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Just call me Publichall, I'm not with the government, I just found that name in 'My Pictures' when I was trying to think of a screen name. I signed up for wikipedia back in 2006 (A mere 4 months after TenPoundHammer!) when I found that there was insufficient coverage of several things local to me. between 2006 and 2008 I did practically nothing and made almost no edits! Only in the last five months have I really been working hard here and creating articles and uploading pics. I find the coverage of two of my great loves, country music and historic buildings, to be extremely pathetic on Wikipedia. Before Me, there was not a single article for any albums by Randy Travis, Ricky Van Shelton, or Dan Seals (R.I.P.). That's why I'm here.

My intent is to put all my knowledge and resources into improving Wikipedia and helping it to become the most reliable source of anything that needs to be known in the universe!!! As I obviously don't know everything and am not perfect, I rely on other users to improve the articles I create and edit. And they do. Constantly. I thank you for that.

Is it just Me or is Wikipedia becoming a ghost town? Where are you guys!!!!????

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo :)

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