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S.R. Prozak, who prefers to be called Vijay Prozak in recognition of his conversion to an Initiate with the Continuity Movement, is a nihilist activist who has for some time encouraged people to back away from Absolutist rhetoric and to consider life from a naturalistic, existential, integralist viewpoint, something he introduces through Nihilism.[edit]

Prozak's post-2006 writings can be found at Media Mentions[edit]

Roadrunner "Beherit to Release Engram"

Current WikiProjects[edit]

Death Metal

Black Metal




Prozak has written articles on philosophy and politics, death metal and black metal music, occultism and neoclassical art and culture. remains the oldest voice on the net promoting nihilism and death/black metal music. It is the formative resource for netizens on these topics.

In 2006,'s staff created a site with some overlap, [1], which tackles mainstream politics through the enlightening eye of futurist platonic philosophy.

Read by over 3,000 people a day, these two sites constitute the definitive voices on dissident views held by a growing minority of people who realize modern society is evil achieved in pursuit of good.

ANUS itself dates back to 1987, as a hacking and text file writing organization. You can find the ANUS text file archive online.

Non-WikiPedia Projects[edit]

About WikiPedia[edit]

My contributions to WikiPedia were always under throwaway handles, because I had no awareness of how important it is for people here to see the same person's record of consistent contribution. Having seen lately how much under assault WikiPedia pages are by spammers, jerks, weirdos, and various government agencies, I can completely understand.

A year ago, I was dismayed to see that social pressures have outweighed concern for valid material. This kind of self-referential logic will spell doom for WikiPedia as a resource, but make it more popular among the disaffected yet impotent people who seem to love the net.

My hopes for the future is that WikiPedia no longer becomes an excuse to plagiarize long-standing resources and re-write them in a format that panders to the tastes of masses of losers, but instead, becomes an elite dictionary/encyclopedia edited by experts in each field. Editors and leaders are necessary. The wisdom of the crowd is the tragedy of the commons.


I really detest personal pages. I tried one on and I dislike it. Please insert creative insults, penis length comparisons and moral outrage in the discussion page.