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    My name is Luca and I'm an Astrophysics graduate, and I want to help Wikipedia in creating and mantaining high quality Astronomy and Astrophysics content.

    Besides the basic Astrophysics concepts, I have some advanced knowledge on the following topics:

    - Stellar structure and evolution

    - Plasma physics

    - Stellar dynamics

    - Cosmic Microwave Background

    My expertise is the analysis of XMM-Newton data and knowledge of the X-Ray emission of the whole range of astronomical objects.

    Italian and English are the languages I know and I can use both with quite the same proficiency.

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    The Wikipedia Adventure[edit]



    Aquila X-1 (My first page ever created)

    3XMM J004232.1+411314 (As the discoverer of its importance)

    Astronomical objects pages[edit]

    35 pages (and counting) created.

    11 pages deleted with a WP:PROD or a WP:AfD process.