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Honourable Nunufa'ikea Tuita Kahomovailahi was the 4th son of Honourable Kahomovailahi Lolohea Tuita and Her Royal Highness Princess Finaukovi Tu'iHa'apai (Daughter of His Highness King Po'oi Tupouto'a Tu'iHa'apai and his wife Palu). Nunufa'ikea passed away at a younger age only leaving one son behind. He married Her Royal Highness Princess Paluleleva Mulikiha'amea (Daughter of His Highness King Vilimulikiha'amea Tu'iHa'atakalaua and his wife Teuteufaiva). In their union she bore a son Honourable Penisimani Latuselu and as the TUITA title became more predominant in tongan Nobility the grandchildren of Kahomovailahi used a shortened 'KAHO' as their family name. Penisimani Latuselu's first cousin Honourable Siaosi Ulukivaiola TUITA then became the sole holder of the title TUITA after taking it back from their uncle Honourable Po'oi Niutupu'ivaha TUITA as the rightful heir apparent to the TUITA title being the son of the eldest son of KAHOMOVAILAHI TUITA and his descendant Captain The Honourable Sosaia Ma'ulupekotofa TUITA is the current title holder and LORD TUITA).

Honourable Penisimani Latuselu Kaho (now installed as his last name) later became a Reverend of the Wesleyan Church of Tonga. After the early death of his father Nunufa'ikea his mother Paluleleva remarried to Makapapa Koate Talia'uli. Makapapa adopted Penisimani as his own son and helped raise him with Paluleleva. Paluleleva also had three previous children from a Previous marriage to Avala'aetau Naufahu. Her children from this marriage were Tupouniua, Lutui Palelei and Paluleleva'he'imoana.

