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Who am I?[edit]

I'm a astronomer and an educator interested in Wikipedia because it is used by students and teachers as a first stop on many of their research projects.

Who was I?[edit]

This account has had different names in the past. You can read all about it at this subpage.

What is I9Q79oL78KiL0QTFHgyc?[edit]

This is a random string of characters chosen to avoid meaning. I prefer to be judged on the quality of my contributions rather than the name of this account.

But what should I call you?[edit]

Whatever you'd like. One option would be my first name: "Josh". Alternatively, you could use "jps" as my Wikipedia signature indicates.

How long have you been active on Wikipedia and how much have you done?[edit]

I have made \sim 10^{4.6} changes to Wikipedia's database since 2004.