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Are these questions really "frequently asked"? Not directly to me, but if you are examining this userpage, I'm guessing it is probably because you want to figure out something about this account and the person behind it. As such, the following is some information you may or may not find useful. Any additional questions should be directed to my user talkpage.

Who am I?[edit]

I'm an astronomer and an educator interested in Wikipedia because it is used by students and teachers as a first stop on many of their research projects.

Who was I?[edit]

This account has had different names in the past. You can read all about it at this subpage.

What is WoKrKmFK3lwz8BKvaB94?[edit]

This is a random string of characters chosen to avoid meaning. I prefer to be judged on the quality of my contributions rather than the name of this account.

But what should I call you?[edit]

Whatever you'd like. One option would be my first name: "Josh". Alternatively, you could use "jps" as my Wikipedia signature indicates.

How long have you been active on Wikipedia and how much have you done?[edit]

I have made changes to Wikipedia's database since 2004.