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You've found my Wiki user page, how special for you! I don't really have much to say since my account is relatively new, but I wanted to make a user page (mainly because I was tired of seeing my name in red). If you would like to browse all things related to me, please fell free to check out my userboxes below.

- Quinny

Flag of Colorado.svg This user lives in the U.S. State of Colorado
Terrestrial globe.svg This user is addicted to travelling.
C2H5OH-3 This user utilizes alcohol at an advanced level.
Soccerball.jpg This user enjoys football.
COL This user is a fan of the
Colorado Rapids
♦♦ This user is a better skier or snowboarder than you are.
Bicycle with Rider.svg This user is a bicyclist.
COL This user is a fan of the
Colorado Avalanche
DEN This user is a fan of the
Denver Broncos
DEN This user is a fan of the
Denver Nuggets
COL This user is a fan of the
Colorado Rockies
Userbar yankee hater icon.jpg This user is a Yankee hater.
South park sign.svg This user demands you
Respect my authoritah!
Duff This user drinks Duff Beer.
DT This user lives in a house that is Drawn Together with love.
R This user is a Ravenclaw.
LOTR This user loves The Lord of the Rings, both the books and the films.
The Silmarillion This user not only likes The Lord of the Rings, but The Silmarillion as well.
Magic Kingdom castle.jpg This user is a member of
WikiProject Disney.
WP This user contributes using Corel WordPerfect.
BluesBrothers.png This user is on a mission from God.
Zip... This user is a fan of Song of the South.
Iras.jpg This user prefers satellite television over cable television.
2021 This user hates Marco and his mailbox head. You got a problem with that, Fignuts?
FIFE This user keeps one bullet in his shirt pocket and nips it in the bud.
Mr. T This user pities the fool!
Pius V and Elizabeth I.jpg This user is a fan of Blackadder
news The only reality show this user watches is the news.
fan-3 This user loves Moby.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes all types of music.
fan-3 This user loves Rammstein.
Ankh.png This user is interested in ancient civilizations.
Leprosy victims taught by bishop.jpg
This user is interested in the
Middle Ages
fan-2 This user loves the Total War video game series.
Tesico.jpg This user plays all the Elder Scrolls games.
Wikignome crop.gif This editor is a WikiGnome.
Flag of Colorado.svg This User is a member of WikiProject Colorado.