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About Prom77[edit]

I am a longtime Wikipedia user and creator of minor edits. I intend to become more active in the Wikipedia community in the near future. Consider this page a placeholder until I find my footing.

Favorite Articles[edit]

The following selection of articles is representative of some of my interests. I also use this list as a personal bookmarking system across computers.

Genres of Fantastic Literature[edit]

Bangsian fantasy
Contemporary fantasy
Hard science fiction
New Wave (science fiction)
Planetary romance
Science fantasy
Social science fiction
Soft science fiction
Space opera
Sword and planet

Tropes of the Fantastic[edit]

Big Dumb Object
Fictional country

Metafiction and Meta-Thought[edit]


Mythology, Folklore & Legend[edit]

Quivira and Cibola

Strange Real-World Phenomena[edit]

Anthropodermic bibliopegy

Lists and Categories[edit]

Latin profanity
List of Latin phrases (full)
List of oldest companies
Methods of divination