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James U. Cross
Brigadier General James U. Cross.jpg
Born (1925-04-25)April 25, 1925
Covington County, Alabama
Nationality American
Occupation United States Air Force Brigadier General
Known for Pilot of Air Force One, author

James Underwood Cross (born 1925) is a retired United States Air Force Brigadier General and author of Around the world with LBJ: my wild ride as Air Force One Pilot, White House Aide, and Personal Confidant, with Denise Gamino and Gary Rice. He was a military aide and chief Air Force One pilot under United States President Lyndon B. Johnson.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Cross was born on April 25, 1925 to James Kension Cross and Susie Jesse Wells Cross. His family moved around the South looking for work, but after Cross turned ten, he went to live with his grandparents in Pleasant Home, Alabama. Cross joined the Army in 1943, reporting for duty on June 24, 1943. He was married to Marie Campbell of Austin, Texas in July 1945.


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