Honourable Penisimani Latuselu Kaho first married Kasalaine Fakaheka Vaka of Niuatoputapu. She was the daughter of Ma'ili mei Tonga Tauvaka and Henoa Tupa. In this union he had issue to two daughters: 1. HONOURABLE KASANITA NOA'ISIAPUA KAHO 2. HONOURABLE NGALUAFE'FINE MA'U KAHO Honourable Kasanita Noa'isiapua Kaho had a child with Aminiasi Fonovai of Niuatoputapu her name was: 1. Honourable Mele Polotu Fonovai After that relationship ended she married Taniela Faka'anga Langi (son of Mosese Puakahetau Langi-CHIEF LASIKE and Loata). He was also the first Weslyean missionary sent to Niuatoputapu by his brother Viliami Langi who was the Spiritual/Christian advisor to TUPOU I. In this union they had issue to eleven children: 1. Honourable Ana Ha'ofanga Langi 2. Honourable Losa He'imoana Langi (Married Mesuilame Kuma TUISE direct descendant of His Majesty KING Latumailangi Utuma'atu Puakatefisi MA'ATU and to the title of Ma'atu). 3. Honourable Teuteufaiva Langi 4. Honourable Amelia Asi Langi 5. Honourable Asikuila Langi 6. Honourable Mele Finaukovi Langi 7. Honourable Mele Fifita Langi 8. Honourable Penisimani Latuselu Langi 9. Honourable Alekisanita Maomaokihelotu Langi 10. Honourable Ma'u Mounu Langi 11. Honourable Kaveinga Langi He then moved around as a missionary spreading the wisdom of the church to a ever changing Tonga. On his travels he met a second partner in Naulongo'akau Luifalefisi (A descendant to the TU'I TONGA bloodline). He had issue to two sons and two daughters from this union: 1. HONOURABLE SIONE LATUSELU 2. HONOURABLE MELE MUIMUI LATUSELU 3. HONOURABLE TILITI LATUSELU 4. HONOURABLE ILAISE LATUSELU These children carried the last name Latuselu which was not uncommon in Tonga to take on the name of your father as a last name just like Nunufa'ikea did as mentioned above. The descendants of the LATUSELU family coming from this line originate from him. Lastly Penisimani found a partnership with his First cousin HONOURABLE ILAISA'ANE TUPOU'AHAU MAEALIUAKI (daughter of His Highness Honourable Prince MAEALIUKI FATUKIMOTULALO TU'IKANOUKUPOLU/TU'IHA'ATAKALAU and his wife IKATONGA). The practice of the royal family through history has been to marry relatives with close blood ties in order to keep the royal blood in tact. This practice has been going on for centuries and although this was a common practice many Royal family members and Nobles frowned upon the union. As Penisimani was Tupou'ahau's cousin through her father and his mother that made Penisimani the 'fahu' on Tupou'ahau. To simply disrespect a marriage proposal or union from your 'fahu' or 'Mehekitanga's son' was not the easiest to do. Such a union from such distinct bloodlines TU'IKANOKUPOLU and TU'IHA'ATAKALAUA and TU'IHA'ATEIHO coming from both Penisimani and Tupou'ahu caused an uproar in the Royal family. This wasn't an attempt at a power gain but some members of the royal family felt threatened by their union. In this union Penisimani had issue to one daughter: 1. HONOURABALE SIOSI'ANA TONGOVUA TAE MANUSA She was perhaps the Highest ranking tongan royal woman alive after the death of the last TAMAHA. She married Honourable Sioeli Kivalu MA'ATU (high chief of NIUATOPUTAPU) and had issue: 1. HONOURABLE OFAKIVAVA'U MA'ATU 2. HONOURABLE SIONE PANUVE MA'ATU 3. HONOURABLE MA'AFU'O'TU'ITONGA MA'ATU These were the direct descendants of the KING LATUMAILANGI UTUMA'ATU PUAKATEFISI MA'ATU, King of NIUA. Ofakivava'u was put forward to marry the KING GEORGE TUPOU II but he declined to marrying her instead chose Lavinia Veiongo of NIUA FO'OU (great grand daughter of the last TU'ITONGA). The story was when Tupou II was looking for a wife Ofakivava'u came as a perfect candidate because of her strong bloodlines both through TU'IHA'ATAKALAUA and TU'IKANOKUPOLU but also directly from her father the TU'I TONGA FEFINE, TU'I LAKEPA and MA'ATU(KINGS TITLE OF NIUA). In her own right Ofakivava'u was not only a daughter of a noble but the rightful royal heir to the Island of Niuatoputapu and she was in every sense considered a QUEEN already. When meeting TUPOU II for the marriage proposal she sat on a chair as in to say I am equal to you a fairly huge statement from a QUEEN to a KING. Lavinia Veiongo was also present at this same time however she was sitting on the floor as a respected position but also because she didn't have the high ranking stature as Ofakivava'u she had to only obey and sit respectfully. After declining to marry Ofakivava'u she passed away and most say it was from a broken heart, some say she truly missed TUPOU II. After the death of Lavinia Veiongo Tupou II needed to find another wife. The perfect candidate was actually found in Ofakivava'u's half sister Anaseini Takipo. Honourable SIOSI'ANA TONGOVUA TAE MANUSA married secondly to Tevita Ula Afuha'amango and had issue: 1. HONOURABLE VIKA KAUFUSI AFUHA'AMANGO 2. HER MAJESTY QUEEN OF TONGA, QUEEN ANASEINI TAKIPO TUPOU 3. HONOURABLE MELE LIUMEITUPOU MUIMUI PALELEI KOVI'A TUKU'AHO AFUHA'AMANGO Queen Takipo gave birth to two beautiful daughters with Tupou II: 1. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS ELISIVA FUSIPALA FATAFEHI TAUKI'ONELUA TUPOU (died months after birth) 2. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCESS ELISIVA FUSIPALA TAUKI'ONETUKU TUPOU (died without any children) Vika Kaufusi had an illegitimate daughter who also belonged to Tupou II: 1. Tupou Maluhola


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