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21 This user was born June 24, 1985.
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An Introduction by Narmer of Egypt

Pro Grape, or Professional Grape as is his preferred styling (though his close acquaintances and friends are allowed the honour of calling him, simply, Grape; I am one such person, and so will take the liberty of using his familiar name, though more with the purpose of conciseness in mind than that of demonstrating my acquaintanceship with him; for, in reality, I am a mere minion in comparison to the many in his wide social circle), currently resides in Canada. As one might have supposed after reading his name, he is a professional grape; that is, he is a grape by profession. There is very little information available as to what exactly this position entails, but many sources indicate that they have been assured by Grape himself that it is indeed a very demanding and time-consuming passtime, not one to be taken on lightly. One cannot help but sympathise with such an excellent and illustrious fellow, as these days it seems there is precious little time for leisure, at least for the ambitious at heart (as it seems the man under discussion must be).