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My Education
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Who am I?[edit]

My name is Crystal, but my online identity has been Qrystal for awhile (and I pronounce both of them the same way).

I am a graduate student studying Physics, and my dissertation defense will be in October 2015. I spent a long time as an undergraduate, because I changed majors from Computer Science to Physics, and took enough math courses to almost have to ask whether I can claim to have two minors in math. After that degree, I completed the courses necessary for a Master's degree in Physics, but followed a suggestion to transfer up to the Ph.D. program instead of completing two separate graduate-level degrees at the same institution. I am currently taking a very long time to finish this degree, discovering that extending the existing body of knowledge is not something that comes easily to me, and dealing with the frustration of taking wrong turns and having to discard work is heartbreaking. I do not intend to continue in academia, mostly because it doesn't seem to fit my strengths, but also because it seems the establishment is crumbling anyways, as the number of jobs is reducing.

My future goal is to write professionally, and specifically I have a keen interest in popularizing physics for the general public. I had started taking steps towards setting up a blog for this purpose, but I am trying to hold back so I can finish my degree first! My favourite aspect of being a graduate student has been tutoring undergraduate students, and I do hope to continue doing that in some manner in the future.

I put a lot of other information about myself in my userboxes, and I expect I'll add more someday. I do like the way they allow people to briefly describe themselves, their interests, their beliefs, but wish there was some kind of unified system of finding appropriate userboxes, instead of the current mess. I suppose Wikipedia isn't supposed to be as much about the Wikipedians as it is about the encyclopedic content that they provide, but I feel that it is also useful to know the background behind a user in understanding their edits or expertise.

More About Me
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Why am I here?[edit]

I became a Wikipedian on September 26 2006 because I wanted to edit articles whenever I see something that needs correcting. I have gotten so much out of Wikipedia that I really want to start contributing wherever I can. I have already been spreading the word about Wikipedia to everyone I know, usually in the context of expressing my awe for something new I've learned or about how incredible it is that this many people working together is actually so effective, and their work so valuable! How could I not join the cause, and give some of my time to making it even better?

Here are a few particular reasons I think that I can be useful here:

  • understanding of grammar
  • ability to organize information in a clear and coherent way
  • appreciation for adhering to accepted formatting styles
  • great respect for the Wiki system, and community contributions
  • knowledge of a variety of subjects not many people study
  • enjoyment of writing for a general audience
  • immense love of learning!

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