Malar branch of the facial nerves Malar branch of the zygomatic nerve Malar branch of the zygomatic nerves Malar branch of zygomatic nerve Malar branch of zygomatic nerves Malar branches of facial nerve Malar branches of facial nerves Malar branches of the facial nerve Malar branches of the facial nerves Malar process of maxilla Malar process of maxilla bone Malar process of the maxilla Malar process of the maxilla bone Malar processes of maxilla bones Malar processes of the maxilla bones Male accessory gland Male Accessory Glands Male genital system Male genital systems Male reproductive system Male reproductive systems Malleolar arteries Malleolar artery Malleolar canal Malleolar canals Malleolus Malleus Malpighi's pyramid Malpighi's pyramids Malpighian bodies Malpighian bodies of spleen Malpighian bodies of the spleen Malpighian capsule Malpighian capsules Malpighian corpuscle Malpighian corpuscles Malpighian pyramid Malpighian pyramids Malpighis pyramid Malpighis pyramids Mammary alveoli Mammary alveolus Mammary crest Mammary crests Mammary gland Mammary gland development Mammary glands Mammelons Mammillary bodies Mammillary body Mammillary process Mammillary processes Mammillothalamic fasciculi Mammillothalamic fasciculus Mandible Mandibles Mandibular angle Mandibular canal Mandibular canals Mandibular canine Mandibular canines Mandibular central incisor Mandibular central incisors Mandibular first molar Mandibular first molars Mandibular first premolar Mandibular first premolars Mandibular foramen Mandibular foramina Mandibular fossa Mandibular fossae Mandibular incisive canal Mandibular incisive canals Mandibular incisor Mandibular incisors Mandibular lateral incisor Mandibular lateral incisors Mandibular lymph node Mandibular lymph nodes Mandibular molar Mandibular molars Mandibular nerve Mandibular nerves Mandibular notch Mandibular notches Mandibular premolar Mandibular premolars Mandibular prominence Mandibular prominences Mandibular second molar Mandibular second molars Mandibular second premolar Mandibular second premolars Mandibular symphyses Mandibular symphysis Mantle zone Mantle zones Manubrium Manus (anatomy) Margin of pancreas Margin of scapula Margin of the pancreas Margin of the scapula Marginal arteries Marginal arteries of colon Marginal artery Marginal artery of colon Marginal artery of the colon Marginal lamina Marginal laminae Marginal nuclei of spinal cord Marginal nuclei of the spinal cord Marginal nucleus of spinal cord Marginal nucleus of the spinal cord Marginal sulci Marginal sulcus Marginal vein Marginal veins Margins of pancreas Margins of scapula Margins of the pancreas Margins of the scapula Margo anterior corporis pancreatis Margo cordis Margo dexter cordis Margo inferior Margo inferior corporis pancreatis Margo infraorbitalis Margo lateralis scapulae Margo medialis scapulae Margo scapulae Margo superior Margo superior corporis pancreatis Margo superior scapulae Marionette lines Massa lateralis atlantis Masseter Masseter muscle Masseter muscles Masseteric arteries Masseteric artery Masseteric fascia Masseteric fasciae Masseteric nerve Masseteric nerves Mastication Mastication muscles Masticatorii Mastoid antrum Mastoid canaliculus Mastoid cell Mastoid cells Mastoid foramen Mastoid foramina Mastoid lymph node Mastoid lymph nodes Mastoid notch Mastoid notches Mastoid part of temporal bone Mastoid part of the temporal bone Mastoid process Mastoid processes Mastoid wall of the tympanic cavity Mastoid wall of tympanic cavity Matrix unguis Maxilla Maxillary arteries Maxillary artery Maxillary canine Maxillary canines Maxillary central incisor Maxillary central incisors Maxillary first molar Maxillary first molars Maxillary first premolar Maxillary first premolars Maxillary hiatus Maxillary incisor Maxillary incisors Maxillary lateral incisor Maxillary lateral incisors Maxillary molars Maxillary nerve Maxillary nerves Maxillary premolar Maxillary premolars Maxillary process Maxillary process of inferior nasal concha Maxillary process of the inferior nasal concha Maxillary processes Maxillary second molar Maxillary second molars Maxillary second premolar Maxillary second premolars Maxillary sinus Maxillary sinuses Maxillary tuberosity Maxillary vein Maxillary veins Maylard Incision Meatus Meatus acusticus Meatus acusticus externus Meatus acusticus internus Meatus nasi Meatus nasi inferior Meatus nasi medius Meatus nasi superior Meatus urinarius Meatuses Meaty ridge Meaty ridges Meckel's cartilage Meckel's cartilages Meckel's cave Meckel's caves Meckel's diverticulum Meckel's diverticulums Meckel's ganglion Meckel's ganglions Meckels cartilage Meckels cartilages Meckels cave Meckels caves Meckels diverticulum Meckels diverticulums Meckels ganglion Meckels ganglions Medial (anatomy) Medial anterior malleolar arteries Medial anterior malleolar artery Medial aperture of fourth ventricle Medial aperture of the fourth ventricle Medial arcuate ligament Medial arcuate ligaments Medial axillary space Medial axillary spaces Medial bicipital groove Medial bicipital grooves Medial border of scapula Medial border of the scapula Medial borders of scapula Medial borders of the scapula Medial calcaneal branch Medial calcaneal branches Medial calcaneal branches of the tibial nerve Medial calcaneal branches of tibial nerve Medial canthal tendon Medial canthal tendons Medial circumflex femoral arteries Medial circumflex femoral artery Medial cleft Medial clefts Medial cluneal nerve Medial cluneal nerves