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I first started using Wikipedia several years ago. I did a very few edits here and there, some of articles on high IQ societies of which I had personal knowledge, one of a piece on a film I admired which is widely considered the worst movie of all time. I didn't dare do any more. I assumed that in order to edit something so important as one of the world's leading encyclopedias you had to be a professor at a major university with at least a PhD in Physics. I have a law degree from Yale but I didn't think that amounted to much in this rarefied world. I certainly didnt dare to register. I could do all I wanted without registering so why should I? And then articles about societies and people I know very well indeed were up for deletion, and then finally I did have something constructive to say. To my dismay, I discovered that my comments were ignored -- simply because all those years ago I chose not to register. If life is an ongoing IQ test, the solution to this part of it is obvious. I am registering. I hope to make a few edits -- constructive, adding facts, neutral POV on a few subjects I know -- films, fashion, maybe even high IQ societies.

The above was written two years ago. Since then, I've done over ONE THOUSAND EDITS -- none involving high IQ societies -- and TEN new articles. No, I'm not an addict, but I'm just a bit hooked.

If my edits were worth $1 each, I'd have this bill.

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