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I (still) ATEN'T DED.


I had a rather checkered wiki career in the distant wiki past, having been indefinitely blocked 4 times, and banned for 90 days by arbcom at the tail end of 2007.

At the start of 2011, I found this website a fascinating place to be around (I got a little bored after that) - I'm happy to talk about anything if you like, though I can bang on a bit! See if you can spot me amongst my 'sockpuppets' below;

User:Petesmiles - not me.
User:Purples - not me.

I also created the following accounts for fun, silliness and demonstration and take full responsibility for their 37 edits....

User:BigOleBarry - nuh uh.
User:AGK - nearly!

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- Regret Tenenbaum (talk)