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If you've tried to add a birth or a death to the date pages, and it's been reverted, here are some hints to help you sort it out.

Example What's wrong and how to fix it Correct version
*[[1995]] - [[James Obscure]], My Brother There's no article for this person, and for good reason; Wikipedia doesn't need an article on each of the nearly seven billion people on the planet. Read this page for more details on which people it is appropriate to create articles about.
*[[1830]] - Emily Davies, British women's education advocate The name isn't linked. Put two SQUARE brackets on either side of it. *[[1830]] - [[Emily Davies]], British women's education advocate
*[[1940]] - [[David Sutch], British politician Note that the link to the name has only one bracket following it. The link must have two SQUARE brackets on either side. Other common mis-typings include putting it in single square brackets or using round brackets. Only doubled square brackets [[like this]] will work. *[[1940]] - [[David Sutch]], British politician
*[[1940]] - [[David E. Sutch]], British politician The name with the middle initial doesn't work - there is no article or redirect to an article at David E. Sutch. Look up the article, and copy the title carefully. This is especially the case for names normally written in another alphabet, that may have no standard transliteration. Also any full stops (periods) and commas should be copied as in the title - Fergus Blotley, III may work, but Fergus Blotley III (no comma) may not.

You can (if you wish) create a redirect (instructions are here) from the variant spelling to the article itself.

*[[1940]] - [[David Sutch]], British politician
*[[1707]] - [[Mary Jones]], English poet There is more than one Mary Jones with a page on Wikipedia. The page is a disambiguation page. Choose the one you want from that page, and link to their article. *[[1707]] - [[Mary Jones (poet)|Mary Jones]], English poet

Please remember that the computer program that removes some new additions has no way of telling between a non-existent page, and a page that exists but has been misspelt (even if it's a really small misspelling). It's really not personal if it picks you up on an innocent typo - we all make mistakes. If you think you've fixed things and it still disagrees, please send me a message and I'll try and fix things!