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My Articles[edit]

I started and contributed notably to the following articles on English Wikipedia:


Ilija Arnautović (architect) (started by me) - Avgust Berthold (photographer) (started by me) - Anton Bourguignon von Baumberg (admiral) (started by me) - Jakov Brdar (sculptor) (started by me) - Abraham-Louis Breguet (horologist) - Dejan Glavnik (extreme cyclist) (started by me) - Davo Karničar (extreme skier) (started by me) - Irena Kazazić (painter and writer) (started by me) - Dzhambulat Khatokhov (heaviest child) (started by me) - Ivan Kramberger (inventor and politician) (started by me) - Sarath Lakshman (programmer) (started by me) - Louis Moinet (horologist) - Johann David Passavant (painter, curator and artist) (started by me) - Padma Shri Jadav "Molai" Payeng (environmentalist) - Abraham-Louis Perrelet (horologist) - Oleg Popov (clown) - Tanja Ribič (actress and singer) (started by me) - Arnold Rikli (natural healer) (started by me) - Carl Gustav Svensson (architect) (started by me) - Bojan Tokič (table tennis player) (started by me) - Jean-Marc Vacheron (horologist) (started by me) - Mats Valk (speedcuber) (started by me) - Ötzi the Iceman (mummy)

Musicians and bands[edit]

Agropop (started by me) - Avtomobili (started by me) - Mark Allen (started by me) - Salomé de Bahia (started by me) - Kálmán Balogh (started by me) - Janez Bončina - Benč (started by me) - Paul Casey (started by me) - Jeremy Davenport - Benjamin Diamond - Denis & Denis (started by me) - DJ Falcon (started by me) - DJ Umek - Don Mentony Band (started by me) - Native Son (started by me) - Nick Holder (started by me) - Valentino Kanzyani (started by me) - Steve Klink (started by me) - Igor Lumpert (started by me) - Ibrahim Maalouf - Ronn Matlock (started by me) - Eddie Matos (started by me) - Mateo and Matos (started by me) - Iztok Mlakar (started by me) - Joe Montana (started by me) - Native Son (started by me) - Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band (started by me) - Terrence Parker (started by me) - Tomaž Pengov - September (started by me) - Stone Raiders (started by me) - Ferenc Sánta Jr. (started by me) - Shazz (started by me) - Adi Smolar - Pete Tex (started by me) - The New Mastersounds - The Vadnals (started by me) - Tori Ensemble (started by me) - Daniel Vangarde (started by me) - Kenny Wollesen - Mia Žnidarič (started by me)

Musical labels[edit]

Crydamoure - Glasgow Underground Recordings - King street sounds - List of jazz festivals

Culture, Cities and places[edit]

Bežigrad neighbourhood number 3 (started by me) - Cankar Hall (started by me) - Cube house (started by me) - Devil Ark (started by me) - Dorian Gray (started by me) - Druga Godba (started by me) - Exhibition and Convention Centre, Ljubljana (started by me) - Fort Bourguignon (started by me) - Institute of European History (started by me) - Lake Klopein - Lake Turner - Ljubljana - Lofoten - Loka pri Zidanem Mostu (started by me) - Molai forest (started by me) - Mount Gower (started by me) - Mount Lidgbird (started by me) - Nassfeld (started by me) - Parmarth Niketan - Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church, Ljubljana (started by me) - Šmarna Gora (started by me)

Internet related[edit]

Decentralized network 42 (started by me) - IRCnet - List of IPv6 tunnel brokers (started by me) - OpenEZX (started by me) - Shell account - Slovenian Internet Exchange (started by me) - T-2 (ISP) (started by me) - Telephone numbers in Slovenia (started by me) - Tunnel broker - Vintage Computer Festival Europe

Electronic devices[edit]

Motorola A780 - Motorola A910 (started by me) - Nokia 6030 - Nokia 6151 - Samsung i5700 - Toshiba AC100 (started by me) - Yaesu VX-1R (started by me) - Yaesu VX-5R (started by me)

Slovenian cuisine[edit]

Ajdovi žganci (started by me) - Belokranjska povitica (started by me) - Bujta repa (started by me) - Čokolešnik (started by me) - Kranjska klobasa (started by me) - Matevž (started by me) - Mavželj (started by me) - Mineštra (started by me) - Obara (started by me) - Ričet (started by me)


Zastava Koral - Zastava Skala

My article history[edit]

  • My first article was about Davo Karničar, Slovenian climber and an extreme skier. Edited on 6 February, 2006.
  • My article number 100 was about Ilija Arnautović, Serbian architect. Edited on 10 July, 2006.
  • My article number 200 was about Free shells, personal account that gives a user access to a Unix shell on a remote server. Edited on 13 January, 2007.
  • My article number 300 was about Discovery (Daft Punk album), the second studio album by the French house duo Daft Punk. Edited on 8 June, 2007.
  • My article number 400 was about Valentino Kanzyani, Slovenian techno deejay and music producer. Edited on 24 January, 2008.
  • My article number 500 was about Valentino Kanzyani. Edited on 20 June, 2008.
  • My article number 1000 was about Loka pri Zidanem Mostu, a village in Slovenia. Edited on 22 April, 2010.
  • My article number 1500 was about Igor Lumpert, Slovenian jazz saxophonist. Edited on 3 July, 2011.
  • My article number 2000 was about September, Yugoslavian jazz rock band. Edited on 28 August, 2012.
  • My article number 2500 was about Jean-Marc Vacheron, Swiss horologist. Edited on 30 August 2015.