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I am currently a member of WMF Board of Trustees. Over the years, I've served as a steward, as well as an administrator, bureaucrat, or checkuser, and mediators on Polish Wikipedia. I'm sporadically present as a regular user also on Wikimedia and commons. 2011-2012 I served on the Ombudsman commission for Wikimedia projects. I stepped down from OC in 2012, when I was elected to be a steward of Wikimedia (I stepped down in 2016). 2012-2015 I was on the Funds Dissemination Committee (and I have been its elected chair for three consecutive terms).

קום בחור עצל וצא לעבודה

I have been around this mortal coil for about 1543500995 seconds.

I am a tenured full professor of management.

My interests include action research, organization studies, knowledge intensive work, open collaboration communities, professional culture, ethnography. I am a constructivist doing qualitative research.

Years 2004-2005 I spent as a Fulbright scholar at Cornell University. In 2007 I spent a semester as a visiting scholar at Harvard University. In 2008 I spent a semester as a visiting scholar at University of California Berkeley. 2011-2012 I'm spending as a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School.

For five years I practiced aikido, which I had to drop because of knee problems. Since 1995 very irregularly I've been practicing karate, alternating Gosoku-ryu, shotokan, Wado-ryu and, sporadically, Enshin. My other hobbies include RPG, battodo, sailing, windsurfing, bridge (game), scrabble, Texas Hold'em. I like running, I did a half marathon twice, and my first marathon in 2011 in Chicago (with a rather poor result, but I'm hoping to get better ;).

Apart from a number of reverts, smaller edits and corrections, so far I have created or contributed a little more significantly to entries such as: 1792 (bourbon) - Barbara Czarniawska - Davydd Greenwood - IGI Global - John Van Maanen - Kosciuszko Foundation - Kozminski Business School - Monika Kostera - small batch - Template for karateka - Template for teakwondoka

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