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Pypex, 100% badass

I basicly do beer project stuffs and the odd disco lighting related article.

I also like to defend helpless articles against the self important Deletionist bureaucracy who seem to think the best way of making a comprehensive dictionary is to delete everything they haven't heard of or don't really agree with.

For the love of god please talk to me, otherwise I just look like some sad lonely man who uses his talk page to complain about things.

Some things to consider.

I am the only one who thinks that a bit of litigation has lead to an almost totalitarian reinterpretation and enforcement of policy. Is pov in userspace even an issue?

Why is it that an unintuitive but internally consistent geometry is called science, and an internally consistent religion called dogmatic

The scaremongering copyright nerds have succeeded in getting a significant portion of of the lists deleted off wikipedia because apparently under US "lets protect the big boys IP" case law editorial opinions are copyright able. Weather or not this actually effects all the lists published outside the US is beyond me, although i wouldn't be surprised if its another case of "amerika is da wurld." I'm putting all this down to deletionist agenda because that way i can complain about it for longer.

Stuff for me to make use of:

Take some photos of Worcester Cathedral
Go find New Beers (Ongoing)

[[Category:English breweries]]

{{brewbox_image|image=[[Image:Brakspear beer logo.gif]]|caption=}}
{{brewbox_location|location=[[Witney]], [[Oxfordshire]]<br/>[[United Kingdom]]}}
{{brewbox_opened|year=[[1779]] / [[2002]]}}
{{brewbox_beer|name=Brakspear Bitter|style=[[English bitter]]}}
{{brewbox_beer|name=Brakspear Special|style=[[English bitter]]}}
{{brewbox_beer|name=Brakspear Triple|style=[[ale]]}}
{{brewbox_beer|name=Brakspear Organic Beer|style=Organic [[ale]]}}
{{brewbox_beer|name=Downpour|style=[[wheat]] [[ale]]}}


[[Category:English breweries]]


General Wikistuffs:

#REDIRECT [[LiteOn]]

Examples of completely unfounded and ridiculous Afd's