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     NOTE:This article has nothing to do with Star Wars history it is merely all my imagination.

Hello I am Prince John Shakahakanaka,a user here on Wikipedia.I was once the Prince of Naboo.I am now a Jedi Master.My apprentice,Aaura Sefura, a blue Twi'lek,is a descendent of Aayla Secura.

During my days as prince of Naboo,I traveled to distant planets helping people out especially on Felucia and Tatooine. Once,I traveled to Felucia and was attacked by aSith cult named the Disciples of Ragnos.I encountered a red Twi'lek named Alora.She had trapped me in a dungeon full of acklays and a really foul smell.The last of my crew,Aaura Sefura,the blue Twi'lek who was one of my servents,had hidden on my ship and sent a distress signal to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Soon enough,a group of Jedi arrived.Luke Skywalker,Kyle Katarn,and Jaden Korr were the 3 Jedi sent.Jaden,in a duel with Alora lost his lightsaber.I picked it up,killed the ackly trying to devour me,and fought Alora with elegance and no force knowledge.After defeating Alora,she escaped and I resigned as a prince,and freed Aaura,and we became Jedi.As Jedi we trained hard to become good.Soon enough me and my apprentice had built our own lightsabers on Mygeeto where cryatals were.We built our lightsabers.I built two,a blue one and a purple one,Aaura built just a blue one.Then,after many months I was ranked from Knight to Master.Aaura from Padawan to Knight,and we became master and apprentice.I trained Aaura,my apprentice,well.Then,the time had come for the hardest mission we could ever imagine.The Battle of Naboo II,a group of Imperials had taken control of Naboo,and reactivated the Trade Federation droid army.They had taken hostages,and killed the new Queen,Prince,and Princess.Me and Aaura led a large Jedi assault team to Naboo.This is where the hard part began.
===The Battle of Naboo II===

It was 21 ABY,and we charged at the huge army.All I saw were lightsabers glimming and bolots ablazing.Many imerials and droids fell,but so did many Jedi.The Naboo army finally arrived,and Naboo starfighters dropped bombs onto the imperials and droids,the on-ground army fired at them,and after that was over,we had to find the camp.And where in the blazes did the imperials reactivate the droid army? We were tired,hungry,and thirsty,we charged through each imperial building,but found no info.Finally we found a landed Star Destroyer.Inside were many troops and droids.We defeated them all,and found a data chip.We put it in and found out a Sith Lord was behind all this.A reserectued Sith Lord was behind all this.Darth Maul was behind all this.The data showed Maul killing tall humanoids on a firey planet,amnd entering an old base and pressng buttons and droids rising.Then,it came through me....Mustafar!
===Tracking Maul===
After the long battle was over,256 Jedi returned to the Academy after the 400 that were sent.Master Skywalker had asked what we had found,and revealed that Darth Maul had been reserectted.Me and Aaura showed him the data chip.He watched in horror and disbelief.When it was over he gave me a long sigh.The Sith are back,was all he said after walking away.Later,he told me and Aaura to track Maul and to kill him as soon as possible.He was a great threat now and more powerful than ever.We tracked Maul to Iridonia,his homeland.He told us that he was 

reserectued by the Disciples of Ragnos ten years ago in 11 ABY to lead them,the Jedi had thought Tavion,a former Jedi was the leader,but that was part of the trick.He was. He became obsessed with power,and took control of the Imperials,unleashed new troop forms like the Supertroopers (blue stormtroopers who held a red lightsaber).We dueled him,but lost.He escape in his shuttle,and we went back to the Academy.