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Wikipedia shame, or the lack thereof[edit]

Now, if we like, we can link here but once we could not. Any such link was blocked. As, once, were links to [1]. Censorship is usually bad, and self-serving censorship nearly always so. Let's hope that these lessons remain learnt.

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Anonymous cowards[edit]

Paul Beardsell thinks people should have enough courage of their convictions so as not to hide behind a pseudonym. Of course, this may be impossible when who you are is considered more important than what you say. He can be e-mailed at <HisFirstName>@<HisSurname>.com. There's also a web site.

Wikipedia and society[edit]


What I want for Christmas[edit]

My Yak-18T

No one has taken much note of this wish list so I've had to buy a Yak-18T for myself (pictured). I do still want a Super Decathlon but now I have the Yak-18T I would be prepared to accept a tidy Super Cub instead. Or a gyrocopter!

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This section is deliberately left blank.

Article Assessments[edit]




How to call someone a hypocrite on WP


Ayer: "Language, Truth and Logic"[edit]

"We say a sentence is factually significant to any given person if, and only if, he knows how to verify the proposition which it purports to express - that is, if he knows what observations would lead him, under certain conditions, to accept the proposition as being true, or reject it as being false." A.J.Ayer, Language, Truth and Logic

Useful tags[edit]

{{Citation needed (lead)}} = [not verified in body]

{{Failed verification}} = [not in citation given]

{{Syn}} = [improper synthesis?]

{{Verify credibility}} = [unreliable source?]