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Hyperspectral and Chemical Imaging
Copyright@2009 by V.I. Prisecaru et al.
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Hyperspectral and Chemical Imaging[edit]

Copyright@2009 by V.I. Prisecaru et al.[edit]

Hyperspectral Imaging and Microspectroscopy
Fourier transform spectroscopy
Imaging spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging
2D-FT NMRI and Spectroscopy
Hyperspectral imaging
Chemical imaging
Multispectral imaging
Infrared imaging
Fluorescence, Raman and X-ray Imaging
Raman imaging
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy(CARS)
Fluorescence microscopy
Four-wave mixing
Fluorescence imaging
Multiphoton fluorescence microscopy
Resonant energy transfer(RET)
Förster resonance energy transfer(FRET)
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy(FLIM)
Confocal laser scanning microscopy(CSLM)
Confocal microspectroscopy
TIRF Microspectroscopy(ATR Microspectroscopy)
Molecular imaging
X-ray Imaging
Synchrotron X-ray tomographic microscopy
Full Spectral Imaging and Dynamic Imaging
Full Spectral Imaging
Dynamic Images
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