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Pyrotec, from the Greek word for fire or heat, was the username chosen to represent my interests: the history of railways and canals; industrial chemical based products, such as matches; Gunpowder, etc. However, for the past four years, or so, I've mostly been involved in reviewing WP:GANs.

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Working Man's Barnstar.png The Working Wikipedian's Barnstar
For various contributions, especially tagging, to the different transport projects. Simply south (talk) 15:58, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
Globe-barnstar2.png The Geography Barnstar
for your contributions to all sorts of articles around England and particularly those in SomersetRod talk 18:51, 29 August 2008 (UTC)
Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
Well done for your work during the GAN backlog elimination drive. Peanut4 (talk) 14:09, 7 November 2008 (UTC)
Barnstar of Diligence.png The Barnstar of Diligence
for ensuring quality of GAs by meticulous reviewing. Good job! Catfish Jim and the soapdish (talk) 00:32, 9 February 2009 (UTC)
SpecialBarnstar.png The Special Barnstar
You thoroughly deserve this for going above and beyond in your GA review of Strensham services, rather than give a list of problems, you fixed them yourself! Jenuk1985 | Talk 22:15, 4 March 2009 (UTC)
Symbol support vote.svg Thank you!
Thank you for your efforts in bringing Birket Israel up to standard in order to attain GA status! Much appreciated!
Chesdovi (talk) 22:49, 18 February 2009 (UTC)
GA Award.png The Good Article Reviewer's Medal of Merit
For your participation in the Spring 2009 GAN backlog elimination drive, in which you reviewed 20 articles, you are granted this medal! Great work! —The participants on the Spring 2009 GAN backlog elimination drive 21:33, 31 March 2009 (UTC)
Barnstar of Diligence.png The Barnstar of Diligence
Thank you for reviewing Cheadle Hulme. You didn't have to and I appreciate the effort; the article and wikipedia is better off for your efforts and diligence. Thank you again for a job well done, and long may it continue! I know you've got one of these already, but it seemed appropriate. Nev1 (talk) 00:00, 9 May 2009 (UTC)
The WikiPen I, Piotrus, award you The WikiPen, the award of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Classroom coordination. Thank you for helping out with the classroom assignment! --Piotr Konieczny aka Prokonsul Piotrus| talk 00:23, 24 November 2009 (UTC)
GA barnstar.png The Good Article Barnstar
It is a sign of gratitude for your efforts of bringing articles on manuscript topics to Good Article status. – Leszek Jańczuk (talk) 16:18, 5 April 2010 (UTC)
GA Sweeps Medal.png

On behalf of Wikiproject Good Articles, I would like to express our gratitude to you for your contributions to the Sweeps process, for which you completed 46 reviews. Completion of this monstrous task has proven to be a significant accomplishment not only for our project, but for Wikipedia. As a token of our sincere appreciation, please accept this ribbon.

SuperiorContentReviewScribe.png The Order of the Superior Scribe of Wikipedia   
For reviewing 58 good article nominations during the April 2010 GAN backlog elimination drive, I hereby present you the Order of the Superior Scribe of Wikipedia. Congratulations! –MuZemike 22:55, 5 May 2010 (UTC)
Premium Reviewer Barnstar Hires.png The Premium Reviewer's Barnstar
By the powers invested in me by the All-Seeing All-Knowing Committee I grant thee this prestigious award for dedicated reviewing, reviewing, and more reviewing. Congratulations! Lambanog (talk) 14:48, 11 September 2010 (UTC)
Thank you so very much for recently reviewing Hispanics in the United States Coast Guard. Please accept this Beer as a token of my gratitude. Salud! Tony the Marine
Symbol support vote.svg Thank you!
Thank you for bringing Battle of Nablus (1918) up to GA standard! All your help is very much appreciated!
RoslynSKP --Rskp (talk) 03:58, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

Chemistry Barnstar Hires.png The Chemistry Barnstar
For your diligence, insightful remarks, and contributions, in completing the GA review of the metalloid article. Many mighty metalloid thanks Sandbh (talk) 12:18, 17 August 2012 (UTC)

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