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Why I am here[edit]

I like sorting things.

I started editing Wikipedia during the Christmas holidays of 2011 because I noticed that Bus routes in Newcastle, New South Wales was just a company page about one of the two main bus companies in Newcastle, and didn't mention the other company at all. So I made an account, started fixing it up, and learning the system as I went. Then my tendency to throw my self into anything I start doing to ridiculous lengths kicked in, I discovered the arts of stub sorting, fixing dablinks, and adding infoboxes and navboxes, and within a few days had over 1000 minor edits. I haven't really slowed down much, but presumably the novelty will wear off within a few years.

What I do[edit]

Mostly I stub sort, and occasionally get sidetracked into fixing up the articles or categories I come across during that. I generally do over 1000 edits a month, with 95% of them being minor article edits. I prefer to stay out of Wikidrama, generally leaving alone any area which is being guarded or disputed.

I have done large amounts of gnome work (mainly sorting and minor fixes) in the areas of:

  • Academic journals
  • Anime
  • Australia
    • Australian airports
    • Australian schools
    • NSW train stations
    • NSW buses
    • Lake Macquarie suburbs
    • Queensland geography
  • Festivals
  • India
    • Indian geography
    • Indian universities
  • Languages
  • Maths
  • Sport biographies
    • AFL players
    • AFL teams
    • English footballers
    • Rugby (union/league split) players
    • Squash players
  • Telecommunications
  • Turkey geography
  • UK statutes
  • US geography
    • Pennsylvania geography
    • Wisconsin geography
  • Writers

Those Box thingys[edit]

About Me
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To Do[edit]

Pages to create:

Kevin Shawcross - ref Hall of Fame entry

Pages I've noticed that need work:

Sharif Khan
List of districts of Germany
Guess value

Categories to sort further:

Unfinished projects to get back to:

NSW High schools