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About me[edit]

I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley. I'm interested in science and won a bunch of trophies in Science (UIL test) in high school. I have an interest in all forms of music that I developed while playing trumpet from grades 6-11. After high school, I spent four years in the Navy as an electrician.

I earned a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Texas-Pan American with minors in Math and Electrical Engineering. My senior thesis was a project that integrated a personal computer into an automobile. I was in the student chapters of ACM, SHPE, and IEEE.

I gained an interest in history from my father, who had a bachelor's degree in history. Specifically, I'm interested in the early colonization of the Americas. More specifically, Category:Spanish explorers and conquistadores in the United States. I've been noticing a lot of inconsistencies and just plain wrong information scattered all over Wikipedia concerning this subject.

If you've got something you want to say, feel free to leave a message on my talk page. Thanks for visiting!

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My Travels
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Userbox/Understands ternary
Great gadget gift ideas

On References[edit]

And now we come to the list of authors cited, such as other works contain but in which your own is lacking. Here again the remedy is an easy one; you have but to look up some book that has them all, from A to Z as you were saying, and transfer the entire list as it stands. What if the imposition is plain for all to see? You have little need to refer to them, and so it does not matter; and some may be so simple minded as to believe that you have drawn upon them all in your simple unpretentious little story. If it serves no other purpose, this implosing list of authors will at least give your book an unlooked for air of authority. What is more, no one is going to put himself to the trouble of verifying your references to see whether or not you have followed all these authors, since it will not be worth this pains to do so.
Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote