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Fighting the good fight, making Wikipedia more geonerdy.
— Wikipedian Male, technically I am —
Name Matt Affolter
Born September 3, 1980
California Ridgecrest, CA
Country  USA
Current location Utah Salt Lake City, UT
Time zone Mountain Time Zone
Ethnicity Chosen
Race Whitesican
Height 5.5'
Weight Festively Plump
Hair brown (top of head), red (bottom of head)
Eyes baggy
Sexuality Perverted
Family and friends
Marital status I live in Utah...
Spouse Rosanna, Roxanne, Michelle, Allison, Sarah, Angie, Brandy, Mandy, Gloria, Cecilia, Maggie May, Jessica, Nancy, Barbara Ann, Billie Jean, Lola, Polly, Helena, Jenny from the Block
Girlfriend sure
Boyfriend no thnaks
Children I have two.....
Education and employment
Occupation Rock-licker
Education B.S. (geology), UCLA, 2002; M.S. (geology), University of Montana, 2004; M.A. (teaching, secondary education-earth systems), University of Utah, 2007
High school Sylmar (CA)
College Los Angeles Mission College
University UCLA Bruins, Montana Grizzlies, Utah Utes
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Rock Collecting, playing bass guitar, destroying my thumbs
Religion n/a
Politics Liberal-leaning independent
Aliases QFL24-7, rooney
Contact info
Email here

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Economic Left (−3.12) and
Social Libertarian (−3.79)
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The University of Utah.
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Flag of the United States.svg Jagshemash! This user likes Borat. Flag of Kazakhstan.svg
Tilted T Circle.svg This user enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering
VI This user feels that Final Fantasy VI was the last great Final Fantasy.

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The Jungle
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My first edit, which was 'July' on the annual Utah Geological Survey Geology calendar in 2009.


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