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About me

Greetings. I'm your Quadell. I love Wikipedia, and I work to keep it reliable, neutral, and free.

I'm a big fan of citing reliable sources, since this is the only way Wikipedia will continue to be a respected source of information. Citation templates can help.
Our neutral point of view policy is non-negotiable. I have my own biases, of course, but I try to leave them behind when I edit Wikipedia. If you think any text I added is biased, please let me know.
I think free content is the cat's pajamas. I have a very good layman's understanding of copyright, and have written a helpfile on the subject. Our own non-free content policy is very important, and should be carefully read by anyone thinking about uploading non-free images.
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Public domain I release all my text contributions on Wikipedia into the public domain.
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Current events
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Things I'm working on[edit]

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Here are my user pages on other wikiprojects:

Here on Wikipedia, I have some subpages: /draft, /scrap, /icons, /copyright, /hr, /common.js... see them all!