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Copy Editor
Information science
Journalism (Print & Broadcast)

I fix
I add
I stay behind the curtain.


Edited, updated, expanded (more than others):


Lost Girl Wiki[edit]

I am the Admin of the Lost Girl Wiki. What I have contributed to Lost Girl articles on Wikipedia – I have also contributed to the Lost Girl Wiki. More often than not, it's vice versa with the information supplied to Wikipedia appearing first in the wiki.

The Lost Girl Wiki was established on September 14, 2010. Articles (pages) of the wiki are supported with citations, episodes, dialogue, interviews, screenshots, videos.

As with Wikipedia, members of the public that are interested and knowledgeable editors are the backbone of the Lost Girl Wiki; however, the policies and procedures for participating in the wiki are different than Wikipedia's (example: zero tolerance for vandals).

If you are interested in a comprehensive, all-encompassing source of information about Lost Girl, visit

In case someone questions my connection to Lost Girl: I am not and have never been involved in the production of Lost Girl, nor its official publicity and promotion. Neither am I associated with Prodigy Pictures Inc., Showcase, Shaw Media ... or anyone connected to said companies.

  • I have added the above statement because an aggressive and contentious editor (User:Skyerise) — that has been warned multiple times about her attitude and behavior towards other editors — accused me of having a "conflict of interest" [1] and addressed me with use of profanity. [2] She was warned about her conduct and inappropriate tagging of my Talk page. [3]
This same editor has:
Engaged in edit warring, personal attacks, and reporting good faith editors as vandals. She was warned and temporarily blocked. [4] [5] [6] [7] ("28 Skyerise")

Where else am I an active editor[edit]

(Under a different user name than used in Wikipedia and for the Lost Girl Wiki. But no, I won't reveal what it is. And whenever possible I decline from having my user name appear as a contributing editor. IMDb knows my history and that's enough.)