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Hi! I am currently a Postdoctoral researcher. My interests span a broad range of subjects. I am most passionate about physics, in nearly any form.

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List of pages I am working on (or plan to work on in the future):

  1. Four wave mixing
    1. to add: phase matching,
    2. to add :applications
    3. to add: squeezing using four-wave mixing
    4. to add: materials where fwm is predominant
  2. Klaus Molmer
  3. Optical Parametric Oscillator
  4. Squeezed coherent state
  5. Integrated quantum photonics
  6. Frequency comb
  7. Silicon nitride - add a section about its usage in optics
  8. One-way quantum computer - add the continuous variable model and recent progress in this domain.
  9. Back action (quantum) - expand this stub.
  10. Optical microcavity - add traveling wave configurations and pictures.
  11. Kerr frequency comb
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