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Flag of Quebec.svg Hello world. (old program)

My name is Maurice G. I work with computers... hardware and software. I have worked for Data General Corporation (now defunct), Compaq Computer Corporation (also defunct), and the Hewlett-Packard Company. I was employed by Hewitt Associates (purchased by Aon Corporation) in The Woodlands, Texas. I was last employed by the American Cancer Society as a Business Analyst at the National Home Office in Atlanta, Georgia. I started my professional work-life testing and fixing hardware, and have worked as a database programmer, web programmer, web designer, technical writer, quality engineer, and technical instructor. I have been using Wikipedia for a long time... Wiktionary not as long. I have an A.S. from Quinebaug Valley Community College in Business Management.

I have many relatives in and from Quebec, including my wife, and we now live in Vermont.

International Travels[edit]

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