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I am a Research Professor in Palaeoanthropology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa where I have lived since 1989 and an Explorer in Residence for the National Geographic Society. I grew up in Georgia in the United States. I am a strong supporter of open access to scientific data and I have written on this topic. I have been writing and editing for Wikipedia since 2007 and have started numerous articles - largely based on my own research or expeditions I have undertaken. I am also attempting to contribute my wildlife photos to appropriate articles.

Photo of Professor Lee R. Berger. Photo by Brett Eloff, courtesy of Lee R. Berger

Articles I have created:

Pages I have contributed photos to:

Leopards,Golden jackal,Palau Nautilus,Lions,Hippopotomus,Cheetah,Baboon,Jellyfish,Mount Kilimanjaro,Dwarf mongoose,Scrub Hare,African Elephant,Impala,Guineafowl,Red-billed Oxpecker,Serval,Weaver bird,Bushbuck,Hartebeest,Wildebeest,Superb Starling,African buffalo,Kori Bustard,Thomson's gazelle, Malapa, Long-tailed potoo, Australopithecus sediba among many others. Search for "Lee R. Berger" on Wikimedia Commons to see the complete list and where they are used.

You can read my various articles and find out more about me on my website [[1]] or look me up on Google Scholar for a complete list of scientific publications.