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Immune system[edit]

Main articles: Immune system Crystal Clear app xmag.svg, Inflammation
For more entries, see Category:Immune system and Category:Immunology
Templates: {{Inflammation}}, {{Immune system}}

Allergic diseases[edit]

Main articles: Allergy, Autoimmune disease, Systemic autoimmune diseases
For more entries, see Category:Autoimmune diseases and Category:Inflammations
Templates: {{Immune disorders}}, {{Autoimmune diseases}}

Infectious diseases[edit]

Main articles: Infectious disease, Infection
For more entries, see Category:Infectious diseases.


Main article: Virus disease
For more entries, see Category:Infectious diseases.
Templates: {{Viral diseases}}, {{Zoonotic viral diseases}}, {{Common Cold}}, {{Influenza}}, and {{HIV/AIDS in Africa}}


Main articles: Gram-negative bacterial infection, Gram-positive bacterial infection
For more entries, see Category:Bacterial diseases.
Templates: {{Gram-positive bacterial diseases}}, {{Gram-negative proteobacterial diseases}}, and {{Gram-negative non-proteobacterial bacterial diseases}}.


Main articles: Parasitic disease, List of human parasitic diseases
For more entries, see Category:Parasitic diseases
Templates: {{Protozoal diseases}}, {{Helminthiases}}, and {{Pediculosis, acariasis and other infestations}}

Infectious organisms[edit]

For more entries, see Category:Human pathogens.


Main article: Virus User:Proteins/NIAID_topics#niaid_topic_Virus
For more entries, see Category:Viruses.


Main article: Bacteria, Pathogenic bacteria
For more entries, see Category:Bacteria.

Protozoans and helminths[edit]

Main articles: List of parasites (human), Parasitic worm
For more entries, see Category:Parasites, Category:Parasitic protists, Category:Parasitic animals