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I'm "dvdeug" many other places on the web. Prosfilaes is a Latin transcription of a Greek translation of my Hebrew given name.

I tend to be an inclusionist; serving a larger audience full of people who like "fancruft" doesn't hurt us one bit.

New rule: editors who don't like unnecessary drama, shouldn't go around creating unnecessary drama.

Link to Check[edit]

Translation of the Week.

Articles I miss[edit]

Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Giga Character Set was my action, but it hurt a bit. I had put work into that article, and it was in an subject I'm interested in. But the Giga Character Set was such a bogus piece of fluff, one article full of crap that nothing ever came of. I almost wish it hadn't been deleted, but it was probably the right thing. Sigh.

To be done[edit]

Goya's Saturn Devouring one of his children (a picture is linked to from New anti-Semitism) should probably have its own page, given its reference here and the fact that "the British Press Complaints Commission ruled against the complaints, pointing to the fact that the same Goya painting had also been adapted to attack non-Jewish politicians."

Articles (redirects, images) I created[edit]

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