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Puzzlet Chung lives in the Republic of Korea. He is one of the administrators of the Korean Wikipedia and the Korean Wikiquote.

Major contributions[edit]


ko 이 사용자는 한국어모어(母語)입니다.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
Toki pona.svg-1 jan ni li toki lili e toki pona.
ja-1 この利用者は初級日本語ができます。
zh-1 該用戶能以基本中文進行交流。
... This user would like to be able to speak more languages.
This user has an intermediate understanding of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Music ClefG.svg This user is a music composer.
vln-2 This user is an intermediate violinist.
vla-1 This user is a novice viola player.
pno-1 This user is a novice pianist.
Mozilla Firefox logo 2013.svg This user can fairly easily contribute using either Firefox or Google Chrome. Google Chrome icon (2011).svg
NewTux.svg This user contributes using Linux.
Own windows logo.svg This user contributes using Microsoft Windows.
C-3 This user is an advanced C programmer.
BASIC-2 This user is an intermediate BASIC programmer.
py-2 This user is an intermediate Python programmer.
c++-1 This user is a beginning C++ programmer.
HTML-2 This user is an intermediate HTML user.
css-1 This user is a beginning Cascading Style Sheets user.
re-1 This user writes regular expressions at a basic level.
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Unbalanced scales.svg This user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.
mer This editor is a mergist.
Wikipedia 위키백과
저는 한국어 위키백과기여 하고 있습니다.

I support the Korean language Wikipedia with my contributions.
Human.svg Wikipedia is not censored.
Quality, not quantity. This user believes that a user's edit count does not necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions to Wikipedia.
Y This user is a member of
Generation Y.
Koreageostub.svg 이 사용자는 한국인입니다.
This user is of Korean ancestry.
Flag of South Korea.svg This user comes from the Republic of Korea.
이 사용자대한민국에서 왔습니다.
ubx-5 This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
MBTI This user took different MBTI tests and discovered that they had multiple personalities, so they're a bit confused.
INFP This user's MBTI type is INFP.
INTP This user's MBTI type is INTP.
Gay flag.svg This user is a supporter of the LGBT community.
FSM Logo white.svg This user believes in Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.
IPU This user doesn't really worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bbHhh).
@ This user can be reached by email.
vn This user page has been vandalized.
This user is greater than the sum of his or her userboxes.
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