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RL(Lol) is a way to express that you are actually laughing out loud in real life. RL stands for 'real life'[1] and is a commonly known abbreviation amongst online users, especially in communities based in virtual worlds, which make it necessary to differentiate between the virtual world and the real world[2]. 'LOL' has been placed in brackets as this term can follow with any other abbreviation for example 'ROFL' and 'LMAO', for example 'RLROFL', 'RLLMAO'. 'RLLOL' is the proper term.

The word LOL[3] was originally created to signify when an individual is 'laughing out loud', although most people now use the term 'LOL' to mean a number of things and not necessarily that they are laughing out loud.[4] or[5]. In which instance they could use the term 'hehe' though many choose to use lol. This has therefore taken the significance away from the word, and individuals who do wish to express that they are infact 'laughing out loud' do not have a proper way to express this. This is why RLLOL was formed.