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I am interested in biology, I am a birder, used to play rugby at a very slow and low level, like music and watching sports. Politically I am a trade unionist and a member of the Labour Party. I have been on Wikipedia since 2012 and mainly create articles, these usually contain a lot of typos so thanks to all the other editors who clean up after me. My main interests are in natural history and biology and most of the articles I create or edit will be in that area. Why do I do it? It keeps the brain working and I am continually learning.

Some Favourite Quotes[edit]

"I hate wasps! They sting ye! Wasps are the skinheads of the insect world!" Bing Hitler

"How is he?" Physio "He's got a head injury, he disnae ken who he is." "Well send him back on and tell him he's Pele!" John Lambie

Articles I have started[edit]











Projects I participated in

Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/The Africa Destubathon

  1. Vachellia xanthophloea
  2. Abyssinian ground hornbill
  3. Arabian bustard
  4. baglafecht weaver
  5. boulder chat
  6. chinspot batis
  7. Doherty's bushshrike
  8. edible bullfrog
  9. ferruginous duck
  10. giant thicket rat
  11. Hepsetus odoe
  12. icterine warbler
  13. Jae barb
  14. Knysna dwarf chameleon
  15. Leighton's linsang
  16. Matusadona National Park
  17. Natal hinge-back tortoise
  18. Osgood's Ethiopian toad
  19. pardine genet
  20. quail-plover
  21. red-breasted swallow
  22. serotine bat
  23. thick-billed weaver
  24. ursine colobus
  25. Val's gundi
  26. West African pygmy herring
  27. Xylocopa caffra
  28. yellow barb
  29. zanj sun squirrel
  30. Angolan talapoin
  31. Sabina Mugabe
  32. African pied wagtail
  33. mountain wagtail
  34. Cape wagtail
  35. Madagascan wagtail
  36. Amber Mountain rock thrush
  37. Raiamas senegalensis
  38. African cuckoo-hawk
  39. African grass owl
  40. Akun eagle owl
  41. Ayres's hawk-eagle
  42. Beaudouin's snake-eagle
  43. Fraser's eagle-owl
  44. West Coast National Park
  45. gabar goshawk
  46. grasshopper buzzard
  47. greyish eagle-owl
  48. little sparrowhawk
  49. long-crested eagle
  50. Madagascar buzzard
  51. Madagascar cuckoo-hawk
  52. Madagascar harrier-hawk
  53. Madagascar owl
  54. Maned owl
  55. Mayotte scops owl
  56. mountain buzzard
  57. forest buzzard
  58. Pemba scops owl
  59. rainforest scops owl
  60. red-necked buzzard
  61. red-thighed sparrowhawk
  62. rufous fishing owl
  63. Sandy scops owl
  64. São Miguel scops owl
  65. scissor-tailed kite
  66. Socotra scops owl
  67. torotoroka scops owl
  68. Usambara eagle-owl
  69. white-browed hawk owl
  70. red-chested owlet
  71. African barred owlet
  72. Sjöstedt's barred owlet
  73. chestnut owlet
  74. Albertine owlet
  75. African scops owl
  76. pearl-spotted owlet
  77. Congo bay owl
  78. Anjouan scops owl
  79. Karthala scops owl
  80. Moheli scops owl
  81. São Tomé scops owl
  82. African wood owl
  83. Cassin's hawk-eagle
  84. Ovambo sparrowhawk
  85. African goshawk
  86. chestnut-flanked sparrowhawk
  87. long-tailed hawk
  88. dark chanting goshawk
  89. long-legged buzzard
  90. Southern banded snake eagle
  91. Booted eagle
  92. Baikiaea plurijuga
  93. Angola batis
  94. black-headed batis
  95. Fernando Po batis
  96. Forest batis
  97. dark batis
  98. Gabon batis
  99. grey-headed batis
  100. Ituri batis
  101. Margaret's batis
  102. pale batis
  103. pygmy batis
  104. Ruwenzori batis
  105. Senegal batis
  106. Woodward's batis
  107. Patricia McKillop
  108. Abyssinian crimsonwing
  109. Abyssinian ground thrush
  110. Abyssinian slaty flycatcher
  111. Abyssinian woodpecker
  112. Abyssinian thrush
  113. acacia tit
  114. Bulawayo Athletic Club
  115. African black duck
  116. African broadbill
  117. African firefinch
  118. African hill babbler
