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Welcome to my page. When I find time, will keep update this page.  :)

I am a engineer by profession. My day job is building electronic devices and gizmos.

My interest is in gardening, reading books and listening to music. Here in WP, have been active from late 2012. Find it interesting. Most of editors I found are supportive and stimulating to work with. And oh yes, some editors are very very difficult.

These are few of pages that I had created and contributed to

I Am That - a book for meditation and contemplation. Read this books slowly. Read just one chapter a day and spend your day contemplating on its message.

Deepti Omchery Bhalla - heard her first on youtube, when I was doing some research on the bhajan by Sri Tulsidas. Was entranced by her beautiful rendering.

These are other pages that I have been contributing to

Ashtavakra Gita - an unique book that deals with the mystical experience of the Self.

Anthony de Mello - a Jesuit priest from India. His books are a pleasure to read and loved by all spiritual seekers.

Kalki Bhagavan - a spiritual master from India, whom I respect.

Shivarahasya Purana - an ancient Hindu spiritual text. At the heart of this book is Ribhu Gita, a discussion on the Supreme Brahman between Sage Ribhu and Sage Nidagha. As my task, I have taken up developing this section on Ribhu Gita. My work is in progress.

Do add your comments in my talk page, regarding any pages that I have created or edited.


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