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How I became a Wikipedian[edit]

The story of how I became a Wikipedian is an interesting and a strange one indeed. Although I cannot recall the details of what happened on the day that I call the "Enlightenment", I will try to retell the memories from that day with as much accuracy as I am able to.

So, basically, the story goes somewhat like this... Well, one day (Some while ago, I don't remember the date) me and this other guy I know (Not exactly a great description, but this person of whom I speak wishes to remain anynomous for particular reasons {If you happen to be the anonymous individual of whom I speak and are reading this right now, well you know who you are!}) were walking down the school hallways at our routine lunch break with nothing better to do. So we started up a conversation. Just a regular old conversation, like the billions of conversations that take place between individuals all over the world all the time. This time, me and my anonymous pal were discussing the famous Chinese epic, Journey to the West, the exciting tale of a Buddhist monk and his disciples searching for the scrolls of salvation. I happened to bring up the topic of Sun Wukong, the "monkey king" protagonist of the story and how he got to possess the supernatural powers he manifests throughout the novel in order to help him and his master defeat the great perils and arrive closer to the scrolls of salvation. My anonymous friend then explained how Sun Wukong trained under a master who taught him 72 transformations as well as how to ride at an extremely fast speed on a cloud(I forget how fast; the speed is described somewhere). "A cloud?" I asked curiously. "Like the Lakitu in Super Mario Bros.?". "Yes, Indeed like the Lakitu", said the other dude. So, then, as we were on the topic of Super Mario, we talked about other issues such as how the idea of the Warp Pipes which could transport Mario from one place to another came from a concept in Star Trek and how the idea of the Super Mushroom was derived from the "Eat-me" cakes and "Drink-me" potions in the children's story Alice in Wonderland.

Then, suddenly, I asked the question... the question that led to the event that changed me into a Wikipedian.

Me: "{Insert name of anonymous friend here}, have you ever been to Wikipedia?"

Other guy: "Yeah, I even signed up for it and edited a few articles once in a while."


Other guy: Sure, sign up for Wikipedia.

.... And so it came to be. In a few days or so after this conversation took place, I signed up for Wikipedia under the user name Quantum bird.

My Wild Personality[edit]

- If you are reading this, chances are you may either be someone who knows me, or someone who completely does not have any faint idea of who I am. You may get the impression from reading these few paragraphs that I am a wild and wacky person who has a tendency to run amok at times. I don't deny this.

Further Developments[edit]

Recently, the mysterious individual who cannot be named for special purposes, has enlightened me on a number of various topics of interest. Among other things, one of the more major enlightenments of which I was only recently discovered of in late February of this year (2006) was the knowledge of the details of the legendary Doraemon, a famous 27-year-old cartoon well known in Japan and Hong Kong, but less so in the Western hemisphere in which I currently reside. Doraemon is a robotic cat sent from the future (2112) to help Nobita Nobi, a struggling, weak and failing boy to be a competent person. This series of cartoons, films and comics, of epic proportions, could be said to be one of the greatest Japanese artistic ideas of all time.

konna koto ii na

dekitara ii na

anna yume konna yume ippai aru kedo

minna minna minna

kanaete kureru

fushigina POKKE de kanaete kureru

sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na

(hai! takekoputaa!)


tottemo daisuki


this sort of thing is good

I wish I could do it

that sort of dream, this sort of dream, I have many of them but

all of them, all of them, all of them

he grants my dreams

he grants my dreams with a mysterious pocket

I want to fly freely in the sky

(Here! Bamboo-copter!)

ah ah ah

I love you very much,


- ===The Dorayaki=== As I was being enlightened more and more about the fictional universe of the Doraemon, one day my friend, who, as mysterious as Doraemon's magic pocket itself, surprised me with an unexpected and clearly dramatic (as you would see) introduction to a delectable Japanese sweet. My pal, ever so full of his surprises, reached into his magic pocket (errr.... I mean lunch container) and pulled out (dramatic music here) the DORAYAKI! Actually there were three of them...


"Yeah." REALLY???

"IT IS?????!!!!!"

I really went wild.

Up until now, I had been informed that the dorayaki was in fact the favourite snack of that fictional character Doraemon, of which I had only recently gotten acquainted with.

I was intrigued and fascinated by many aspects of Doraemon. I had heard of his favourite dessert and knew of its existence. However, I had never expected to see the treat in real life, much less taste it. But there it was. Right in front of me. The genuine, authentic item. The real deal.

To my amazement, my mysterious buddy was generous enough to offer me one of his Dorayaki. It was wrapped in a little plastic pack, which I promptly opened up in delight. I picked the snack up and munched away. I relished every bite. The idea that I was eating something of which I had only heard of in that Japanese cartoon Doraemon made it all the more enjoyable.

Several other times, my pal was again, nice enough to offer me a few more of the Dorayaki. And each and every time, I ate it enthusiastically...