  119. Chizarira National Park
  120. Azuragrion granti
  121. African openbill
  122. African palm civet
  123. African thrush
  124. African crimson-winged finch
  125. African yellow white-eye
  126. Zambezi National Park
  127. Kazuma Pan National Park
  128. African blue flycatcher
  129. African yellow bat
  130. African yellow warbler
  131. African skimmer
  132. Abyssinian genet
  133. Bainskloof moss frog
  134. Barolo shearwater
  135. banded stream frog
  136. Strongylopus fasciatus
  137. blue-throated roller
  138. Bates's Swift
  139. Bates's nightjar
  140. Bates's sunbird
  141. Beira (antelope)
  142. Berber toad
  143. Beira toad
  144. black heron
  145. blue waxbill
  146. Cape weaver
  147. crested servaline genet
  148. Cape kurper
  149. Cape hairy bat
  150. Comoros thrush
  151. Damara tern
  152. Egyptian weasel
  153. forest robin
  154. Gabon woodpecker
  155. Diawling National Park
  156. Wildlife of Mauritania
  157. golden nightjar
  158. Cyrenaica shrew
  159. desert lark
  160. Egyptian free-tailed bat
  161. North African elephant shrew
  162. Saharan striped polecat
  163. Ethiopian big-eared bat
  164. black-fronted duiker
  165. arum frog
  166. Tarentola mindiae
  167. Gola malimbe
  168. Algerian three-toed skink
  169. Chirinda toad
  170. Canary Islands chiffchaff
  171. Humblot's sunbird
  172. Tarabul's gerbil
  173. Rugby union in Mauritania
  174. Adrar Plateau
  175. mocking cliff chat
  176. white-crowned cliff chat
  177. mosque swallow
  178. Senegal eremomela
  179. ocellated flat lizard
  180. Western Saharan spiny mouse
  181. Provinces of Libya
  182. Welwitsch's bat
  183. crested mona monkey
  184. Dja Faunal Reserve
  185. Cross River bushbaby
  186. Osman Hill's mangabey
  187. red-eared guenon
  188. pindu
  189. Cameroon climbing mouse
  190. dikume
  191. Nalut
  192. Crete and Cyrenaica
  193. North African ostrich
  194. Libu
  195. Senegalia laeta
  196. chocolate-backed kingfisher
  197. Bijilo Forest Park
  198. Gambian mongoose
  199. Tanbi Wetland Complex
  200. Tanji Bird Reserve
  201. Albreda
  202. Gambian pound
  203. HMS Greetham
  204. Knightsbridge War Cemetery
  205. Colchicum ritchii
  206. Lygeum
  207. Allium schubertii
  208. Mediterranean woodlands and forests
  209. West Saharan montane xeric woodlands‎
  210. Mediterranean dry woodlands and steppe
  211. Balanites aegyptiaca
  212. Jebel Akhdar, Libya
  213. Cinyps, Libya‎
  214. Red-rumped wheatear
  215. Heuglin's wheatear
  216. Streaked scrub warbler
  217. cricket warbler
  218. bar-breasted firefinch
  219. crowned sandgrouse
  220. black-crowned sparrow-lark

Work in progress[edit]

User:Quetzal1964/Extinct birds in Britain

Countries visited[edit]

AlbaniaAngola; Botswana;
Canada; (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario British Columbia);
Costa Rica; Cuba; Cyprus; Denmark; England; France; Germany; Greece; India; Republic of Ireland; Italy; Kenya; Malawi; Mexico; Mozambique; Namibia; Netherlands; Nicaragua; Northern Ireland; Panama, Portugal, Scotland; South Africa;
Spain (Canary Islands, Catalonia, Valencian Community, Community of Madrid, Balearic Islands, Aragon);
Swaziland; Switzerland,
Tanzania (Zanzibar);
Thailand; Tunisia; Turkey;
United States (Arizona, Colorado,Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Utah);
Wales|; Zambia; Zimbabwe


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Great work on Pepsis grossa. You are doing great work on building that article, and I would greatly encourage writing more content: we need more editors like you around the community. Sadads (talk) 03:01, 25 September 2016 (UTC)
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An impressive body of work today, excellent stuff! ♦ Dr. Blofeld 18:04, 15 October 2016 (UTC)


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