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I'm a Wikipedian from Southern California
I graduated from Occidental College in May, 2011; since August 2012 I have attended the University of Southern California in a Master's Program
I have a blog [1], and a radio show. I am interested in history, geography, music, and NBC Television shows, among other things. I am a history major, and I dislike America's ignorance of its own history and geography.

Wikipedia Philosophy[edit]

Many people believe that Wikipedia's main goal is to get an ever-increasing number of articles. I do not. Most of the articles people look at have already been created, but are B, C or even Start-class. I don't believe barely passing the GNG constitutes an automatic keep; I believe that WP:BEFORE and the article rescue list should be abolished. Heck, I'd be fine if article creation was turned off for six months, and we spent that time cranking out GAs and deleting crappy articles. I guess that makes me a deletionist; though it's worth noting I have voted other than delete on a fair number of articles. I believe that the HOUNDing policy is interpreted unevenly, generally allowing admins to do it and run-of-the-mill editors to not. I also believe that, except in cases of sockpuppetry or username violations, new users should always get 10 edits before being indefinitely blocked.

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I have also improved numerous other pages, and even nominated one for GA. Thank you JKFP2004 for making my profile look better.

You're welcome Jkfp2004 (talk) 05:15, 6 March 2010 (UTC)
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