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Welcome to my page! I am a science professional that adamantly believes in the mission of Wikipedia and joined in an effort to deliberately contribute.

If you have any questions, or need any help and think I can contribute to your project in any way, please feel free to contact me or stop by my talk page and leave me a message.

My Personal Wikipedia Mission statement[edit]

My goal in contributing Wikipedia is guided by the following 2 principles:

  1. Increase the breadth of topics covered based on my own personal interests (see below).
  2. Increase the depth of articles covered based on my person expertise as a practicing physicist.

1. Sample list of personal interests[edit]

My non professional interests include a variety of subjects, but I tend to be most passionate about:

  • Free and open source software or 'FOSS'
  • Programming
  • Technology in general
  • Web based and/or social media technologies
  • Generally all things nerdy

2. Professional expertise[edit]

I am a practicing Physicist in the sub field of AMO physics. As a result of my profession I have an above average level of expertise in the Physical sciences and Mathematics, can understand and interact on a professional level in all areas of Physics and am most knowledgeable in the areas of Optics and Quantum Mechanics, as well as a number of more specific related fields.

If there is any Wikipedia topics that you think I may be able to help expand or improve, let me know and I will do everything I can to help.


If you want an idea of what I'm currently working on I have a work page where I keep notes and to do lists and generally try to do things in an organized manner. Otherwise some of my contributions are listed below.

Created or Major contributions[edit]

Minor Edits (not complete)[edit]

List of pages I try to keep an eye on[edit]

  • All Pages I've created
  • Category:Optics stubs
  • Category:Physics articles needing expert attention

Major events[edit]


This section will contains a list of images I've contributed.

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