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Saša Šantić, Our Heritage, 2007., oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, Mostar. I'm a painter, profesor of Visual Arts, and a novelist. I live and work in Mostar, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm largely interested in Visual Arts of all kind and I mostly write about history and art history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, also history and culture of Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The articles related to Croatia, Croats and South Slavs are also the subject of my contributions to Wikipedia. I am also interested in art history of various political, geographical and historical regions of Europe (especially regions of Former Yugoslavia, Balkans, Central Europe, and Western Europe.
hrOvaj suradnik govori hrvatski kao materinski jezik.
shMaterinski jezik ovoga korisnika je srpskohrvatski.
Матерњи језик овога корисника је хрватскосрпски.
bs-4Ovaj korisnik tečno govori bosanski.
cnr-4Ovaj korisnik tečno govori
crnogorski jezik.
Овај корисник течно говори
црногорски језик.
sr-4Овај корисник течно говори српски језик.
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fr-2Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
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My contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

  • Here is my page on Bosnian Wikipedia:

  • Here is my page on Croatian Wikipedia:

  • Here is also my photo gallery:

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